Golf Cart Lithium Battery Buyer’s Guide: 15 Things You Should Know

1,068 Published by BSLBATT May 24,2024

Looking to power your golf cart efficiently and reliably? Dive into our comprehensive buyer’s guide on lithium batteries, where we unpack 15 essential factors to consider before making your purchase. From longevity and performance to cost-effectiveness and environmental impact, we’ve got you covered. Discover why lithium batteries are revolutionizing the golf cart industry and how to choose the perfect fit for your needs.

1:Why Choose Lithium Batteries Over Lead Acid Batteries

  • Lithium batteries are 5 times lighter than lead-acid batteries

  • Lithium batteries charge 5 times faster than lead-acid batteries

  • Lithium battery life is 4-5 times longer than lead-acid batteries

  • Lithium batteries are safer, more environmentally friendly and require no regular maintenance

2:Buy golf cart battery Choose the world's leading battery chip








NO.8 GREAT       NO.8 CALB  


The choice of battery brand determines the power and life of the battery. BSLbatt batteries and third-ranked EVE are strategic partners,Using the most advanced Lifepo4.

3:Lithium batteries golf carts: key factors to consider

Golf cart batteries can have a significant impact on how much you enjoy your game, so choosing the right one is crucial.

Choose 36V or 48V golf cart lithium batteries, including 100Ah lithium batteries or other golf cart lithium batteries with different specifications.

To improve your performance and durability, it is essential to understand the main factors to consider when choosing a battery.

a. Capacity

Ampere hours (Ah) are used to calculate capacity. The distance and time your golf cart can travel before charging are heavily influenced by this factor. To meet your golfing needs, you should choose a battery with the appropriate capacity.

With a 100Ah lithium battery, you have twice the capacity of a 50Ah battery, so you have more time on the course.

Consider factors such as the size of the golf course, the terrain, and how often you plan to use the cart between charges when choosing the right capacity. BSLbatt 36v 100ah lithium batteries can drive a 2-person golf cart up to 40 miles.

b. Electrical voltage

For seamless integration with your golf cart’s electrical system, you need a battery with the right voltage. Your golf cart’s components can be damaged if you choose the wrong battery voltage.

First, verify your cart’s voltage requirements and choose a battery that meets them. Ensure that your 36V lithium golf cart battery or any other voltage configuration is compatible with your golf cart.

c. The lifespan of a cycle

Cycle life measures how many times a golf cart lithium battery can be charged and discharged before its capacity drops significantly.

When you’re looking for a long-lasting battery that can power your machine for extended periods of time, this is a key factor to consider.

The good news is that lithium batteries last longer compared to traditional lead-acid batteries (all BSL golf cart batteries can provide >3500 cycles retaining 80% of capacity).

Thus, they are capable of enduring more charge cycles without reducing their holding capacity significantly. Batteries with a longer cycle life are more reliable and save you money on battery replacements.

d. Weight

The weight of the battery you choose for your golf cart can have a significant effect on its handling and range.

Traditional lead-acid batteries are heavier than you think and can negatively impact your cart’s operation and energy efficiency.

In contrast, lithium batteries are significantly lighter, which makes them the best choice if you need to improve your machine’s performance.

The mobility of shopping carts could be improved by lighter batteries. Your cart can also cover a wider area on a single charge, reducing energy consumption. Nevertheless, lighter batteries are a real plus for golf carts and golf games.

e. Upkeep

You can greatly improve your golf experience by taking maintenance lessons. You will have to check water levels, clean terminals, and prevent corrosion if your golf cart uses a traditional lead-acid battery.

Leaving such maintenance tasks unattended can easily result in shorter battery life and less efficient performance.

Lithium batteries (BSLbatt lithium, for example) require almost no maintenance. There is no need to replenish water and it is not susceptible to corrosion. As a result, you will be able to enjoy a more convenient, worry-free golf experience.

In order to choose the right golf cart battery, you need to strike a balance between the basic factors listed above.It is important to consider your specific wishes and preferences when choosing a battery.

Golf cart lithium batteries, such as 36V and 48V lithium golf cart batteries, may be a good choice if you want long-term performance, minimal maintenance, and lightweight options.

Pay close attention to the manufacturer’s specifications and product details when choosing a battery. Read user reviews and follow the advice of other golfers who have tried various lithium batteries.

4:Buy golf cart battery Consider compatibility

All BSLbatt lithium batteries are perfectly compatible with all golf cart models such as 

Club car, Ezgo, Yamaha, Icon

 Lvtong, Kandi, Evolution, Excar

 Bintelli, Atlas, Marshell, Star EV

Epic, Eagle, Ao Xiang, etc. 

5:Buy golf cart battery Budget considerations

There are different prices for golf cart lithium batteries depending on the voltage and capacity. Therefore, you should consider your budget based on your financial situation.

Lithium batteries have a higher initial cost than other batteries, but their strong performance and long life make them ideal for business and personal use. Over time, they usually have a higher purchase value.

6: Customer service and warranty

A golf cart lithium battery’s warranty coverage and customer support are also important considerations. Manufacturers who are reliable always offer comprehensive warranties on their products.

To understand the warranty scope and warranty period, read the warranty terms carefully beforehand.

Check the manufacturer’s reputation for customer service and responsiveness as well. When you encounter problems or have questions, this is crucial. Your overall satisfaction with the product can be improved by excellent customer support.

7: Safety precautions

Handling batteries safely is of utmost importance. Lithium batteries are generally safe when handled correctly, but safety precautions must still be taken.

Make sure the battery is protected against overcharging, overdischarging, and overheating.

For batteries, the BMS system developed independently by BSL provides overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, current protection, overheating protection, overcooling protection, and short circuit protection.

