BSLBATT Lithium is the new name: A high-performance energy storage systems tailored to your needs

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BSLBATT Lithium launches renewable energy storage solution

Economic growth and growing populations are pushing up electricity demand across the world. Governments and industry are moving away from conventional power plants toward distributed renewable energies, creating challenges for historically centralized grid systems. The BSLBATT Lithium energy storage systems are a perfect answer to this changing energy environment, enabling existing power systems to adapt to current trends.

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Whatever the capacity, the BSLBATT Lithium is a reliable storage solution for microgrids and energy systems.

It is creating a range of possibilities involving renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power – all aimed at creating sustainable power delivery systems that are ready for the future. Whether you need a fully autonomous off-grid facility or simply want to manage your power supplies more efficiently – such as engaging in peak shaving, load-shifting or grid stabilization – the BSLBATT Lithium energy storage systems is a scalable, all-in-one solution that provides reliable power anytime, anywhere.

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With the new name BSLBATT Lithium energy storage systems, we want to emphasize even more how flexible we design the large scale storage system. We have the right shoe for every foot, so to speak. This makes our solution interesting for a wide variety of applications. It stabilizes our power grid, but is also used in industrial plants to buffer peak consumption, resulting in considerable investment savings. In addition, the field of application of renewable energy, including climate-neutral electric mobility, is becoming increasingly important.

How can I benefit from integrating an ESS?

Energy storage system’s help mitigate the detrimental risks of today’s energy realities (ie. natural disasters & limited power supply). Such risks include power outages as well as the adverse effect of higher costs from utility companies. For these reasons utilizing energy storage systems for industrial, commercial, or residential applications will help you offset or eliminate the cost of energy from the grid and provide backup on-demand energy.

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Large scale storage up to 100 MWh

In addition to the first large-scale hybrid storage system built as a model and reference project directly on the BSLBATT Lithium site in Zimbabwe, further storage systems have already been built all over the world in recent months. There are no upper limits. The largest photovoltaic plant project in China to date has a storage capacity of around 100 MWh.

The fire protection concept of the BSLBATT Lithium energy storage system is unique

Thanks to the innovative rack system in the containers, the large scale storage system achieves maximum stored power in the smallest possible area. Customers are also particularly interested in the fire protection concept, which is only offered in this form by BSLBATT Lithium. The lithium batteries are secured at module level, which means that even in the event of an incident a fire is severely limited locally.

The individual customer solution of BSLBATT also includes maintenance, updates and service after the installation of the system. In addition, BSLBATT Lithium advises on questions of economy and offers tailor-made rental and purchase models.

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UNDERSTAND THE CLIENT – Identify The Problem

We recognize that there are considerable differences within each customer segment; no single solution fits every situation. The same problems can affect customer segments differently. Problems can vary between:

● Power outages

● Expensive demand charges

● Natural disasters

● Intermittent power disruptions

The BSLBATT Lithium is a key component for improving the reliability and profitability of microgrids and energy systems. It stores electricity from any distributed power source – such as gensets, wind turbines or solar panels – and delivers it when needed. The BSLBATT Lithium is available in three sizes: BS, BQ, and QS, from 40 kVA to 2,000 kVA, and from 70 kWh to 2,600 kWh.

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So whatever power and capacity you need, the BSLBATT Lithium is the perfect storage solution for your energy needs. The interiors of the containerized housings are divided into sections – some with outside air contact and some without – to keep the sensitive electrics and batteries protected from any pollution.

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BSLBATT Lithium is the new name: A high-performance energy storage systems tailored to your needs

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