How Do BSLBATT Marine Batteries Benefit Bass Boats?

479 Published by BSLBATT Feb 12,2022

Lithium has many benefits over lead-acid, whether you’re a tournament angler or recreational angler. Those who use our batteries in their current bass boat setup repeatedly mention the weight, quality, and durability of the batteries. For example, the BSLBATT 48v lithium marine battery weighs 120 lbs., making it much lighter in weight compared to lead-acid. BSLBATT lithium batteries offer full capacity throughout discharge, so you won’t experience any late-day voltage drop. Even better? The batteries can fully charge in as little as 1-3 hours and provide built-in overcharge protection, and they’re completely maintenance-free – requiring no watering, unlike lead-acid.

Lithium Batteries for Your Bass Boat

“The weight has been such a big factor in being able to use this battery. It was too cumbersome in the past to move batteries, so I wound up purchasing way more batteries than I actually needed at any one moment. Plus, trying to keep multiple batteries constantly charged was a hassle. With this technology, I have less to charge and it isn’t a big deal if it goes a while without being topped off.” – Our client says.

Plus, lithium batteries are inherently safer than lead-acid batteries. Our batteries have even been tested and hold several certifications, exceeding industry standards time and time again.

How To Choose The Right Lithium Battery For Your Bass Boats

Choosing the right battery boils down to what you need to power and how long you want to use it. The longer the run time you want, the bigger the battery you will need to get started with lithium in your fishing bass boats. BSLBATT offers several 36V lithium marine battery options that would be suitable.

B-LFP24-10 – This powerful 24V 10AH lithium battery can power fish finders, flashers, and other boating electronics all day long.

B-LFP12-50 – The 12V 50AH lithium-ion battery is compact enough to be used in many marine applications including smaller boats with lower battery requirements or boats with electrical systems designed for just one battery. It’s great to use for your trolling motor!

B-LFP12-60– Weighing in under 20 lbs., this battery weighs less than half of a lead-acid battery and with more hours of consistent power. Plus, 60 Ah of capacity means plenty of power for smaller-sized trolling motors.

B-LFP12-100 – Our 12V 100Ah battery is the perfect companion for your marine & RV adventures. Weighing 70% lighter than most lead-acid batteries, over time you’ll save loads in gas prices, not to mention wear and tear on your body. With zero maintenance and an incredible service life of 3,000 to 5,000 cycles, this battery will go the distance.

B-LFP12-125 – At 12.55” (L) x 6.5″ (W) x 9.22″ (H) and weighing only 34.2 lbs., the BSLBATT 12V 125AH Lithium Battery has the best size to power ratio of any deep cycle battery on the market. Connectors: 3/8 UNC Threads allow the battery to be installed in any direction, unlike lead-acid batteries which are fixed.

B-LFP36-60 – 36V 60AH lithium battery is perfect for powering your deep cycle systems. BSLBATT 36V 60AH lithium battery has an internal microprocessor-controlled battery management system (BMS) that monitors the key operational parameters during charging and discharging, such as voltages, currents, and internal temperatures. Ionic Deep Cycle Batteries can be hooked as many needed in parallel.

B-LFP36-100 -Looking for a battery that’s incredibly lightweight and compact? Our 36V 100Ah battery may very well be your best answer! If you’re looking to propel a small boat or fishing kayak (up to 100hp), many of our customers purchase one or three 36V 100Ah batteries to get the job done. It’s suitable when you need a long lifespan and quick charge capability or if you need lighter weight and more capacity.

What Do I Need To Make The Switch?

The short answer is not much! BSLBATT LIthium batteries are truly plug-and-play, drop-in replacement batteries. Like any battery replacement, you’ll need to consider your capacity, power, and size requirements. You’ll also want to ensure you have the right charger; however, most existing charging sources are compatible with BSLBATT lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Ultimately, BSLBATT lithium batteries offer major weight and space savings in your bass boats. Are you using BSLBATT in your current setup? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below! For more information or if you have questions about upgrading your bass boats to lithium, please contact us.

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