Why The BSLBATT lithium golf cart batteries 48 volt Is The Best Option Today

5,013 Published by BSLBATT Aug 19,2020

E-Z-GO is the first major golf car manufacturer to introduce a lithium-ion (li-ion) golf car and experts in the field of battery power share the consensus that li-ion batteries improve the performance and longevity of golf cars compared to traditional lead-acid batteries.

48 volt lithium ion golf cart battery

Are you thinking of switching from lead-acid to lithium for your golf cart?

You may be curious about how these batteries compare and why one would be better than the other. In this week’s blog, we dive into battery history and explain how lithium batteries far exceed lead-acid, especially when used in golf carts or personal transportation vehicles.

One fact that is undeniable is that when a particular technology doesn’t advance a new technology will displace it – think BlockBuster and Netflix. Demands increase, expectations evolve, and as other technologies reveal hip, new features, a customer wants the same advancements in their golf cart or personal transportation vehicle (PTV). This is where lithium batteries enter the scene.

The benefits of li-ion technology have been broken down in the categories below to fully understand the myriad of benefits and the areas that have the most potential for making significant cost savings.

What makes Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries so great?

1. Lithium-Ion Batteries last up to 10 times longer due to their efficiency, as a result, your vehicles and equipment last long -When it counts

●. Reduce weight by as much as 75% compared to traditional lead batteries

●. Able to be fast-charged to 100%, sometimes in 30 minutes, while traditional lead batteries that can only be fast-charged to 80% at a far slower rate

●. Able to withstand cold, harsh conditions BSLBATT lithium golf cart batteries 48v provide more than 85% of their power while acid batteries lose almost 35%

●. No need to be stored upright like traditional batteries, as a result, BSLBATT 48v lithium golf cart batteries can fit into a wide array of spaces to suit your power needs

●. Virtually Maintenance Free. Acid Batteries, through time, leak out leading to corroding terminals and as a result, cause lasting damage to your equipment

●. Traditional lead-acid batteries, as they decay and leak acid and as a result cause potential harm to living organisms and the environment

Though Lithium batteries solved many shortcomings of lead-acid battery technology, it also created new challenges. Lithium batteries have created safety concerns due to high heat generation, they include a Battery Management System (BMS) to protect the battery but it can also cause undesirable power losses and they can be complicated to use. At BSLBATT, we decided to design a product from the ground up and eliminate all of the obstacles. The result is BSLBATT’s B-LFP 48V lithium golf cart battery!

48v lithium ion golf cart battery

Is Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Conversion difficult on my cart?

NO. It is super easy! Lithium batteries are literally a drop-in replacement for your old Lead-Acid Batteries. To install lithium golf cart batteries, just remove your Lead-Acid batteries, replace with your 48-volt lithium golf cart batteries, reattach your cables, secure your holding brackets and your install is complete.

When using Lithium batteries, you will need fewer total batteries to achieve the same amount of power with your cart… so you may have extra space under your seat after the install. If this bugs your OCD side, you can order some cheap battery blanks from us to fill the extra space.

Should I make the switch to Lithium on my golf cart?

If you already need to replace your batteries, the short answer is: Yes, absolutely.

But if your current batteries are working fine, there is no urgent need to switch. But there are many benefits to making the switch; so we would suggest you weigh the benefits of lithium outlined above to decide if they are worth replacing your Lead-Acid batteries with.

What are the best brands of Lithium Golf Cart Batteries?

There are several great major name players making lithium golf cart batteries, and due to advances in technology, there are quite a few new smaller lithium manufacturers who are making extremely high-quality products!

Allied Lithium golf cart battery

Samsung lithium golf cart battery

Trojan Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

BSLBATT 48v lithium ion golf cart batteries

lithium golf cart batteries 48 volt

Purchasing batteries from any of the above-listed manufacturers will mean you are in good hands. These companies produce high-quality Lithium-Ion batteries using the safest battery chemistry available, with built-in battery management systems to protect the longevity of their product.


The longevity and performance-enhancing capabilities of li-ion batteries somewhat outweighs the initial up-front cost that consumers are faced with. If golf clubs and private users can see beyond this, not only does the investment pay for itself over time, but big savings can be made in the way of reduced energy bills, maintenance costs, and possible repairs that would otherwise need to be made to heavy lead-acid golf cars and any damage to turf that they cause.

In a market where the trend leans towards lithium technology being the way forward, there will no doubt be more and more manufacturers following in the footsteps of BSLBATT and its introduction of the B-LFP48-120 series.

Be sure to give us a call if you have any questions at all about Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries, or about converting your golf cart to lithium. We are always here to help. Just call +86-752-2819-469.

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