The Best Lithium Deep Cycle Marine Batteries Brands for You

252 Published by BSLBATT Apr 29,2022

Why Would You Choose Lithium As a Deep Cycle Marine Battery?

For the boat or angler, it is important to keep equipment such as depth sounders, live wells, bilge pumps, GPS, and fish locators working consistently, which is why lithium deep cycle marine batteries are becoming increasingly popular.

lithium marine batteries

Unlike starter batteries, deep cycle batteries are ideal for renewable energy, electric forklifts and golf carts, as well as marine applications, as they require a constant supply of energy to electrical equipment. In the past, we have often chosen lead-acid batteries for powering equipment as they are the most affordable option, but for longer voyages lithium deep cycle batteries have become the star of the show for marine enthusiasts as they last longer, recharge faster, are lighter in weight, deliver consistently high power and have a longer cycle life. Lithium-ion deep cycle batteries are ideal for cruising sailboats, motorboats, fishing boats and campervans.

Lithium batteries have been around for a while, so there are a very large number of lithium-ion marine batteries on the market. If you are looking for a reliable power source for your marine equipment, what brands of lithium deep cycle marine batteries are worth looking at?

Relion Battery

Relion is a well-known brand of lithium batteries from the USA and has over 20 years of experience in the battery industry with a wide range of lithium batteries in 12V, 24V, 48V and more to power solar, caravans, golf carts, boats and many other applications.

lithium ion marine batteries

The Relion 12V deep cycle marine battery uses LiFePo4 battery technology, which is durable, high performance and most importantly maintenance-free, and can be used for basically any type of boat.

Super B

Super B is part of the Dutch clean energy solutions group Koolen Industries, a very young company founded in 2007, but they specialize in lithium battery technology and their range of lithium batteries can also be used to power caravans, marine and some industrial applications.

lithium marine batteries 36 volt

Super B’s lithium deep cycle marine battery solutions are also based on 12V lithium batteries with capacities of 90Ah, 105Ah, 160Ah and 210Ah, built for yachts and leisure boats. maximum comfort and security.


Established in 2012, BSLBATT is a professional Chinese lithium battery manufacturer dedicated to growing into a recognized and respected global leader in lithium batteries, both domestically and internationally, and has been designing, developing and manufacturing high-tech lithium batteries for the lithium industry and professional applications for many years.

36 Volt Lithium Marine Battery

BSLBATT has extensive experience in the field of lithium marine batteries, in addition to the common marine batteries such as 12V, 24V and 36V, they also have a lot of experience in special customized solutions, (e.g. 51.2V 202Ah Lithium Battery for Marine), all using LiFePo4 technology, which is recognized as the safest BSLBATT offers its customers a five-year warranty.

BSLBATT marine lithium battery solutions are used in the marine industry, including solutions for propulsion, indoor power, UPS and emergency backup for large commercial projects such as commercial vessels, water taxis, tugboats, and electric ferry manufacturers and large private yachts. They are suitable for all-electric propulsion and hybrid applications and are best suited for high power propulsion and critical marine UPS indoor power requirements.


Expertpower is a Los Angeles-based lithium battery supplier established in 1987, their product range focuses on LiFePo4 batteries and sealed lead-acid batteries, from small battery packs to the largest energy storage systems, Expertpower design, manufacture, service and support provide superior solutions.

lithium pro marine batteries

Their range of 12V lithium batteries range from the smallest 5A to the largest 200Ah, offering a relatively low capacity but with an excellent C-rate, this battery has an installed capacity of 20 Ah and can provide a steady discharge current of 30 Amps, making it one of the brands to consider when choosing a deep cycle marine battery.

ECI Power

ECI Power is one of the more popular Amazon battery brands, and since 1987 their engineering and aftermarket teams have supported the brand’s batteries across North America and beyond, advertising themselves as the battery brand for everyone, offering affordable battery prices.

best lithium marine batteries

The ECI Power 12V lithium deep cycle marine battery is guaranteed to meet at least 2000 cycles at 80% DOD, provide high-performance life, up to 5000 cycles at 50% DOD, and comes with a one-year battery warranty.


