BSLBATT Unveils New Lithium Forklift Battery Complete With Game-Changing Technology

2,622 Published by BSLBATT Mar 27,2020

Lithium forklift battery

For “BSLBATT” (Best Solution Lithium Battery), the world leader in lithium battery technology, “The world’s most outstanding green power provider” is not just a compelling slogan. This seems to be an absolute mission. A few months after the launch of the new Powerwall series (Powerwall a series of best suited for home energy), “BSLBATT” (Best Solution Lithium Battery) announced the next-generation lithium battery BFL series Lithium forklift battery. BSLBATT has introduced a new technology that is the only LiFePO4 embedded replacement battery produced in China using the “full water system”. It has an industry-standard size and requires no additional hardware when connected in parallel. BFL series batteries are designed to replace lead-acid batteries in any deep cycle applications, including forklifts, golf carts, floor machines, scissor lifts, AGV, BUS, etc.

Why Lithium-ion Battery Technology?

● 40% Longer Run Times

● Higher rate of return during any charging event

● 50% Smaller Carbon Footprint

● 45% Lower Cost Than Lead Acid Batteries – 75% with GSE

● Plug and Play Technology

● No Battery Storage Needed

● Eliminate the Dangers of Gases and Acids

● Batteries for Sit-Down, Pallet Jacks, Narrow Aisle and More

● Use of latest charger technology

Experts and novices know that not all lithium batteries are the same, so it is worthwhile to understand how to read the battery management system (BMS). BSLBATT’s Insight series eliminates the guessing game with the advent of SuperSmart BMS. Even if connected in parallel, this battery can maximize battery performance without the need for an external main BMS or any other hardware. Innovative algorithms in SuperSmart BMS ensure precise balance. When multiple batteries are connected in parallel, this optimizes the performance of each battery to provide maximum capacity and service life.

Through cooperation with scientific research institutions such as the university of science and technology of China and Hefei university of technology, the company owns the core technology of the battery management system (BMS).

At present, the battery BMS design and PACK work of the company have been completed independently, greatly reducing the production cost and effectively controlling the delivery time.

At the same time, our company takes the new energy vehicle BMS as the entry point, carries on the technology research and development and the innovation in the application, the process, the technology, the structure, the product and so on unceasingly, obtains a series of independent intellectual property rights, guarantees our company product in the technology industrialization and the commercialization, has been in the domestic leading position.

BSLBATT’s new LiFePO4 forklift battery production line is a huge improvement for the company. The safety, low temperature, and cost of replacing lithium batteries with lead-acid are issues that many of our customers face. BSLBATT Battery CEO Eric Yi said that our new BFL series not only solves these problems but also perfectly demonstrates BSLBATT’s ability to develop new products in the field of lithium batteries.

The large-capacity water-based lithium-ion power batteries developed and produced by the company passed the test of national authorities, among which “Water system 76Ah aluminum shell low-temperature type” Lithium iron phosphate power battery and “Water system 212Ah plastic shell high-temperature lithium iron phosphate power battery “won the` `Anhui new product certificate ”, and its product performance is in the leading position in China.

In March 2018, the company and Hefei University of Technology’s industry-university-research cooperation project “Hefei Science and Technology Small Giant R & D Project-High-performance liquid-cooled power battery system for electric vehicle research and development and industrialization” successfully passed the expert review and acceptance, and achieved a better market response and benefits.

Battery Pack Heating Management

BSLBATT battery pack with heating management during the discharge process, the temperature rises from-20 ℃ to 0 ℃ only takes 25-30 minutes.

The general battery pack during the discharge process, the temperature rises from-20 ℃ to 0 ℃ will take 85-90 minutes.

In addition, when choosing a lithium battery, it has the same advantages; the capacity and life are greatly extended, the charging speed is faster, and the weight is lighter, they can be installed in any direction, and the battery does not need to be fully charged before storage or use.

“In the face of cold weather, customers can now enjoy many of the benefits of lithium batteries without having to worry about warming before charging. This is just the beginning. BSLBATT will continue to develop power solutions and technologies to help solve the challenges facing many customers. “

“We’ve created a culture of innovation at BSLBATT. Adding this unique technology to our product offering is big not only for our company but for the battery industry as a whole. The Battery management system (BMS) alone will play an integral part in the customer experience and the kind of intuitive design consumers will begin to expect from battery technology companies going forward,” said Eric Yi, CEO, BSLBATT Battery.

To learn more about the innovative BFL Lithium Forklift battery Series, visit

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