BSLBATT Battery announces that establishes strategic partnership to promote innovation and accelerate growth

3,767 Published by BSLBATT Apr 30,2020

BSLBATT Battery announces that establishes strategic partnership to promote innovation and accelerate growth

Wisdom Industrial Power Co., Ltd, a global developer in lithium battery technologies, today announces they have entered into a strategic partnership with Jiangxi Star Energy Co., Ltd, a leader in focusing on R&D and production of the lithium power battery. The alliance will be accelerated worldwide growth for the two companies and further position BSLBATT as the leader in lithium drop-in replacements for lead-acid batteries, as well as other proprietary projects.

Jiangxi Star Energy Co., Ltd

“BSLBATT has been searching for the right partnership to further advance our leading role in the lithium battery market. This exciting joint venture will allow us to not only strengthen the control and communication functionality within our products but also offer enhanced solutions for our OEM customer base, as well as the aftermarket and the distribution networks we service,” stated Eric Yi, CEO of BSLBATT Battery.

The partnership will leverage the two companies’ resources, technologies, industry expertise, and market presence, and will include technical collaboration across the organizations as well as joint global go-to-market initiatives. The venture is expected to spark deep cycle battery innovation and additional R&D by maximizing the product development talents and resources at all two companies.

Lithium battery has long been hailed as superior to a lead-acid battery. Lithium battery boast doubles the energy output within the same space for 70% less weight than a lead-acid battery, it is engineered for a wide array of applications including golf, solar, marine, RV, floor cleaning, AWP, UPS, robotics, emerging technology and more.

Mr. Shi who is a Star Energy Director said to Mr. Jia, a general manager of Sales & Marketing, “We pride ourselves on being battery leaders in China. We believe that this partnership with BSLBATT Battery will promote lithium demand in the domestic market in a new way.”

lithium battery technologies

The two companies plan to deliver customer value by:

● Offering an end-to-end lithium battery product portfolio with unrivaled innovation

● Creating the lithium battery solution of the future through proprietary technology

● Combining the scale and innovation of the two companies to accelerate market depth and aftermarket services

● “Our alliance with BSLBATT will enable us to bring our market-leading control systems to a global audience. Our unique strengths will make us become the leading lithium solutions provider in the market,” said Yongxing Guo, CEO of Star Energy.

The strategic partnership will be the key to growth and value in the next few years. The vast backgrounds of the two companies will be a powerful and move us forward in lithium battery solutions”, said Haley Ning.

BSLBATT Battery ANd Star Energy

About Star Energy

Jiangxi Star Energy Co., Ltd is invested at RMB 3000,000,000 by Yuncai Group. Located in Shangrao city, Jiangxi Province, Star Energy is a new and high technology enterprise with independent intellectual property rights and core technology focusing on R&D, production, and sales of the lithium power battery.

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