BSLBATT Battery Unveils New Lithium Battery is a game-changer for the RV world!

1,688 Published by BSLBATT Aug 11,2020

BSLBATT Battery Unveils New Lithium Battery is a game-changer for the RV world!

Better energy systems are the next wave in RVs. More owners want their AC and other appliances to run longer—long enough to keep pets cool for hours, and still provide hot showers while running other appliances. But they also want to untether from campground outlets and avoid noisy generators that compete with the sounds of nature.

That’s why there’s a buzz around lithium-ion batteries—the kind that power electric and hybrid cars. Traditional lead-acid batteries like to be charged relatively slowly compared with lithium ions. The faster charge rate combined with much greater capacity for their weight is what makes lithium ions a true game-changer.

Lithium-RV Battery

China’s fastest service lithium battery packing manufacturer” is more than just a catchy tagline for BSLBATT Lithium Battery, a global leader in lithium battery technology. It appears to be an absolute mission. Just months after launching its all-new B-LFP75、B-LFP100 Series – a series of batteries that are optimal for start the car performance – BSLBATT announced today the next generation of lithium batteries, the B-LFP12-545 Series are designed to replace lead-acid batteries in any deep cycle application, including golf carts, marine, RVs, renewable energy systems, floor machines, scissor lifts, and much more.

The Best Lithium Battery for RV

Experts and novices alike know that not all lithium batteries are created equal and that it pays to know how to read your battery’s management system (BMS). BSLBATT’s B-LFP12-542 Series takes the guessing game out of this with the advent of the BSLBATT BMS, which maximizes battery performance, even when connected in parallel, eliminating the need for an external master BMS, or any additional hardware. The innovative algorithms in the BSLBATT BMS ensures precise balancing. This optimizes performance in each battery when multiple batteries are connected in parallel, providing maximum capacity and life.

lithium rv battery cost

“The BSLBATT BMS included with the B-LFP12-542 Series touts everything from accurate balancing using the battery management system technology, allowing you to scale up to the capacity you need without compromise, to charge control which allows you to use almost any charger with our batteries,” began Mr. Deng, BSLBATT’s VP Product Development and Strategy. “And end users are not left in the dark with the LED indicator lights that display the battery’s status at a glance, letting you know if your battery needs a recharge”.

Unlike other lithium batteries that can trap heat, the B-LFP12-542 Series also features Intelligent Cooling using a carefully engineered passive heat management system to quickly remove heat from inside the battery during conditions of high discharge and recharge currents. This prevents over-heating of critical components, which also extends the life of the battery.

rv lithium battery vs generator

Lithium Benefits for Recreational Vehicles

It’s hard to beat a BSLBATT lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery when they deliver everything you need to support life on the road and off-the-grid. Inherently safe and lightweight, you’ll not only travel furthermore efficiently you’ll do it with less of a footprint without sacrificing power, performance, and reliability.

More Usable Capacity

BSLBATT lithium batteries allow you to use 100% of their capacity, regardless of the rate of discharge. So, run all your electronics and know that you have ample reserves, even when you’re boondocking.

Long Life

BSLBATT lithium batteries provide up to 10 times longer life than lead-acid batteries, and they still provide 80% of rated capacity after 2,000 cycles.

Partial State of Charge Tolerant

Partial charging does not affect performance quality or battery life. A low self-discharge rate means worry-free storage so even occasional users can be assured of reliable performance.

Drop-in Replacement

BSLBATT lithium batteries are available in a variety of BCI standard sizes for easy drop-in replacement. Looking for a custom solution? No problem! Our Certified BSLBATT will work to design the best system for your needs.

Safety Tested

Unlike other lithium chemistries, BSLBATT LiFePO4 batteries are inherently safe due to their stable chemical composition, and we have the UN38.3 and IEC test results to prove it.



BSLBATT RV Lithium Battery is a game-changer for the RV world!

BSLBATT RV Lithium Battery weighs 75% less than lead-acid batteries so your RV battery bank will be significantly lighter thus improving your gas mileage. Also, our lithium RV batteries will last for up to 5000 cycles which can provide you with over a decade of reliable energy for your RV or camper. BSLBATT Lithium RV Batteries are the best RV batteries because of their consistency. With a lead-acid battery, you will lose significant power as the battery ends it’s cycle, with a BSLBATT Lithium battery you will have the same power consistently throughout the cycle to the very end. BSLBATT RV Lithium Battery is also the best battery for RV solar panels which more people are using for more sustainable energy sources. For any application, the BSLBATT RV lithium battery line is the best RV Battery on the market today!

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