Lithium batteries for RVs are the wave of the future.

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How To Choose a Lithium Battery for RVs, Campers & Vans

On the road or at a campground, your customers’ RV is their home away from home. That’s why having an efficient energy source is important. After all, if you want your customers to have a comfortable experience with your product, they need consistent power to cook dinner and light their RV.

Selecting a lithium-ion RV battery is the smartest way to prevent battery failure and other technical difficulties associated with lead acid alternatives. However, you shouldn’t limit your search to small, local battery providers. To find the best RV battery for your customers’ needs, widen your search to include the global market.

Working with a global battery provider helps you find what you’re looking for more easily because large providers have a wider inventory to choose from. You’re also likely to receive a higher-value battery. Although battery prices are sometimes difficult to compare due to differences in quality, look for a provider that offers a five-year warranty. That way, your customers aren’t left with the bill should your product’s battery fail.

As you shop the worldwide lithium battery market, try not to become overwhelmed by options. Speak with an industry expert to stay on track if you’re having trouble making a decision. You should also speak with a sales representative to learn how your provider’s batteries are manufactured. This is the only true method to determine whether you’re purchasing a high-quality lithium-ion RV battery.

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

What Qualities To Look For In RV Batteries

To protect your customers, the RV batteries you choose need to include safety features that shut the batteries off in the event of an emergency. Remember, your RV’s entire DC electrical system must be lithium compatible. Make sure customers aren’t able to overcharge or overly drain their lithium-ion RV batteries.

Incorporate an energy management system that cuts off the current to and from your RV’s battery when appropriate. Depending on your battery provider, this feature may be incorporated in the battery itself or as a part of the system package.

Your customers also need a battery that charges efficiently. In an article on Lithium RV Batteries: Which Is Best for Your RV? the authors cite lead acid batteries’ inefficient energy storage as one reason they converted their RV to a lithium system. While lithium-ion RV batteries charge at nearly 100 percent efficiency, lead acid charges at only 85 percent efficiency.


Clearly AGM batteries will need to be replaced more often than Lithium. It is worth bearing this in mind as this entails time, installation and transportation costs, which further negates the higher initial capital cost of Lithium as does the lower cost of recharging Lithium.

No matter what battery choice you make there is also both a capital cost and technological risk at the outset. If you are in a position of having the capital for the higher upfront costs of Lithium, you might find that life is easier and that choice is a cost effective one over time. Much of this depends on the knowledge of the operator and how they treat a battery system. There is an old saying that batteries don’t die, they are killed. Good management practices are your insurance against early failure, regardless of the technology used.

Lithium-ion vs AGM? The choice is yours. Personally I think the time is right to consider Lithium in the Recreational Vehicles industry as a cost effective, reliable, high performance solution. Last week (it was only out of curiosity you understand) I went for a test drive in a Lithium-ion powered Tesla Model S – and as we know, no self-respecting electric vehicle manufacturer would still use lead acid based battery technologies today. Time for the Recreational Vehicles industry to catch up?

lithium-ion RV battery

At BSLBATT Lithium Batteries, our goal is to power your ideal RV experience. We build our batteries to perform better, last longer and provide the deliverable power needed for weekend adventures or full-time boondocking. Our batteries were designed as replacements for the most common lead acid sizes on the market, so you can find the 12 V or 24 V lithium deep cycle battery that works best for you.

Our staff specializes in the technical specifics about lithium batteries and the components to support a lithium upgrade. They can also advise on the install of batteries and equipment.

Although it may seem daunting to shop the global market for lithium-ion batteries, partnering with a trustworthy provider is a safe way to ensure your product is equipped with the best RV battery for your specifications.

Look for a battery provider that offers an optimum stock and exceptional service. When prospective customers know they can expect RVs featuring the highest-quality lithium batteries, your potential for sales will improve.

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