Why You Should Buy Lithium Batteries From A Lithium Battery Company

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Although the first commercial lithium-ion battery was developed over three decades ago, the use of lithium iron phosphate (LFP or LiFePO4) batteries in high power applications is still relatively new. This is due in part to the fact that it took another five years for the first LFP battery model to be invented, and then another ten years for a battery management system (BMS), or hardware and firmware that is designed to protect the lithium battery cells from being damaged, to be developed for use within these batteries. Iterative improvements in the coatings and the usage of nano-scale phosphate have made LFP batteries more and more efficient over time as well. During the past several decades, top-tier lithium battery manufacturers have had to maintain, and continually improve, their knowledge of, and expertise in, the latest lithium battery innovations in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

Lithium Battery Technology

There are several reasons a company would opt to convert to lithium-ion power from their lead-acid energy source.

Increased Efficiencies: Thanks to technological advances, like BMS and opportunity charging, lithium-ion-powered equipment can help improve a facility’s efficiencies and reduce downtime due to needing to recharge battery-powered equipment.

Boosted Productivity: Operators can worry less about charging their equipment and focus more on the task at hand. Lithium-ion battery technology also empowers companies to invest in automation and robotic solutions to bypass the need for human labor.

Easier Charging & Storage Protocols: Lithium-ion batteries can be opportunity charged – and thrive on it! That means you can charge when it is convenient for you.

Lithium-ion batteries also don’t need their own charging/storage space since they don’t come with the same hazardous/environmental risks that lead-acid batteries do.

No Required Maintenance: Unlike lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries do not require tedious watering and maintenance.

Improve Operational Safety: Lithium-ion batteries improve a facility’s operational safety in several ways.

1. They do not need to be removed as often since they can be opportunity charged.

2. Lithium-ion batteries are also environmentally safer because there is less risk of overheating, exploding, or discharging hazardous and toxic fumes or liquids.

Lithium Battery Companies

So how does this factor into your decision about which company to buy your lithium batteries from? From battery chemistry to the inner workings of lithium batteries to the integration of lithium batteries in myriad applications, it takes deep knowledge, superior engineering, and highly informed customer support representatives to deliver reliable and long-lasting lithium batteries. Before making your next lithium battery purchase, it’s essential to take a close look at the company you are considering to ensure they meet these requirements so that you are able to make the most out of your energy storage investment.

“They’re both batteries, they provide energy, but a lithium battery is actually more complex than a lead-acid battery,” said Bella Chen, Director of Sales at BSLBATT. “With a lithium battery, because of the battery management system, you have to really understand how it interacts with the equipment. Coming from the lead-acid world, you don’t necessarily look at those technical requirements. So there’s a big learning curve.”


Where Should You Buy Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries?

Purchasing a lithium battery from a longtime lead-acid battery company may not be the best option if you want the highest standards in lithium technology and expert customer service. Lithium battery manufacturers like BSLBATT have honed their lithium battery expertise and specialty over the past several decades and have a proven track record to stand behind. BSLBATT has built a significant international presence with a global distribution network on most continents. Additionally, their base operations are in China. in particular are more robust than all competitors’ – with fully developed engineering, customer service, marketing, and finance teams to help achieve their customer-centric vision. BSLBATT hosts a team of experts who have a combined 180 years of battery experience and only invests in the people with the industry experience, training, and relationships to ensure its customers’ success.

Every BSLBATT Lithium Battery is built to stringent specifications and qualifications with comprehensive checks from start to finish. The battery is designed and assembled in China. and its assembly facilities meet the stringent ISO 9001:2015 certification standards. BSLBATT’s Guangdong Huizhou-based engineering team works hand-in-hand with its manufacturing facilities to ensure top-notch products that are helping to meet the global demand for interconnected energy storage technologies—from an electric forklift to off-grid power. Facilitated by the decades of in the field experience under their belt, BSLBATT’s expert engineering team has also developed the ability to support original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with integrating BSLBATT batteries into their own products, including through the creation of custom batteries.

Lithium Battery Company

Whether you are interested in increasing battery life, looking to decrease weight, or wanting a higher-performing, safer battery option for your needs, you will want to rely on a team that has cultivated an incomparable level of expertise in lithium batteries. When making the switch to lithium batteries, knowing who you’re buying from is tantamount. You can be confident that BSLBATT’s advanced technology, top-tier engineering expertise, and decades of experience in designing and manufacturing lithium batteries will enable you to find the highest-performing batteries for your project paired with the highest quality support. Learn more about BSLBATT’s lithium battery expertise and get in touch with a representative to learn more about how BSLBATT’s advanced lithium batteries can meet the needs of your project.

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