Learn how lithium-ion marine batteries can help you expand your market share

2,164 Published by BSLBATT May 28,2021

As you finalize your engineering and manufacturing decisions for your next line of boats, one question is probably growing in your mind: How well will my product sell? You may believe it’s too late to make major changes that improve performance, but think again.

Your choice in a marine battery is crucial. Heavy lead acid batteries weigh your boat down, weakening its performance. Customers are going to recognize poor performance issues right away. And ultimately, bad product reviews hurt your sales.

If you want to market a high-performance boat, you need an alternative to lead acid. The best marine battery for your application is a lithium-ion battery.

 lithium-ion marine batteries

Focus On Your Boat’s Performance Measures

Customers judge your boat’s performance according to different factors, depending on how they use it. For example, individuals who race boats value speed. People who take their boats out fishing value maneuverability because they must navigate rocks and buoys. Those who go parasailing, water skiing and tubing look for high speed, maneuverability and quick acceleration.

Heavy lead acid batteries hurt your boat’s performance in these areas. When your boat carries extra weight, it encounters more resistance in the water. A heavier boat also requires more battery power to move, and lead acid batteries lose power as they discharge.

On the other hand, lithium-ion batteries improve speed, maneuverability and acceleration. Not only do lithium batteries provide consistent power throughout discharge, but they are lighter in weight. So, your boat is able to cut through the water with ease.

Compare Lithium And Lead Acid Battery Costs Over The Long Term

Even though lithium-ion batteries improve a boat’s performance, some engineers and vendors make the mistake of choosing a lead acid alternative.

Often, cost is a factor. When smaller boats reach a store, some dealers equip them with less expensive lead acid batteries despite the advantages of lithium. However, an investment in a lithium-ion marine battery pays off in the long term.

Customers save money on battery replacements due to lithium’s long life span. Many dealers now realize that they are able to write lithium-ion batteries into payment plans, which makes the battery solution the most affordable option for a long timeframe.

 lithium-ion marine batteries

Understand The Value Of A Lithium-ion Marine Battery

In many cases, engineers choose lead acid batteries for their boats because they don’t understand the value lithium-ion batteries provide.

While some engineers may be aware that lithium batteries are lighter or have a longer life span, many have never tested these batteries for themselves. It may take a trial run with a lithium battery for the performance value to sink in.

Heavy lead-acid batteries drag your boating speed and performance down. When you have a small boat, a heavy battery also reduces your fuel consumption efficiency. Instead, you need a lightweight marine battery that’s optimized for high performance.

Selecting a marine battery ultimately affects your bottom line. In order to increase sales and revenue, focus on improving your customers’ boating experiences. If your boat has difficulty accelerating because of a heavy battery, or your boat slows down when the battery discharges, customers won’t be satisfied with your product.

Rechargeable deep cycle lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are one-third the weight of lead-acid alternatives. In addition to providing benefits such as higher capacity and more runtime between charging, lithium batteries offer many advantages out on the water due to their lighter weight. Here’s three ways choosing lithium technology to power your marine vessel improves your boat’s performance:

1. Boosts Fuel Efficiency

2. Increases Speed

3. Reduces Draft

When you want to improve overall performance, switching to a marine lithium battery is a less time- and cost-intensive alternative to power your watercraft. It’s like getting a new and improved boat simply by changing your power source!

 lithium-ion marine batteries

Don’t discount the importance of word-of-mouth recommendations and return customers. Customers value your attention to detail and your consideration of their needs when you select lithium-ion batteries to power your product line.

Consider switching out your heavy, high maintenance lead-acid batteries with a lighter weight, LiFePO4 battery. BSLBATT has one of the largest selections of lithium batteries for all types of watercrafts.

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