48V Lithium-ion battery for hybrid power solutions for telecommunications and off-site sites

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48V Lithium-Ion Battery for Hybrid Power Solutions of Telecoms & Off-Grid Sites

BSLBATT’s Lithium Telecom 48V LFP batteries can meet the most demanding needs of backup for telecom operators in today’s scenario of ever-growing consumption of voice, video, and data. Our solution allows consumers to get rid of pain points of traditional lead-acid batteries as Li-ion batteries have high cycle life, zero or low maintenance requirements, are 3x lower in volume and weight and are environment friendly as well. These batteries are smart and can be customized to make right-fit solutions for applications in the urban, poor grid, off-grid areas or for renewable-powered sites etc. Capability to do fast charging helps in reducing DG run hours in off grid and poor grid scenarios plus there are so many more features.

BSLBATT® has launched an innovative 48V 100Ah lithium-ion battery solution. The company specifically designed the battery solution to integrate into the company’s flexible hybrid power system for mobile, tower, and off-grid deployments. The new solution promises a longer life, lower maintenance costs, a reduced total cost of ownership, and enhanced reliability.

lithium-ion battery for telecom towers

Cost-Effective & Scalable Lithium-Iron Phosphate Battery Pack

The BSLBATT® Lithium Telecom 48V LFP batteries is a 100 Amp hour 48V lithium-iron phosphate battery pack designed specifically for telecommunications deployment. The Lithium Telecom 48V LFP batteries fits into a standard 19” ETSI rack and multiple units can be clustered to create a substantial battery bank. The lithium-ion cost per kilowatt hour cycle is now lower than that of lead-acid thanks to its much higher cycle life – making it well-suited for hybrid applications.

BSLBATT has deployed many hybrid systems using both lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. The company has now standardized on using lithium-ion phosphate because it is more cost effective over the whole life of the battery system and provides important technical, operational and logistical advantages. These include:

Superior usable capacity

● Extended cycle life

● Fast charging and less ‘wasted’ energy when charging

● Ability to deliver full capacity at high current

● Lower maintenance requirements

● Easier storage and deployment

● Smaller and lighter than lead-acid

● More cost-effective than lead-acid

Lithium telecom solution

Critical sites equipped with hybrid/renewable power systems usually employ a combination of solar arrays and a battery bank to deliver a reliable supply of electricity. When the batteries need charging or the sun goes down, an integrated diesel dc generator provides power to the site while also charging the batteries. A system controller ensures the site is powered 24×7 and that it minimizes the generator’s fuel use.

Previously, conventional lead-acid batteries were often used to provide power and energy storage. While historically they were cheaper, they are also much larger and heavier than lithium-ion and are prone to theft.

So, as their price has fallen and performance has improved, a transition to lithium-ion batteries has occurred, particularly by mobile operators, the company pointed out.

“The cost per kilowatt-hour cycle of lithium-ion batteries is now less than that of lead-acid,” said Eric Yi, Managing Director at BSLBATT. “This means that lithium-ion not only costs the operator less but also offers much better performance, lifetime and a whole range of other operational benefits.”

telecom battery

The new Telecom lithium battery from BSLBATT is suitable for telecoms and off-grid sites. Its higher energy density makes it smaller and lighter than conventional lead-acid batteries. According to the client, BSLBATT telecom batteries also charge and discharge more efficiently, and many more times than lead-acid batteries. This efficiency and the greater number of cycles translate to a more reliable, longer, and better working life. The batteries are maintenance-free and can be remotely monitored, thereby saving considerable operational costs.

In launching BSLBATT® lithium telecom battery we are delivering a better performing, more reliable, more cost-effective battery and hybrid power solution for global telecoms, tower, and off-grid deployments. Ultimately, our hybrid power solutions provide the best performance and lowest cost of ownership. Come, join the future!

We proudly produce the highest volume of 48-volt telecommunication batteries in the world and welcome the opportunity to discuss how our products could best serve your needs.

For more information, reach out to BSLBATT Lithium at [email protected] or +86 752-2819-469.

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