5 Key Factors To Consider When Selecting A Lithium Battery supplier

1,147 Published by BSLBATT Apr 25,2022

If you want a battery that lasts longer, packs more of a punch with less weight, and has a fast charge time, switching to lithium batteries is most likely the right move for you. However, not all Lithium Battery suppliers are created equal, particularly when it comes to battery safety, the lithium battery manufacturer company’s track record, and customer support. So how can you ensure you select the right lithium battery manufacturer in order to make the most out of your energy storage investment?

BSLBATT Lithium Battery

Here is a list of the top factors to consider when making your lithium battery selection:

● What Is The Lithium Battery’s Chemical Makeup?

● The Company Morality

● UN38.3 Certification

● The Variety Of Product Offerings

● Customer Experience

What Is The Lithium Battery’s Chemical Makeup?

Lithium battery chemistry is significant, as it directly impacts the safety and longevity of your energy storage system. The oxygen and the phosphorus atoms in LFP batteries are strongly linked by covalent bonding, unlike the weaker cobalt-oxide bond in cobalt-based lithium batteries like LCO, NMC, and NCA. This is advantageous because the phosphate-oxide bond offers enhanced stability. On the other hand, lithium cobalt-based batteries can release excessive heat and create fire hazards when they are overcharged or subjected to damage. Due to their superior chemistry and resulting in greater safety, LiFePO4 batteries are able to be installed on their side and in more space-restricted compartments. with the latter representing the safest, most environmentally benign, and longest-lasting lithium battery chemistries on the market. BSLBATT lithium battery manufacturer exclusively offers lithium batteries that utilize lithium iron phosphate chemistry for these reasons.

Lithium battery chemical structure

LFP lithium batteries: the right choice for an energy storage system

BSLBATT makes the most stringent demands on the safety and quality of all components to ensure top performance and long cycle life for our lithium batteries. We partner with the most technologically advanced, reliable manufacturers of lithium cells. We select vendors that comply with our high standards in the following three main areas of cell technology:

● Electrolyte,

● Cathode and anode materials,

● Membrane technology.

We work with cells with different chemistry, including LFP, NMC, and others, but focus mostly on LFP technology as the optimal choice for energy storage system applications.

The Lithium Battery supplier BSLBATT Company

Although the first commercial lithium-ion battery was developed over three decades ago, the use of LFP batteries in high power applications is still relatively new. As a result, top-tier lithium battery manufacturer have had to continually innovate and build their knowledge of the technology to maintain a competitive advantage. Lithium batteries contain much more sophisticated technology than lead-acid batteries, so designing, engineering, testing, and manufacturing the highest-quality lithium batteries requires highly developed technical skills and expertise.

When considering a Lithium Battery supplier, the experience of the company is tantamount. BSLBATT’s engineering and manufacturing teams have honed their lithium battery expertise, and specialty over the past several decades and have a proven track record to stand behind with distribution networks located on nearly every continent. BSLBATT has cultivated a team of experts with a combined 180 years of experience and invests exclusively in people with the necessary expertise, training, and relationships to ensure customers’ success.

The financial security and robust operations of a company are important to consider, too. With BSLBATT, customers don’t have to worry that the company won’t be around if they want to seek customer support down the road.

Lithium storage battery supplier

UN38.3 Certification

Lithium batteries must go through a rigorous testing and certification procedure to meet UN38.3 standards and be certified for transportation. However, the responsibility of certification falls on the seller, and there are many products in the market that fail to meet the UN38.3 standard. To be approved, the battery must not rupture, leak, disassemble, or catch fire through eight rounds of testing that include altitude, thermal, vibration, shock, short circuit, impact, crush, and forced discharge testing. These tests provide an extremely important safeguard for the customers, which is why BSLBATT lithium battery manufacturer invests in the certification of all products, ensuring they meet the industry’s quality and safety standards.


Variety Of Product Offerings

Having options for how much power and space you need is important to make sure you find the best lithium battery to fit your specific needs and application. Most lithium battery manufacturers offer limited options in terms of battery shape, size, and voltage due to the fact that it is often more cost-effective for them. However, BSLBATT has one of the largest LFP product offerings available – ranging from 12V to 24V to 48V batteries that power nearly every application. BSLBATT batteries also come in virtually any shape or size to enable you to find the perfectly sized lithium battery for a wide range of installation locations. Facilitated by the years in the field under their belt, BSLBATT’s expert engineering team has also developed the ability to customize batteries, enabling outside manufacturers to integrate them into their own products.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

Customer experience

Choosing a company that will work closely with you to provide expert guidance – both when you are deciding which battery to select for your specific situation as well as after you have made your purchase – is necessary when investing in lithium batteries. Being able to communicate easily with experts about this technology will ensure that you are able to get the most out of your equipment and use it hassle-free long-term.

Lithium batteries can provide you with a lighter, more powerful alternative to lead-acid batteries to help you challenge your limits by spending more time on the water and off the grid. Before you decide to make the switch, it’s important to research which brand will help you reach your goals best by taking into consideration if a company makes LFP batteries or not, the variety they offer, and the company’s expertise and customer relations reputation. These are all factors that play heavily into the successful integration of lithium batteries into your energy system.

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