Lead Acid Battery Conversion Lithium Battery: How to Replace a golf cart battery?

1,929 Published by BSLBATT Nov 24,2023

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I wonder if you are still having a headache when upgrading from a lead-acid to lithium battery installation? Here comes the real secret! The golf cart battery is one of the most important parts of the equipment that can’t be ignored, since it provides the power and keeps everything running smoothly! As the season approaches, make sure you check your batteries for lasting power. If your batteries don’t work properly, you won’t be able to go camping and participate in outdoor activities. It’s a big loss. It’s not pleasant to shut down and wait for maintenance to be completed. There will be some scenery missing from that. As you read this article, you will understand that replacing the battery is a very simple task that doesn’t require much manpower or material. Let’s see how to remove the old battery and install a new lithium battery!

Golf carts use what type of batteries?

Battery types used in golf carts include lead-acid/lithium batteries with voltages of 12V, 36V, and 48V. The voltage of your golf cart’s current system will determine whether your golf cart uses 36V or 48V systems. In the golf cart owner’s manual or on the golf cart body, you can find out what battery model your golf cart has. To create a perfect golf cart, make sure the battery capacity and voltage are correct.

The following tips are important

In order to achieve the best performance and reliability, it is recommended to replace the whole golf cart battery at the same time, rather than only replacing one or two batteries at a time, because the general golf cart battery is composed of several batteries that are used in series.

Preparation is key

When replacing a golf cart battery, remember to stay safe while doing so. Make sure to wear gloves and goggles whenever you work on your golf cart’s battery or perform maintenance.

A ratchet or wrench set is the only hardware tool needed to replace the battery. To remove a lead-acid battery safely, wear safety goggles and gloves (to prevent acid and corrosion), and use a battery carrying strap if the battery is heavy. To keep track of all the connections, it’s a good idea to take a picture and draw a wiring diagram of your setup before you begin.

The old battery should be removed

Work gloves that are acid-resistant should be worn before removing the battery.

Connect the positive lead of the battery pack to the positive main power connection on the golf cart’s body with a wrench. Connect the ground wire of the battery pack to the golf cart’s main body connection after disconnecting the positive lead.

Disconnect the positive terminal of the cell in the battery pack from the negative terminal of the subsequent cells. Proceed to the next battery and perform the same steps until all golf cart battery cables in the group are disconnected.

Place the batteries for a golf cart, one at a time, on a level surface away from the golf cart after removing them from the battery pack.

Install the new batteries-lithium golf cart battery

You should clean the battery box and the new battery before golf cart battery replacement to ensure there are no debris inside.

Clean any corrosion buildup on the connections by spraying and scrubbing them with the cleaning spray and wire brush included in the terminal protection kit. To prevent corrosion, spray each connector with the terminal protection spray included in the kit. After that, you can begin installing the new battery.

Installation Step

1 Fix the battery pack and fixing bracket

install golf cart battery 1

2 Put the battery pack in the corresponding position of the bracket and fix it with a screw.

install golf cart battery 2

3 Connect the corresponding power output line, input line and communication output line according to the mark

3.1 Connect the charging and discharging common negative pole and lock it tightly

install golf cart battery

3.2 Dock the charging positive pole and lock

install golf cart battery

3.3 Connect the positive electrode of discharge and lock

install golf cart battery

3.4 Dock the charging communication cable (the charging communication connector is GX16-4P female plug).

install golf cart battery

3.5 Dock display communication line (display communication line is GX16-6P female plug)

install golf cart battery

3.6 Check whether the screw of each connecting wire is locked; after completion, it can be tested

install golf cart battery

BSLBATT: Work together

We are a professional lithium-ion battery manufacturer with more than 20 years of R&D and OEM experience. As a result, our products comply with ISO/CE/UL1973/UN38.3/ROHS/IEC62133. A company’s mission is to develop and produce a series of “BSLBATTs” (Best Solution Lithium Batteries).

Lithium products from BSLBATT are used in a wide variety of applications, including solar solutions, microgrids, home energy storage, golf carts, RVs, marine and industrial batteries, among others. In order to continue to pave the way for a greener and more efficient energy storage future, the company provides a wide range of services and high-quality products.

The lithium iron phosphate material used in our golf cart batteries is more environmentally friendly and safer. Plug-and-play. It is not necessary to change the tray for installation, just connect the positive and negative electrodes directly. A detailed description of the steps can be found in this article. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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