The Emergence of Lithium Ion Smart Battery System in AGV/AMR

977 Published by BSLBATT Aug 12,2021

Automation brings unprecedented opportunities for the warehouses to improve operating efficiency and reduce costs. Among other innovations, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are getting momentum.

AGVs are productive and flexible. They can run 24/7, lowering the risk of operator errors and injuries and taking on demanding tasks. Investment in AGVs to increase efficiency must be complemented by battery and charger equipment that will get the most out of them, keeping the vehicles moving when a labor force cannot. While most warehouse material handling equipment and large forklift AGV use traditional lead-acid batteries, most automation OEMs of AGV/AMR directly switching to modern Lithium-ion batteries.

The requirements of AGV/AMR

With more flexible warehousing requirements, AGVs, or more should be called AMRs, are like the 24-hour robots in Amazon warehouses. They are relatively small in size, more compact in structure, and require 24/7 operation, only during breaks, or during tray loading or unloading, they have a chance to return energy to the battery pack, which can call it opportunity charging.

The Requirements for AGV Lithium Ion Smart Battery System

In order to meet those requirements, the OEMs of AGV/AMR prefer lithium batteries more,Since lithium packs offer more energy in less space, they accept charge more quickly and efficiently. As it becomes the standard in the AMR warehouse automation, battery and charger suppliers must have a diverse product portfolio to meet these evolving needs, fast charging or opportunity charging is an important consideration. Reliability and charging time are key to the future success of AMR, So why not discuss the AGV Solution for Lithium-ion Smart Battery with BSLBATT’s 18 years of lithium battery expertise?

 AGV Lithium Ion Smart Battery System

How BSLBATT Lithium Ion Smart Battery System Helped

Facilities that use AGV lead-acid battery-powered fleets consistently face about 20% asset downtime. This is due to the 5 to 6 hours of battery charging required for each AGV each day. Additionally, each lead-acid battery is required to be down for another 8 hours weekly for trickle charging and cell equalization.

Indeed, Li-ion batteries’ benefits are even more pronounced with AGVs: significantly less charging time overall and flexible charging schedule, zero daily maintenance and stable voltage with higher travel and lifting speeds provide minimum downtime and highest operational efficiency. In the case of BSLBATT Lithium Ion Smart Battery, one can expect enhanced safety and advanced data capabilities with the top-notch Battery Management System and one can’t fail to recognize that AGVs and Li-ion are a perfect match!

Lithium Ion Smart Battery System in AGV

AGV Lithium Ion Smart Battery System

BSLBATT battery has developed advanced Lithium-ion rechargeable battery solutions optimized to meet the power, energy, quality, and safety requirements for the indoor material handling equipment market. These batteries can directly replace existing lead-acid batteries currently used by most suppliers of material handling equipment. Further, BSLBATT battery can also work with customers and provide its design and battery expertise to create custom solutions for specialty equipment and battery needs.

The BSLBATT method starts with an assessment of the customer’s equipment, energy demand, and what infrastructure to match the correct battery and charger. We understand your AGV fleet, we understand your work and we always provide the best and most sustainable solutions.

Our technology portfolio can cover any energy requirement:

Standard lead-acid—entry-level flooded batteries for the most economical upfront power solution

BSLBATT®—Lithium-ion solution for the most demanding applications that require the highest energy throughput and charging flexibility

High-frequency modular charger—offering the best charging efficiency together with the ability to customize charging profile based on application needs

To learn form about AGV Solution for Lithium-ion Smart Battery, visit today.

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