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As for battery technology experts since 2003, we’re passionate about advanced energy storage, innovation, and quality.

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BSLBATT® develops and produces advanced Lithium Batteries for Marine, Automotive, Motorcycle, UPS, solar systems, RV, electric forklifts and sweepers, Recreation, and Industrial applications. We know these applications well and we develop tailored battery solutions for each market.

■ Wisdom Power develops and produces advanced series “BSLBATT” (Best Solution Lithium Battery). Deep Cycle Lithium Battery offers state-of-the-art technology Lithium Iron Phosphate-the safest and most robust lithium chemistry.

● The delicate process of assembling a lithium battery’s internal components takes precision, accuracy, and efficient methods.

● Our manufacturing excellence helps us deliver the best-quality battery products and exceptional value while innovating ever-better products and the next generation of stored energy solutions for our customers.

● Lithium battery has an integrated BMS (Battery Management System) and are designed for starting, motive power or deep cycle applications and can be connected in series or in parallel. The BMS maximizes the performance of the battery by automatically balancing the cells and protecting them from being overcharged or over-discharged. Our lithium battery will provide you with 100% depth of discharge for over 2000 cycles. After 2000 cycles, the battery will still have at least 70% of its rated capacity.

● Our Quality Standard: Every battery we make undergoes extensive assurance checks to confirm every single component functions at peak performance. We’re proud to say our factory is ISO 9001:2015 certified, our lithium batteries are UN38.3, CE, IEC, UL, MDSD certified, and our passion for perfection ensures we complete every order above world-class standards.

● The “BSLBATT” is perfect for Solar, Telecom, Wind, Electric Vehicle, Marine RV, and any other deep cycle applications.

Our lithium batteries are selling well in Europe, America, and Asia, and our customers think highly of our batteries.

■ Many customers are high on our lithium battery. As we have many features:

The cycle times are much longer than a lead-acid battery, it can be reached 2000 cycles for 100% DOD.

● This battery can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.

● The capacity can be reached much more than a lead-acid battery based on the same dimension.

Their weight is only about 1/2 of a lead-acid battery.

It can replace a lead-acid battery of the same size.

Our service:


● Design a special color battery case only for a customer with their brand to make consumers have a strong impression for that brand.
Provide solutions in time after-sales.

● Please show you any request, we will review it to see what we can do for you.

● We have strong willingness and sincerity to start the business with your esteemed company and establish a long-term partnership.

● Please send us an inquiry now! We will be your honest and best supplier!