Lithium-Ion Technology Poised to Change Cleaning Industry

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Lithium Batteries for Floor Machines

Cleaning industry professionals are always on new technology to make their jobs more efficient. But they can’t take a chance on unproven solutions.

That’s one reason why lithium-ion (Li-on) batteries are growing in popularity. Facility cleaning professionals and building service contractors recognize the potential role of lithium-ion battery technology in day-to-day operations. Specifically, these batteries are poised to make an immediate impact as power sources for floor cleaning machines. Read on to learn how lithium-ion batteries are changing the face of the cleaning industry.

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Probably the most well-known and obvious benefit is a significantly longer life. Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries will provide 5 – 10 times more cycles than lead-acid batteries. This means you aren’t replacing your batteries every 2-4 years. And, replacing lead-acid batteries is not a fun task; first, there is downtime to do the battery replacement, then there is the heavy lifting to remove old batteries and install new batteries. Finally, there is the disposal of the spent batteries.

Better Performance

Lithium-ion batteries mean as much as a 40 percent longer run time for cleaning equipment. That means cleaning staff can boost their productivity by not stopping to recharge equipment as often.

Increased Efficiency

When batteries do need charging, they charge up to 30 percent faster than lead-acid batteries. Plus, since these batteries can be charged as needed instead of when they’re entirely depleted, it’s easier to have batteries at the ready. And since there’s no battery maintenance as with wet batteries, staff can spend their time cleaning instead of managing equipment.


How convenient are lithium batteries? Very. No maintenance, no adding water, no cleaning acid residue from cables, connections, battery tops, and equipment. No replacements, or at least not for many years, and easy installation due to being incredibly light compared to lead-acid batteries.


Lithium iron phosphate batteries are difficult to damage. They can’t be over-charged because the Battery Management System protects against that. Unlike lead-acid batteries, if they are under-charged or left in a partial state of charge, they will not be damaged.


Lithium iron phosphate batteries are safe. Not all lithium chemistries are the same. LiFePO4 is inherently safe chemistry. They produce a fraction of the heat generated by other lithium chemistries, due to their structural stability. Not to mention, they eliminate exposure to harmful gases that are continuously vented from lead-acid batteries.

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The advantages of Lithium-Ion Batteries:

Lower Operating Costs

Long life span: 2.000 charging cycles. 5 times more than traditional AGM or gel batteries.

Partial charging: connect batteries at any time for full or partial recharge with no damage.

No memory: Li-Ion batteries do not suffer from battery degradation, which gradually decreases their performance. Experience constant productivity time after time.

Fast recharge: a special stand-alone charger, sold as optional, delivers a full charge in only 100 minutes.

Long-lasting energy: if unused, Li-Ion batteries only lose 1% of their potential energy a month. Nothing compared to 20% of some other batteries.

Zero maintenance: Li-Ion batteries are completely sealed against dust and water so they will never need a maintenance service.

Less weight: machines with lithium batteries are lighter and easier to transport.

Additional benefits include:

● Decreased sound during operation,

● No emissions as with liquid fuel,

● No reliance on fossil fuels,

● No risk of interacting with battery acid,

● Easier to train staff to operate, and

● Continuous communication between battery and machine.

For all these reasons the Floor Machines Lithium Batteries is the ideal choice for those needing a machine that is always ready to go. Even if it is used intermittently, inactive for long periods of time, or is only charged for short periods of time between uses.

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How to properly maintain lithium-ion batteries?

To preserve the life of lithium-ion batteries, it will be critical to properly maintain the batteries during every charging procedure. They are especially susceptible to heat.

Lithium-ion batteries have several components that degrade over time.

Store the batteries in low temperatures and always allow the battery to cool down after charging before using it again.


Lithium iron phosphate batteries offer great savings compared to lead-acid, between 20-50%, when you consider the total cost of ownership. Although the upfront cost of lithium is higher, the areas of saving are numerous. Reduced maintenance, battery replacement, labor, and charging costs all add up to substantial savings. The lifetime cost is less than lead-acid and we’ve done the math to prove it!

Do you have questions about BSLBATT lithium batteries for floor machines? Contact us and one of our tech experts will be in touch.

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