Can Our Golf Cart Lithium Batteries Give You More Range?

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There are immediate advantages of lithium batteries over lead-acid batteries, But BSLBATT Battery has developed a range of Golf Cart Lithium Batteries to meet the most energy-intensive needs.  Power your golf cart or electric car by upgrading to our high-quality golf carts lithium batteries.  Higher voltage.  Free replacement for 5 years.  Added more benefits to help you optimize the range you get from the battery.

While any golf cart will help you get around the course or neighborhood, you need to make sure it has enough power for the job. This is where lithium golf cart batteries come into play. They’re challenging the lead-acid battery market due to the many benefits that make them easier to maintain and more cost-effective in the long run.

Below is our breakdown of the advantages of lithium golf cart batteries over lead-acid counterparts.

Constant power – Unlike lead-acid batteries, golf carts lithium batteries operate at full power throughout discharge, even when they are at less than 5%. Low battery won’t result in sluggish performance.

Lightweight – Lithium batteries are 50-60% lighter than their lead-acid equivalents. This makes them significantly easier to install. Plus, it increases your golf cart’s weight-to-performance ratio, enabling you to reach higher speeds with less effort.

Fast charging – Lithium batteries can be fully charged within 1-3 hours. This is a vast improvement over lead-acid batteries, which can take over 8 hours to fully charge.

Maintenance-free – No water needed, and no cleaning of acid residue required. Just charge them up, and they’re ready to go.

Safety – Most lithium batteries utilize Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4), a chemistry that is inherently safe. In addition, Battery Management Systems (BMS) have been developed in order to regulate heat, eliminating the risk of overcharging and overheating.

Long-life – Lithium batteries have up to a 10x longer life cycle than lead-acid batteries.

Long shelf life – Lithium batteries have a very low rate of self-discharge, meaning they maintain a state of charge for longer when not being used.

Eco-friendly – Due to their lower charge times, and the fact that they contain less hazardous materials, lithium batteries are far better for the environment than lead-acid batteries.

The best lithium golf cart battery on the market is now available

BSLBATT’s 48V lithium golf cart battery is the first drop-in replacement lithium battery built to meet the power and energy requirements in golf cars, utility vehicles, AGVs, and LSVs.

A few key benefits of the BSLBATT 48V lithium golf cart battery are the easy installation with no maintenance, parallel connections to scale capacity, full power throughout discharge, a faster and smoother ride, and up to 25% more range.

Lithium Ion Golf Cart battery

How were the BSLBATT Golf Cart Lithium Batteries designed?


Optimized stiffer suspension for a lighter-weight battery pack provides enhanced comfort with maximum safety benefits, mitigating body roll-through turns.


BSLBATT’s lithium-ion solution is fully enclosed and self-contained in a water-tight steel case, meeting IP67 standards.

Lithium Batteries for Golf Carts


Rhombus battery pack design for enhanced reliability and durability.

BSLBATT’s lithium Rhombus architecture contains 32 welded connections vs competing Rhombus designs with 728 welded connections.


Competitor wire harness

(Competitor wire harness)

Harnesses utilize flexible sleeving for conduits for longer life, increasing vehicle uptime and preventing excess water pooling. Covered terminals for increased water protection, preventing battery failure.

A standard 48V lead-acid battery setup – which could include six 8V or four 12V batteries – will typically provide anywhere from 15 – 25 miles per charge. With BSLBATT Golf Cart Lithium Batteries, you install the number of batteries that will give you the mileage range you desire. You can use as few as 1 battery or up to 4 batteries in a typical golf car. One to go 24-34 miles, two to go 48-70 miles, three to go 60-85 miles, four batteries can reach 72-102 miles. For light usage, we suggest using 1 battery, whereas if you use your vehicle to play golf and get around your neighborhood, then you might want to try using 2 or more batteries. You can always add another battery to your vehicle if you decide you want even more range.

As you can see, our BSLBATT Golf Cart Lithium Batteries offer more usable capacity -taking you farther than traditional lead-acid batteries, and without the upkeep. We know to build or upgrading an electrical system can be overwhelming, so we’re here to help. Our China, Huizhou sales and customer service team are standing by at +86 (752) 2819469 to take your questions! contact us today or visit:

Also join us on Facebook, Linkedin, and YouTube to learn more about how lithium battery systems can power your lifestyle, see how others have built their systems, and gain the confidence to get out there and stay out there.

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