BSLBATT Receives UL 1973 and IEC62619 Safety Certifications for 48V Lithium Solar battery

1,278 Published by BSLBATT Mar 03,2023

UL 1973 and IEC62619 Certifications for 48V Lithium Solar battery

[Huizhou, China, March 1, 2023] UL LLC, an internationally recognized testing, inspection, and certification organization, has recently issued a certificate of approval for BSLBATT Battery’s 48V series of two models 51.2V 100AH lithium battery and 51.2V 200AH power wall batteries UL 1973 Safety Test Approval for Standby Power. These certifications certify that the B-LFP51.2V 100AH and B-LFP51.2V 200AH comply with the strictest international safety standards.

“The BSLBATT 51.2V 100AH lithium battery and 51.2V 200AH power wall batteries battery products have successfully obtained UL Solutions (UL 1973) certification, marking BSLBATT’s strategic layout of residential, commercial and industrial energy storage around the world, will provide users with clean, pollution-free and cost-effective new energy solutions,” said Eric Yi, CEO of BSLBATT. In the future, BSLBATT will continue to cooperate with UL Solutions to meet people’s expectations for a stable and sustainable electricity future with technological innovation.

51.2V 100AH lithium battery UL1973  Certificate download link:

51.2V 200AH Powerwall lithium battery UL1973  Certificate download link: 

51.2V 100AH lithium battery IEC62619  Certificate download link:

51.2V 200AH Powerwall lithium battery IEC62619  Certificate download link:

UL 1973 is a safety standard for energy storage battery systems. It specifies comprehensive testing and evaluation of electrical safety, mechanical safety, environmental safety, and marking.

“BSLBATT – the best lithium battery solution.” 51.2V 100AH lithium battery and 51.2V 200AH power wall batteries is a lithium battery product independently developed, designed, and manufactured by the company, which is suitable for residential, community, hospital, commercial, and industrial energy storage, and other fields. Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, 51.2V 100AH lithium batteries, and 51.2V 200AH power wall batteries adopt new main prismatic LiFePO4 batteries and leading BMS technology, which has obvious advantages such as high reliability, good stability, long service life, and high safety performance. Lithium-ion batteries will become the preferred replacement for lead-acid batteries in the solar industry. Aiming at the safety issue of lithium-ion batteries, BSLBATT ensures the high safety of lithium-ion battery energy storage systems through technological innovation and safety certification.

best lithium battery for solar 10kwh lithium battery 48v
B-LFP51.2V 100AH B-LFP51.2V 200AH

Technological innovation: reliable hardware and artificial intelligence guarantee security

Reliable hardware: BSLBATT Battery uses a battery cell made of the most stable lithium-ion material, lithium iron phosphate. They will not catch fire or explode in a pinprick test. 51.2V 100AH lithium battery and 51.2V 200AH power wall batteries use battery module level fire extinguishers. In the event of overheating or thermal runaway, flames can be extinguished quickly and accurately, eliminating fire hazards within components.

AI: BSLBATT Battery adopts a three-layer battery management system (BMS) to achieve refined management. The AI intelligent algorithm predicts the internal short circuit of the battery cell and gives an early warning to protect the safety of the lithium-ion battery system. In addition, 51.2V 100AH lithium batteries and 51.2V 200AH power wall batteries support mixed use of new and old batteries, automatic group capacity detection, and autonomous management.

Safety certification: comprehensive verification from components to systems

51.2V 100AH lithium batteries and 51.2V 200AH power wall batteries have passed the safety certification of batteries, modules, and systems in accordance with IEC62619, UL1973, UN38.3, and GB standards. It is currently the household energy storage lithium-ion battery product with the most types of industry certifications and the most comprehensive tests. The UL1973 certification test evaluation further confirmed the safety and reliability of 51.2V 100AH lithium batteries and 51.2V 200AH power wall batteries.

With these features and powerful performance, 51.2V 100AH lithium battery and 51.2V 200AH power wall batteries will create greater value for customers and partners. Looking forward to the future, BSLBATT will increase investment in research and development, and jointly promote the development of the lithium-ion battery industry with customers, associations, and other industries, and help the sustainable development of clean energy.

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