What type of Battery is Best For An Electric Golf Cart?

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Lithium batteries are widely regarded as the best option for powering electric golf carts. These batteries have several advantages that make them superior to other types of batteries in terms of performance and efficiency.

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What are Golf Cart Batteries?

Golf cart batteries are classified as a distinct type of deep-cycle batteries, designed to discharge a significant portion of their capacity to deliver sustained and reliable power. This distinguishes them from the starter batteries found in automobiles, which are engineered to provide a brief, high-intensity burst of current for engine ignition.

Electric golf carts employ batteries that are comparable to those used in electric vehicles, albeit with a reduced capacity. This is attributable to the limited range and lower speeds at which golf carts typically operate, with speeds ranging from 10 to 15 miles per hour.

How Do Golf Cart Batteries Work?

There exists a multitude of distinct categories of golf cart batteries, each with its own unique mode of operation contingent upon the type of battery installed. The ensuing section will expound upon these various types and their respective functionalities.

In general, a golf cart battery is comprised of a series of battery cells that are interconnected. The precise quantity of cells is contingent upon the rating of the golf cart battery, which is typically denoted in voltage configurations such as 6V, 8V, and 12V,24V,48v.

What are the Different Types of Golf Cart Batteries?

Lead acid VS lithium ion battery

Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

Flooded lead acid batteries were previously the most commonly utilized batteries in golf carts, primarily due to their affordable purchase cost. However, if one is seeking the best golf cart lithium battery, flooded lead acid batteries would rank at the bottom of the list.

These batteries incur significant maintenance expenses and possess a notably short lifespan, even with regular upkeep. The presence of a liquid electrolyte in these batteries also poses a risk of spillage, necessitating that both the batteries and battery compartment remain in an upright position.

Advantages of Flooded Lead Acid Batteries:
– Cost-effectiveness

Disadvantages of Flooded Lead Acid Batteries:
– High maintenance requirements
– Subpar performance
– Limited cycle life
– Inferior safety standards

Gel Lead Acid Batteries

Gel lead acid batteries, commonly referred to as gel batteries, are a type of lead acid battery that employs a dense paste instead of a liquid electrolyte. The primary purpose of utilizing this thick paste, or gel, in these batteries is to eradicate the potential for spillage. Typically, the paste comprises the electrolyte suspended within a silica gel.

Although these batteries effectively eliminate the risk of electrolyte spills, they still retain the remaining drawbacks associated with lead-acid batteries. Gel batteries necessitate extensive maintenance and possess a relatively short lifespan, necessitating frequent replacements. Consequently, while they may be more economical to acquire initially, they offer limited long-term value for money.

– Resistant to leakage

– High maintenance requirements
– Reduced lifespan

AGM Batteries

AGM batteries, short for Absorbent Glass Mat batteries, represent an alternative form of lead acid battery. These batteries differ from traditional models in that they substitute the liquid or gel electrolyte with a fibreglass mat, rendering them impervious to spills. The glass mat serves to saturate the electrolyte and absorb any battery acid.

AGM batteries offer several advantages, including complete spill-proofing, as well as being sealed and requiring less maintenance than other lead acid batteries. However, they do come with a higher cost and a moderate lifespan.

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lithium batteries

Lithium batteries represent a distinct category in comparison to lead-acid batteries. Unlike their counterparts, these batteries do not depend on fluid electrolytes, rendering them completely resistant to spills and significantly reducing the need for maintenance. Various types of lithium golf cart batteries exist, including Li-NMC batteries and LFP batteries.

Furthermore, lithium batteries boast a prolonged lifespan and superior depth of discharge when compared to lead-based batteries. Depth of discharge (DoD) pertains to the extent to which a battery can be discharged without causing damage. Consequently, lithium-based batteries offer a wider operational range in contrast to the aforementioned lead-acid batteries.

One key advantage of lithium batteries is their high energy density. This means that they can store a large amount of energy in a compact size, allowing golf carts to travel longer distances on a single charge. In comparison, other types of batteries, such as lead-acid batteries, are bulkier and have a lower energy density.


Lithium batteries also have a longer lifespan than other battery types. They can withstand a greater number of charge and discharge cycles, making them more durable and cost-effective in the long run. This is particularly important for golf carts, which are often used frequently and require reliable battery performance.


Furthermore, lithium batteries have a higher charging efficiency. They can be charged at a faster rate, allowing golf cart owners to spend less time waiting for the batteries to recharge. This is beneficial for golfers who want to maximize their time on the course without the hassle of long charging periods.


Another advantage of lithium batteries is their lighter weight. Compared to other battery types, they are significantly lighter, which can contribute to improved overall performance and handling of the golf cart. Lighter batteries also put less strain on the cart’s motor and components, potentially extending their lifespan.


Lastly, lithium batteries are known for their consistent power output. They provide a steady and reliable source of energy, ensuring that the golf cart maintains a consistent speed and performance throughout its operation. This is especially important for golfers who rely on their carts for transportation during a round of golf.

To sum up

lithium batteries have the advantages of high energy density, long life, fast charging, light weight, and stable power output, and are the first choice for electric golf carts. These batteries offer superior performance and efficiency, making them an excellent choice for powering electric golf carts. For example, BSLBATT has a professional service team from R&D and raw material procurement to manufacturing, quality control, warranty claims and even technical support. The team has 18 years of lithium battery experience, and many dealers, installers, golf OEMs and golfers trust BSLBATT‘s products, service, support and warranty. If you need help, please contact [email protected]

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