Top 10 Golf Cart Battery Manufacturers

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The golf cart battery market is flooded with different brands and types. No matter if you are an individual or a golf cart company, you need to choose the right battery for your golf cart. Listed below are the top 10 golf cart battery manufacturers in the world. You can find the manufacturer information you need in this list.

Golf Cart Battery Types

Golf cart batteries are power batteries designed specifically for powering electric golf carts. There are three types of batteries: storage lead-acid batteries, AGM lead-acid batteries, and lithium-ion batteries. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these three batteries. Our next step will be to introduce you to the top 10 golf cart battery manufacturers.

Top 10 Golf Cart Battery Manufacturers

*The following is ranked in no particular order

Top 10 Golf Cart Battery Manufacturers


U.S.Battery golf cart

Established year 1926
Global headquarters Corona, California, United States
Main products Lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries
Company website

U.S. Battery manufactures lead-acid batteries since 1926. It is committed to developing golf cart batteries that last a long time. Additionally, the company introduced the XC2TM formula and DiamondPlateTechnology®, allowing the battery to reach peak capacity faster. As compared to similar batteries, this deep cycle battery has a higher rated capacity and can reach peak capacity more quickly.

U.S. Battery manufactures flooded lead acid deep cycle batteries. Deep cycle batteries are manufactured by US Battery for Solar, Renewable Energy, Golf Cart Batteries, Marine, Wind Energy, Energy Storage, Sweeper Batteries, Washer Batteries, Automotive, Flooded Batteries, Deep Cycle Batteries, AGM, Sealed Batteries, and many other applications.

Main Products

Batteries such as Deep Cycle, Sealed AGM, Golf Cart, Scissor Lift, Floor Machine, Marine, RV, and Renewable Energy Batteries.

2. Trojan

Trojan golf cart battery

Established year 1925
Global headquarters California, USA
Main products Deep cycle lead acid and lithium batteries
Company website

Trojan is a leading global manufacturer of deep cycle batteries and a pioneer in battery technology. In 1952, it manufactured the first golf cart battery. Batteries from Trojan are used in a wide range of applications that require the performance of deep cycle batteries. These include aerial work platforms, airport ground support equipment, floor cleaners, golf and utility vehicles, marine/RV, material handling, oil/gas, and solar/renewable energy. Today, Trojan Battery Company manufactures the most advanced deep cycle solar and power batteries in the world.

Main products

Batteries include deep cycle flooded batteries, AGM batteries, gel batteries, and lithium batteries.

3.Crown battery

Crown battery

Established year 1926
Global headquarters Fremont, Ohio
Main products Deep cycle electric vehicle batteries and AGM units
Company website

Since 1926, Crown Battery has been a trusted brand. Two new batteries were launched by the company in January 2015 to store energy for renewable energy generators. The batteries are available in capacities ranging from 500 Ah to 2,500 Ah at a rate of 20 hours each. There are two main golf cart battery products offered by the company, the Deep Cycle EV Battery and the Crown 1 Deep Cycle AGM Battery.

Main Products

Batteries for industrial applications, SLI batteries, and deep cycle batteries.

4.BSLBATT Battery

BSLBATT lithium battery golf cart

Established year 2011
Global headquarters Huizhou,Guangdong,China
Main products LiFePO4 battery and Deep Cycle Lithium-Ion Batteries
Company website

Founded in 2011, BSLBATT is a global leading LiFePO4 battery manufacturer and battery technology pioneer, and one of the top 10 lithium iron phosphate battery companies in China. LiFePO4 golf cart batteries were manufactured in 2016 by the company. The BSLBATT batteries are used in golf and utility vehicles, aerial work platforms, airport ground support equipment, floor cleaners, marine/RV, material handling, oil/gas, and solar/renewable energy applications. As a result, BSLBATT Battery Company has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of LiFePO4 solar and power batteries.

Main products

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries

Application areas

Golf carts, low-speed vehicles, multi-purpose task vehicles, off-road vehicles, RVs, marine, aerial work platforms, material handling, forklifts, airport handling equipment, Floor Machines, trolling motors, solar energy storage, industrial and commercial high-voltage energy storage.

5.Exide Technologies

exide battery

Established year 1888
Global headquarters Georgia, USA
Main products Automotive batteries and industrial batteries
Company website

EXIDE TECHNOLOGIES is one of the oldest golf cart battery companies in the world. This company offers innovative business models that improve fleet vehicle utilization and performance while reducing disruptions. Exide products are available in 80 countries and the company has 33 manufacturing facilities in 11 countries. Batteries from EXIDE are used in automotive, marine, heavy-duty vehicles, golf carts, power sports, and lawn and garden equipment.

Main Products

There are two types of batteries: automotive batteries and industrial batteries.


6.ALLIED Battery

ALLIED battery

Established year 1888
Global headquarters Missouri, USA
Main products Lithium-ion and deep-cycle batteries
Company website

The company was founded in 1940 and is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, USA. Lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries are available to meet a variety of customer needs and preferences. There is a battery solution for almost every golf cart model available from Allied Battery. Fast charging, light weight, and compact design are the best features of its batteries. Maintenance-free and leak-proof, these batteries can save you a lot of time and money.

Lithium batteries made by Allied are truly plug-and-play lithium batteries.

Main Products

Golf cart, marine, RV, and solar applications.


7.East Penn Manufacturing

East Penn Manufacturing

Established year 1946
Global headquarters Lyon Station, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Main products Lead-acid batteries
Company website

East Penn Manufacturing, headquartered in Lyon Station, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1946 and is a major player in the golf cart battery market. The company is also one of the largest battery suppliers in North America. Besides producing lead-acid batteries, it also manufactures battery pack accessories, wire and cable products, and battery pack accessories. They distribute their products through major North American parts retailers under their own brand names. Lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries for golf carts are available under their Deka and Dura-Start brands.

Main Products

Lead-acid batteries, battery cables and other accessories.




Established year 2016
Global headquarters Huizhou,Guangdong,China
Main products Lithium Ion Battery
Company website

Roypow was founded in 2016 with the goal of providing more sustainable energy solutions in all living and working environments. A variety of battery products are available from the company, including lithium-ion battery systems and low-speed vehicle batteries.


9.Eco battery

ECO battery

Established year 2016
Global headquarters Hurricane, Utah, USA
Main products LiFePO4 Battery
Company website

The goal of Eco Battery was to create the best lithium battery in the world.

In recent years, it has gained a good market share in North America

The products are mainly used in golf carts


RELiON battery

Established year 2014
Global headquarters North Carolina, USA
Main products Deep cycle lithium batteries
Company website

The RELION Corporation is one of the world’s top 10 golf cart battery companies. RELiON Battery manufactures innovative battery storage technology throughout the world. Batteries from RELiON are used in a variety of applications, from marine and recreational vehicles to electric vehicles and renewable energy.

Main Products

Deep cycle lithium batteries and portable power products


Golf Cart Battery Market Size 2024

golf cart battery market

*Data source: marketresearchfuture

In 2023, the golf cart battery market was valued at USD 180 million. Over the forecast period (2024-2032), the golf cart battery market size is expected to grow from USD 190 million in 2024 to USD 270 million by 2032, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.6%. Golf carts are becoming increasingly popular and industrialization and urbanization are contributing to market growth.

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