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Commercial Battery Energy Storage System ESS-BATT-215C

768V 280Ah 215kWh commercial battery energy storage system for Power Backup, Maximizing PV self-consumption, and Save energy costs.

Product Specification:

  • MOQ: 1PCS
  • Delivery time: 25-35 working days
  • Capacity of supply: About 2 million kWh each year
  • Color: Color customizable
  • Payment methods: L/C, D/P,T/T, PayPal, Western Union
  • Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen
More Information

Helping Your Business to Get Savings and Reliable Energy – Commercial Battery Energy Storage Solutions

BSLBATT commercial battery energy storage system integrates various components such as fire protection system, temperature control system, high voltage control box, BMS, EMS and so on. The system is IP54 rated and suitable for direct outdoor placement to meet the needs of different scenarios such as solar farms, solar parks, schools, hospitals, small processing factories, and stores.

215kWh battery storage

Highly Integrated

The system is fully productized, integrating lithium iron phosphate energy storage batteries, PCS (Power Conversion System), distribution, temperature control, fire protection, water immersion door magnets, and monitoring communication. This comprehensive integration ensures complete control over the system’s operational status and risks.

Excellent Protection

Featuring a patented outdoor cabinet protection design, the system optimizes heat dissipation channels and shields against dust, rain, and sand. With front and rear dual-door maintenance, it facilitates the arrangement of multiple systems in parallel on-site, reducing the footprint.


Utilizing a door-mounted embedded integrated air conditioning system, it doesn’t occupy cabinet space, enhancing the available space within the cabinet. The top structure ensures better waterproofing effectiveness.

Flexible Parallel Operation

Equipped with patented technology for virtual synchronous machines, it enables multiple units to freely parallel or switch off-grid without communication lines over long distances.

Versatile Features

With standardized structural design and menu-based function configuration, it allows optional accessories such as photovoltaic charging modules, off-grid switching modules, frequency transformers, and other components for scenarios like microgrids. It integrates into a comprehensive solar energy storage system cabinet.

Intelligent Management

The local control screen enables diverse functions, including system operation monitoring, energy management strategy formulation, remote device upgrades, and more.

This commercial energy storage battery system adopts a three-tier management architecture, and through the modular design to realize flexible configuration, the maximum energy storage capacity can reach 2MWh.

lithium storage battery



With the cloud platform of BSLBATT EMS system, we can visualize and manage the energy storage data, collect data remotely in real time, perform big data analysis, predict and warn the battery health condition and other functions, to reduce the operation and maintenance cost, and bring economic benefits to users.

ess energy storage system

Specification Data

Model Number ESS-BATT-215C
Series and Parallel 16S1P*15=240S1P
Cooling Methods Air cooling
Rated Capacity 280Ah
Rated Voltage DC768V
Operating Voltage Range 600V876V
Voltage Range 672V840V
Rated Energy 215kWh
Rated Charge Current 140A
Rated Discharge Current 140A
Peak Current 560A(25, SOC50%, 10S)
Protection Level IP54
Firefighting Configuration Pack level + Aerosol
Discharge Temp. -20~55
Charge Temp. 0~55
Storage Temp. 0~35
Dimension(mm) 1150*1100*2300(±10)
Weight(kg) 2330
Cycle Life 6000 Cycles(80% DOD @25°C 0.5C)
Warranty 10 years

■ Product List

200kwh battery solar battery high voltage lithium ion battery


ESS-GRID HV PACK 5-10 MatchBox HVS 10-35kWh



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