Why Universities Should Rely On A Global Lithium-Ion Battery Company

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LiFePO4 batteries pack a punch. Knocking out traditional lead acid batteries, LiFePO4 is the more efficient technology. Many manufacturers, businesses and individuals are making the switch and converting to custom lithium batteries.

When you’re in charge of utilities and energy management at a university, your power needs are significant and varied. For example, you don’t only need electricity, but also a reliable energy source for backup power. During a power outage, students wouldn’t be safe if the emergency lighting in their dorms and classrooms were to fail.

If you work for a renewable energy university, you also need a way to store solar power effectively. Lead acid batteries waste energy during charging, defeating your efficiency goals. For every storable energy need, lithium is the ideal battery solution.

Universities Should Rely On A Global Lithium-Ion Battery Company

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries have many uses in addition to providing backup power and energy for solar applications. In science and engineering departments, lithium is used for R&D research. It also powers laboratory equipment and on-campus electric vehicles.

Small electric vehicles used for campus security benefit from improved performance when they’re equipped with lithium batteries. Vehicles can accelerate quickly and climb hills easily due to lithium’s lighter weight. Plus, because lithium offers longer day-to-day battery life, security personnel don’t have to interrupt their scheduled rounds to charge the electric vehicles.

When it comes to safety and security applications, you need a reliable power source more than ever. Advanced Internet-connected devices are vulnerable to disruption. For example, your university’s security cameras may be jeopardized if your system doesn’t receive consistent power.

Unauthorized people may even be able to enter dorm buildings if door-entry identification systems fail. To make matters worse, fire detection equipment that doesn’t sound and alert emergency personnel puts your students and faculty at serious risk.

While lithium is the clear first choice for your campus, not every lithium-ion battery company is able to provide universities with the products and services they require. That’s why you should rely on a global lithium-ion battery provider for all of your lithium needs.

Universities Should Rely On A Global Lithium-Ion Battery Company

Global Providers Offer A Larger Selection And Inventory

Small businesses may not always carry the specific battery you need for an application or subset of research. However, battery providers with a worldwide presence offer an optimal stock for you to choose from. Such providers are also able to satisfy high-volume demands, and they usually have the infrastructure to create a custom battery solution for unique requirements.

Worldwide Companies Create Higher Quality Batteries

Due to competition within the international marketplace, worldwide Lithium-Ion Battery companies must maintain the highest product quality in order to succeed. By purchasing from a reputable global provider, you ensure your university applications operate smoothly and efficiently with a dependable power source.

Global Battery Makers Test Their Products Thoroughly

Students at your university are young adults, but their parents still entrust you with their safety. You can’t afford to equip applications on your campus with batteries that haven’t been thoroughly tested.

Additional testing also helps battery makers create a higher-value product. Compared to smaller providers, a global battery maker creates safer, more cost-efficient lithium-ion batteries to protect your students and your budget.

Worldwide Battery Companies Provide Greater Expertise

Employing some of the most knowledgeable experts, a worldwide battery company is your go-to source of information when you need guidance on choosing a battery for your application, designing a custom solution or making the switch from lead acid to lithium.

Many smaller providers lack the technical expertise to answer your questions in depth. While they may be able to tell you well-known facts about lithium-ion, you would need a consultation with a more experienced battery maker to get into the details on your application’s required battery sizing or other specifications.

One of the benefits of partnering with a worldwide lithium-ion battery company is that you’re also able to power your campuses abroad with high-quality batteries from a known partner – one you have experience working with on your main campus.

Universities Should

Whether in Europe, in Asia, in America or at home, you need a reliable provider close by. It’s in the best interest of your energy plan and your budget to purchase long-lasting, valuable lithium-ion batteries from a company with experience catering to the demands of the international market.

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