To avoids, follow the manufacturer’s installation and maintenance instructions. Despite the fact that lithium batteries don’t have the same problems as lead-acid batteries, it is still important to handle them carefully.

8: Impact on the environment li ion golf cart battery

Compared to other types of batteries, lithium batteries are more environmentally friendly.

Lead is not present in them, and they are recyclable. It is important to consider the environmental impact of golf cart lithium batteries before purchasing one. At the end of lithium batteries’ lifecycle, many battery suppliers offer take-back programs.

9: Golf cart lithium battery installation steps

Please be safe when replacing your golf cart battery. Wear gloves and goggles whenever you work on your golf cart’s battery or perform maintenance.

To replace the battery, all you need is a set of ratchets or wrenches. When disassembling lead-acid batteries, wear goggles and gloves (to protect against acid and corrosion), and use a battery strap if the battery is heavy. Before you begin, take photos of your setup and draw a wiring diagram to keep track of all the connections.

It is necessary to remove the old battery

Before removing the battery, wear acid-resistant work gloves.

Use a wrench to connect the positive lead of the battery pack to the positive main power connection on the golf cart’s body. After disconnecting the positive lead from the battery pack, connect the ground wire to the golf cart’s main body connection.

Disconnect the positive terminal of the first cell in the battery pack from the negative terminal of the next cell. Disconnect all golf cart battery cables in the group before moving on to the next battery.

After removing the batteries from the battery pack, place them on a level surface away from the golf cart.

The lithium golf cart battery needs to be installed

Before replacing a golf cart battery, make sure the battery box and new battery are clean.

Use the terminal protection kit’s cleaning spray and wire brush to clean any corrosion buildup on the connections. Spray the terminal protection spray included in the kit on each connector to prevent corrosion. The new battery can then be installed.

Steps in installation

a.Install the battery pack and bracket

b. Screw the battery pack into the bracket in the corresponding position.

c. Connect the corresponding power output line, input line, and communication output line as indicated

d.Connect and lock the negative poles of the charging and discharging systems

e.The positive pole of the charging system should be docked and locked

f.Connect and lock the positive electrode of the discharge

g.The charging communication cable should be docked (the charging communication connector is a GX16-4P female plug).

h.Dock display communication line (display communication line is a female GX16-6P plug)

i.Check that each connecting wire’s screw is locked; after it has been completed, it can be tested

10: Li ion golf cart battery Video steps

11: Best Ways to Extend Golf Cart Battery Life

Charge lithium batteries regularly: Lithium batteries should be charged to a moderate level. Charging when the remaining charge is close to 20-30% is recommended to avoid deep discharge.

Maintain a clean and dry environment around the battery. Batteries can be damaged by extreme temperatures or moisture.

Lithium batteries can be negatively affected by extreme cold temperatures. The battery can be removed and placed indoors if you store your golf cart in a cold environment for an extended period of time.

Inspect the battery for physical damage, such as dents or leaks. Please contact the manufacturer if you encounter any problems.

12: FAQ Troubleshooting

If you notice that your golf cart’s range suddenly decreases, it could be a sign of a battery problem. In this case, check the battery charge, connection harness, and voltage to make sure there are no issues such as low battery or loose connections. Also, if you find that the battery is overheating, stop using the golf cart lithium battery and find out the cause, as overheating can cause safety hazards and shorten battery life.

Additionally, some golf carts are equipped with battery management systems that can display warning lights or error codes. If you see one of these warning signs, check your machine and battery manuals for instructions on how to understand and resolve the warning.

Following these installation and maintenance tips can help you maximize your battery’s performance and lifespan. If your golf cart uses a 12V 100Ah lithium battery or any other type of battery, it will require proper care and maintenance to continue to serve as a reliable power source on the golf course for many years.

13: Why bslbatt is the best golf cart lithium battery manufacturer

3500@ 80% DOD    5 year/10,000 hour warranty

China EVE strategic partner A-class battery

The battery shell is made of aluminum alloy, which is fireproof, shockproof, and IP65 waterproof.

SOC square screen and round screen are available in 2 display types

BSL’s self-developed BMS active balancing effectively improves battery range and life, and provides overcharge/discharge, overcurrent, high and low temperature, and short circuit protection.

Mobile phone Bluetooth supports IOS Android APP to check voltage, power, temperature, etc. at any time

Unified electrical solution extends battery life and allows discharge at 2x rated current

80% lighter than lead-acid batteries, 20% lighter than similar lithium batteries, and powerful

Cloud platform monitors battery status in real time

Current collection uses Hall sensors to improve collection accuracy and reduce hot spots (the power cord is routed from the inner ring)
The power cord is made of tin-plated soft silicone material, with a temperature resistance of 200℃ (normal 110℃). The internal copper core will not oxidize for 10 years. The single core diameter is 0.08mm, and the overcurrent capacity is 25% higher than ordinary wires.

14: About BSlbatt, the leading golf cart lithium battery manufacturer

BSLBATT is a professional lithium-ion battery manufacturer and a global medium-sized enterprise managed by Eric Yi, headquartered in Huizhou, Guangdong, China.

BSLBATT is one of China’s leading manufacturers of lithium batteries for energy storage and industrial power applications, including R&D and OEM services.

We are deeply rooted with over 20 years of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing electrochemical devices for industrial power applications, power and energy storage to the highest quality standards (ISO/CE/UL2580/UN38.3 certified)


Eric Yi

As chief engineer for our company since 2012, he has won “Hefei gold worker” and another honorary title. A lithium iron phosphate battery with a lead type low temperature water system won the fifth award of “Excellent” technology innovation achievements in Hefei as the fifth worker. The development of ternary aluminum shells, lithium iron phosphate aluminum shells, and lithium iron phosphate plastic shells.

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