Dakota lithium, as the name suggests, is a manufacturer of lithium batteries in Dakota, USA. They believe that the quality of a lithium battery is measured by its lifespan, and how long it lasts. That’s why Dakota Lithium specializes in making batteries that will last a very long time.

lithium ion marine batteries for sale

The Dakota lithium deep cycle marine battery range is also comprehensive and includes 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V, which can be used in a wide range of marine applications and uses LiFePO4 battery technology to operate at temperatures of -40° and most importantly, they can offer customers up to 11 years of quality warranty.


LithiumHub was founded in 2018 as the creator of the Ionic lithium battery brand. They specialize in batteries, not only for boats and caravans, but their LiFePO4 lithium batteries have transformed scooters, solar installations, boats, caravans, commercial applications and more.

lithium marine batteries 12 volt

LithiumHub lithium deep cycle marine batteries are available in 12V series, 24V series and 36V series and can also offer customers an amazing 11-year warranty. deep cycle marine batteries are made from trusted materials and are robust and highly corrosion resistant. The deep cycle marine batteries are made from reliable materials, are robust and have high corrosion resistance.


Chins is from Canada and have a factory, specializing in lithium iron phosphate and lithium-ion batteries, ideal for caravans, caravans, solar, marine, home storage and off-grid.

marine batteries lithium

Chins deep cycle marine batteries are available in both 12V and 24V ranges, both of which are suitable for a wide range of applications including marine, and Chins 12V 50Ah offers a very high-quality lithium-ion battery at a competitive price. The built-in BMS protects your equipment from over-discharge and helps to maintain a stable output voltage. In addition, it can be connected in parallel with up to 3 other batteries, which means you can easily adjust the voltage by adding or subtracting batteries to the pack.

Battle Born

Battle Born started in 2013 to bring to market efficient, stable and powerful lithium-ion batteries using top-of-the-range lithium iron phosphate batteries, now powering boats, caravans and off-grid living worldwide. battle born provides sustainable, safe, high-performance battery storage solutions for caravans, boats, off-grid living and other applications through OEM.

lithium marine deep cycle batteries

Battle Born lithium deep cycle marine batteries create solutions for sailboats, trolling boat motors, electric yacht motors, kayaks, boathouses and powerboats. liFePo4 batteries charge much faster than lead-acid batteries and can be used more efficiently to meet customers’ fishing needs.

Victron Energy

Victron Energy is a Dutch company that specializes in the design and manufacture of products for battery-based energy systems. They are another major player in the world market for portable power supplies, including marine power supplies, off-grid power supplies and backup power supplies, offering chargers, inverters, solar panel controllers and a wide range of batteries.

lithium marine deep cycle batteries

Victron’s lithium deep cycle marine batteries include a 12V and 24V range with four large internal prismatic cells with active continuous balancing. The batteries are assembled in China or Eastern Europe, but the company carries out its own in-house testing. Victron has 20 years of experience in designing marine electrical systems and is capable of providing high-quality electrical design solutions to the latest standards.

Is It Worth Choosing Lithium As Your Deep Cycle Marine Battery?

Although lithium batteries are more expensive than lead-acid and other types of batteries, they can achieve a cycle life of 4,000-6,000 cycles at 80% DOD compared to 500-1,000 cycles for lead-acid batteries, so they are cheaper to use in the long run.

Most importantly, Li-ion batteries can be charged quickly for more efficient use. You shouldn’t want to miss the best time at sea because you have to charge the batteries, and Li-ion batteries require no maintenance during use, whereas lead-acid batteries require regular acid top-ups, which can also be harmful to the environment and humans if the acid leaks.

marine lithium battery

So in terms of both price and efficiency, lithium deep cycle marine batteries are the best choice and are definitely worth the investment.

Buying a Deep Cycle Lithium Battery for Your Marine?

BSLBATT has been in the lithium battery manufacturing business for many years. We have developed the most reliable lithium deep cycle marine batteries available in 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V depending on the requirements you have for your boat’s motor. If you are in the process of choosing the right lithium deep cycle battery solution for your marine, contact our professionals for the most affordable and best solution.

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