Wisdom Power Participate in the solar energy exhibition in Australia

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Congratulations to our company end of solar energy in Australia in the year of 2016 exhibition, thanks to the scene of the new and old customers to visit, we hope to continue or start cooperation! We continue to bring you the real true quality products and services!

Australia Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition is Australia’s most influential professional solar exhibition, the exhibition organized by the Australian Solar Energy Society (Australian Solar Council), Victoria, Australia to get government support. Australian PV market will enter a stage of rapid development, will become another important global growth; the exhibition area of about 7,000 square meters, is expected 200 exhibitors, exhibition visitors will reach more than 5,000 people.

During the exhibition also hosted the 54th session of photovoltaic solar-cum-meeting known as the benchmark Australian solar energy development, the meeting was held in Melbourne, the association free of charge for all guests participating policy, is expected to reach 250 speakers, participants You can reach 2,000 people, for the industry to provide quality solutions for the industry.

Solar Energy Exhibition In Australia BSLBATT

【Market analysis】
Australia has quietly become one of the major solar markets in the world’s ninth largest solar photovoltaic market and the Asia-Pacific region. 2015 Asia-Pacific PV demand will reach a quarter of the global total. Australia occupies a strategic advantage in the prosperity of the Asia-Pacific prospects of solar energy, the US’s second-largest manufacturer of photovoltaic solar energy companies (Sun Power Corporation), CEO Werner (Tom Werner) said that affected by the rising cost of electricity, solar photovoltaic systems will continue Australia into millions of households. Solar energy has been in Australia as one of the world’s two pilot storage projects. In this project, the company will combine solar photovoltaic cells and hope one day to make it to achieve economic efficiency, to get rid of the power grid. Werner said: ” Tariff system in Australia will provide a solid foundation headed to stimulate them to consider distributed generation and storage over the next five to ten years, consumers will essentially passive position of the steering complete control of energy consumption” in Nashville satisfied that the Australian market was optimistic at the same time, the federal government on the “renewable energy target Scheme” (renewable energy target) has undertaken a review. The target program is currently required to be able to provide clean energy 4.1 gigawatt hours by 2020.

Australia is emerging solar markets, lighting conditions are very good, more than 80% of the ground light intensity than 2,000 kWh / m2 for the development of solar energy to provide favorable conditions, coupled with the policy Support, including $ 150 million in family and community subsidy program for photovoltaic systems, etc., can be described as a huge market potential.

Solar Energy Exhibition In Australia factory

[Exhibits type]
PV module, components and related production equipment; grid-connected photovoltaic power generation systems; rural photovoltaic power generation systems; solar water heaters; silicon solar cells; thin film solar cells; solar transparent encapsulation material; inverter; solar water heaters and accessories, Other Solar Energy thermal products and hot water works; solar facades and roof components; new solar lamps; solar system control software; solar photovoltaic products; PV technology and research facilities;solar power generation systems; solar battery; solar lamps; solar panels; photovoltaic lighting systems and products; solar collector heating equipment; building materials and solar energy projects; solar household goods and other solar products.

Solar Energy lithium battery Exhibition In Australia

In the course of the show, many professional customers are very interested of OPZV gel battery lithium battery. In addition, more customers ask the entire solar system. Visible, Australian energy this very seriously. Our solar system battery is very consistent with the needs and conditions of the Australian people. More customers continue to contact us late, hoping to help you find the product! This is the purpose of our participation in the exhibition. So that customers have more choices!

Solar Energy Exhibition In Australia | Wisdom Power


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