How To Put Out A Solar Lithium Battery Fire?

1,002 Published by BSLBATT Apr 12,2024

Demand for household solar lithium batteries is growing rapidly in Europe, Australia, South Africa and other regions. Due to multiple fires and explosions involving LG batteries, the safety of solar lithium batteries has once again attracted public attention.

Five hazards of lithium battery fire

  • Generation of toxic gases

When lithium batteries catch fire, they will release toxic gases such as fluoride, hydrofluoric acid, and hydrogen cyanide. These gases can seriously damage the human respiratory and digestive systems.

  • High temperature production

When lithium batteries burn, the external temperature can reach 800°C and the internal temperature can reach 1300°C. When high temperatures spread rapidly, nearby batteries can suffer thermal runaway.

  • Generation of strong current

Lithium battery fires may be accompanied by arcing, further increasing their destructive potential.

  • Difficulty in expansion

Due to the thermal runaway phenomenon inside the lithium battery, conventional fire extinguishing methods cannot effectively extinguish the fire, which increases the complexity and difficulty of the fire.

  • There is a risk of spontaneous combustion or explosion over time.

Even if the flame is extinguished, the short-circuit reaction inside the battery may continue, posing a long-term risk of spontaneous combustion or explosion.

off grid solar battery

How to put out solar lithium battery fires?

There are many ways to put out a solar lithium battery fire. Generally follow the following steps in daily operations:

First, cut off the power supply to prevent the battery from continuing to provide power and exacerbating the fire.

Lithium batteries generate a lot of heat when they catch fire, so use plenty of water to cool them down. For cooling, plenty of water should be used. Use a water gun or fire hose to spray water directly onto the burning lithium battery.

Lithium batteries can be cooled quickly with a water-based fire extinguisher.

Cover the fire source with sand or wet towels to cut off the oxygen supply and prevent the fire from spreading.

How does BSLBATT solve the problem of solar lithium battery fire?

LG’s battery incident woke up our engineering team. We do not want BSLBATT solar lithium batteries to cause personal injury or property damage to customers. Our team redesigned the internal components of the battery and added a fire extinguishing module – an aerosol fire extinguisher.

Once the fire extinguishing system senses an open flame, the chemical components inside the aerosol fire extinguishing agent undergo a chemical reaction to produce inert gases (such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide). The gas will dissipate rapidly within the protected area, reducing the oxygen concentration below the flammability limit, thereby extinguishing the fire and preventing its spread. It only takes a few seconds to extinguish the fire, which prevents our solar lithium batteries from burning or exploding.

With the rapid development of renewable energy and the increasing demand for solar lithium batteries, lithium battery safety will become increasingly important. The safety of consumers is the most important thing to us, so every solar lithium battery manufacturer should spend more energy on avoiding any danger.

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