7 Reasons to Use BSLBATT Lithium-Ion Batteries in Electric Forklifts?

193 Published by BSLBATT Apr 13,2022

Why Are Lithium-Ion Batteries Best for Forklifts?

Lithium can bring you an unexpected way to save your money!

The BSLBATT Li-Ion battery can be charged temporarily without any problems, for example during breaks, without any loss of capacity or damage to the battery. After a short time, 50% of the charge level is available again. Lead-acid batteries lose part of their capacity when not in use, during opportunity charging or when charging is interrupted. The complete charging process is finished after approx. 2 hours for counterbalance trucks with a Li-ion battery. This takes considerably longer for trucks with a lead-acid battery.

High-throughput operations tend to see the biggest bang for their buck when using LIBs, but the benefits are broader than just the return on investment. As the technology behind these batteries advances, we see a broader range of companies using them.

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lithium-ion batteries in forklifts

How is it built?

What makes the BSLBATT the Superior Lithium Battery for your Motive Power needs? The answer is quality at every step. Every BSLBATT Lithium Forklift Battery is built to stringent specifications and qualifications with comprehensive checks from start to finish. The battery is designed and assembled in China., and its assembly facilities meet the stringent ISO 9001:2015 certification standards.

Who makes it and services it?

BSLBATT lithium is one of the largest developers, manufacturers, and integrators of lithium-ion batteries for forklift trucks in China. specializing in Lithium batteries for over  10 years including all brands and models of lift trucks (Class I, II, and III), Ground Support Equipment, aerial lifts, and store energy. The company sells large quantities of industrial batteries for various equipment. It successfully collaborates with several OEM market leaders. All products are supported by extensive factory support and a Forklift dealer Service network that is factory trained and meets all specialized lithium regulatory requirements.

How extensive is its battery management system(BMS)?

A BMS is essential to monitor voltage, temperature, and charge. The BSLBATT Battery has an exclusively designed BMS device that maintains complete control of the entire system and optimizes the battery for safety, runtime, and long cycle life. Our BMS is the only one in the market that has passed UL991 and UL1998 standards. To protect its critical functions, the BMS is encapsulated in a rugged, IP-65 sealed housing. Should any fault occur, it will immediately open the contactor providing added safety.

lithium-ion batteries in forklifts

How do I make sure it’s right for me?

We supply high-quality batteries for use in fits Class I, II, and III Lift trucks, Ground Support Equipment, Sweepers and Scrubbers, Automatic guided vehicles, Charger, Material handling, Industrial equipment, Mini Excavator, Golf Carts. Evaluating your current and future power needs is critical for success. Contact us today and we’ll help you make sure it’s right for your unique operational needs and answer any other questions about this exciting family of lithium batteries.

Does lithium-ion technology make sense for every customer?

While lithium-ion technology offers unique benefits, experts admit they don’t always make sense for every customer. Each battery manufacturer is different in how it determines whether the lithium-ion battery is a good fit for a specific customer.

BSLBATT Battery uses a calculation called Equivalent Battery Usage, or EBU, to determine if a Lithium battery is a right solution for a given customer. BSLBATT uses a threshold of 1.6 EBUs, meaning customers using their lead-acid batteries more than an average of 1.6 times per day is a potential fit for a lithium battery. If a customer’s EBU number falls below 1.6, however, BSLBATT will likely recommend that the customer continue using lead-acid.

“Typically, multi-shift – 2-3 shift applications – are above 1.6 EBUs,” said Vivian Chen, BSLBATT’ AMER Sales Director. “We deal with automotive, general distribution, food distribution, retail, paper industries. It’s well-rounded. It’s really any type of application that operates equipment more than 1 shift a day.”

“We do often get inquiries from customers who are interested, and many times, we do tell them that this is not the right product for them based on their operation,” said BSLBATT’s Soma Liu. “If you’re a one- or a two-shift operation, we find that the return on investment is not as great. In those cases, even if they’re still interested, we minimize the capital cost by offering a smaller battery and playing around with the battery/charger ratio such that they don’t have too many chargers. But most of the time, we look for customers who are of a 24/7 or 24/6 nature. This is where you’re really going to see the true benefit of lithium.”

lithium-ion batteries in forklifts

Looking for new Distributors and Dealers for BSL batteries?

China-based company—BSLBATT Battery – Industrial, a leader in material handling lithium batteries, is looking for Global Partners for expansion. currently, we are working with over 36 battery distributors in the global. We continue to witness growth in the forklift lithium battery replacement market.

Welcome you to be a part of our inherited innovative Industrial lithium battery products, smart-powered solutions, and cutting-edge modular technologies, and to be one of 118 dealers on our global market map member! Choose BSL is choosing the future, let’s work side by side in this industry.

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