How does BSLBATT battery provide energy storage systems for the world?

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A “Hidden Champion” made in Huizhou-China: the HuiZhou-based startup BSLBATT battery has become an internationally sought-after company

The BSLBATT battery founders identified the need for powerful energy storage systems in business and Household energy storage early on. They developed their first prototype quite literally in a manufacturing shop. The company now carries out series production in Huizhou China in Asia’s first gigafactory for commercial energy storage systems. Customers around the world use these patented energy storage systems made in China. BSLBATT battery is one of the world market leaders in its niche and is a testament to the fact that the Hidden Champions in this region are well-positioned for future global competition and realizing their visions.

“Our aim is to focus on the development, integration, and sales of lithium batteries.” With this vision in mind, the founders of BSLBATT battery, Eric Yi and Mr. Chen got down to business in 2003. It is the basis for everything that has developed at the site in Huizhou – which is quite a lot. Their success story resembles the famous accounts of manufacturing shop startups.

The two men from Huizhou were committed to renewable energy right from the early days – long before they won renown. They gained experience in the solar sector, where they saw that the energy storage systems available on the market were constantly reaching their limit. While photovoltaic systems got bigger and bigger, the storage systems lagged behind.

Sales manager Eric Yi and industrial engineer Mr. Chen decided to come up with a solution themselves. “We realized that we could do better,” says Eric Yi.

BSLBATT lithium battery

“You have to have access to good conditions.”

They had a clear aim: the company was to develop and produce battery systems that could store electricity from renewable energy sources as efficiently as possible. The founders focused on high-capacity storage systems for commerce and industry because those areas consume the most energy. The pair made a deliberate decision to lay the foundations for the company in Huizhou. “Many people didn’t understand why, but we wanted to realize our vision right here where we grew up,” says Mr. Chen. “You just have to be somewhere where you have the best chance of solving problems and where you have access to good conditions. If you look closely, you can see that Huizhou is a highly promising choice for company location projects.” The advantages of their decision included the ability to acquire suitable industrial sites at land value, which are more affordable compared to metropolitan regions. The area also has a well-developed transportation network and is situated in the middle of the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, both of which ensure access to markets and suppliers. On top of that, the managing directors have close ties to the local area. “We can contribute to economic strength and demand here in Huizhou – that’s also important to us,” says Eric Yi.

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Chinese battery Manufacturers: home to Huizhou’s first gigafactory for commercial battery storage systems

Huizhou is an export-oriented economy with the rapid development of commerce, high-tech industry, service industry, tourism, industrial city, is an important high-tech industry and electronic manufacturing base in mainland China, With EVE Energy, a lithium-ion battery manufacturer’s cell, young entrepreneurs develop their own battery control technology to make the energy storage system durable and economical. It gives the system an excellent overall system efficiency of up to 98% and a long life of up to 11 years. This technology gave BSLBATT battery a selling point that set it apart. The award-winning battery system helps ensure that commercial and industrial storage systems pay off within just a few years.BSLBATT’s battery storage systems and optimized control system soon gained attention. In the past few years, the company has received multiple awards. Last summer, it shot to the top when it was made one of the winners of the Top 100 competition (a leading innovation competition for Guangdong province medium-sized businesses), coming away with the Top Innovator 2020 prize. The managing directors say that they see this as an incentive to keep driving the energy transition. The conditions for this have long been in place. Since the beginning of 2019, BSLBATT battery has been efficiently manufacturing lithium-ion storage systems in China’s first gigafactory for commercial battery storage systems at its site in Huizhou, where the systems are then shipped onward around the world. The company has so far completed over 3,500 storage projects, putting its vision into practice. These products made in Huizhou are in use across the whole world for green, affordable, and constant energy supply.


Success stories

Discover how BSLBATT energy storage systems effectively support customers in their energy efficiency objectives.

BSLBATT Battery, for example, provides home storage battery systems to the largest Distributor of Viction Energy in The Republic of South Africa, located at the southern tip of Africa, where the South Atlantic meets the Southern Indian Ocean. Every home has access to affordable clean energy. Even in places where people don’t have access to the grid. In Puerto Rico, the power grid in remote areas is not connected to the grid, leaving many homes and businesses without electricity. BSLBATT Battery is providing affordable clean energy to the people of Puerto Rico. BSLBATT’s energy storage system ensures a constant supply of power to appliances for family entertainment and work. By the end of 2020, nearly 70% of household solar power installations in Germany have been equipped with battery storage facilities, and the installed capacity of household energy storage systems in Germany is about 2.3 gw. So far, more than 300,000 households in Germany have installed battery storage systems, with an average installed capacity of about 8.5 kWh. BSLBATT Battery’s solar energy storage system batteries for German battery dealers are well received by German users. BSLBATT products are used in many different places for many different purposes. Whether it’s a resort on the coast of Belize in Central America, a cattle ranch in Bruggen on the Dutch border, or a residential neighborhood in the Swiss Canton Aargau, it’s always associated with new, innovative, and environmentally friendly energy supplies. The medium-sized business, which has over 260 employees at its headquarters in Huizhou and its branches in America, Hong Kong, and South Africa, is on course for growth. The managing directors explain that they plan to release a new energy storage system onto the market at the end of next year that will boast even more technological innovations. “If BSLBATT’s success story continues along the same path, it won’t be just the new storage system that will cause a stir,” they say.

Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

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Interested in an energy storage system for your home or business? Reach out to BSLBATT Battery now. Whether or not you’ve already installed solar Lithium battery with BSLBATT, or you’re completely new to renewables and energy storage, we’re here to help. To learn more, send us an email or call at +86 752-2819469 today.

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