Why Boaters Are Choosing Lithium for Their Trolling Motor Batteries

1,721 Published by BSLBATT Oct 27,2021

As a professional angler, you value your time on the water and you want to make it last as long as possible. Bass boats require reliable trolling motor batteries for both starting your boat and powering your fishing machine. More importantly, you need to be able to recharge your trolling motor battery in a short period of time and ensure it lasts for the entire journey. In other words, you need shorter charge times and more useable capacity to help you keep chasing that big fish.

marine lithium battery

Let’s take a look at the benefits of Lithium Trolling Motor Batteries and answer some frequently asked questions.

Why Boaters Are Choosing the best lithium trolling motor batteries?

Size & Weight Reduction

Like many anglers were using lead-acid AGM batteries, which took much longer to recharge and never lasted as long as the BSLBATT client’s batteries, which had already upgraded to lithium. The lead-acid batteries were also quite heavy, weighed down the boat, and just didn’t have the same power as lithium batteries. BSLBATT lithium trolling motor batteries deliver higher peak and continuous discharge currents than ordinary lithium-iron-phosphate batteries of the same size, giving you class-leading power in a compact form factor. Cutting-edge engineering from the undisputed leader in boating produces a top-tier BSLBATT marine battery that weighs up to 50% less than imitators’ models, for greater fuel efficiency, faster speeds, and better draft, all with no water maintenance. Power regulation delivers full power over the full discharge—no more puttering along as the battery slowly fades. Our BSLBATT Lithium Battery adds a faster charge rate and slower dormant discharge rate, with the safest, most cost-effective form of lithium technology on the market. Combining all of these features makes lithium batteries an excellent choice for boating applications.

36 Volt Lithium Marine Battery

Increased Number of Charge-Discharge Cycles

Deep-cycle lead-acid marine batteries generally last between 500-1,000 charge-discharge cycles. Alternatively, the lifecycle of a lithium marine battery is usually between 3,000-5,000 cycles.

Additionally, the lifespan of a lead-acid battery is dependent on how well you maintain the battery. Lithium-ion batteries require almost no maintenance at all to optimize their performance and lifespan.

Increased Power Storage

Draining a lead-acid battery below 50% of its capacity causes damage and shortens the battery’s life. Conversely, most lithium battery manufacturers rate their batteries to allow 80% depth of discharge. The batteries we manufacture can be 100% discharged without causing damage.

The increased power storage is one of the best benefits of lithium batteries. Since you usually get almost double the capacity, you may only need half the batteries. Half the number of batteries, when each battery weighs half of what a lead-acid battery weighs, results in almost a four-times reduction in weight!

Cheaper Long-Term

The upfront cost of purchasing a lithium marine battery is significantly higher than buying a lead-acid battery. However, lithium batteries often last at least five times as long as their lead-acid counterparts.

Their longer lifespan combined with their increased efficiency makes lithium-ion marine batteries cheaper in the long term. Plus, remember that you may only need half as many lithium batteries as you had lead-acid batteries.

BSLBATT Lithium Battery

Is It Easy to Make the Switch to a Lithium Marine Battery?

Many lithium batteries are drop-in replacements, meaning that they’re designed to fit like a typical lead-acid battery in your battery bank. However, it’s not always plug-and-play. You may need additional components to complete your installation.

Depending on your use and application, you may need to upgrade your inverter and battery charger to maximize performance. Additionally, lithium batteries don’t have any warning signs they’re about to die, so you may also need to add a battery monitor as well.

Most of these changes are relatively straightforward; however, errors in electrical systems can be dangerous. If you are not confident in your ability to make the switch to lithium trolling motor batteries on your own, please get in touch with a professional.

How Long Do Lithium Trolling Motor Batteries Last?

Lithium Trolling Motor Batteries will typically last 3,000-5,000 charge cycles. This usually translates to lithium batteries lasting ten years or longer.

In fact, here at BSLBATT Lithium, we offer 5-year warranties on our lithium batteries. Conversely, most lead-acid manufacturers offer warranties between one and five years.

Are Lithium Batteries Safe on Boats?

Yes, lithium batteries are safe for marine and boat applications. Lithium batteries are sealed, which means that moisture and even a bit of water splashing on them will not cause harm.

Additionally, most lithium batteries have an internal battery management system (BMS). The BMS will detect unsafe conditions and shut down the battery to prevent damage or thermal runaway.

lithium marine batteries

How Expensive Are lithium trolling motor batteries?

For the battery of 100 Ah capacity, the cost of a lithium Marine battery is usually about $300 in our factory. The upfront cost is significantly more than the lead-acid counterparts available, but the overall long-term cost is lower.

Is Upgrading Your Marine Battery to Lithium Worth It?

We’ve said it a few times: lithium-ion batteries are quite a bit more expensive than their lead-acid counterparts. However, for the added cost, you enjoy the benefits of significant weight reduction, increased efficiency, added safety, and a much longer lifespan.

When you factor everything in, not only are lithium trolling motor batteries actually cheaper in the long run, they’re absolutely worth the investment.

Fishing longer, no matter what the weather

We have developed a new LT lithium battery series, which is designed for cold weather conditions. The LT series can be recharged in temperatures as cold as -35°C or -31°F and discharge at low as -20°C or 68°F. This allows you to fish year-round even in extremely cold weather. Sailers can face harsh sailing conditions that can affect equipment, making durability crucial. BSLBATT deep cycle lithium marine batteries offer reliable power for your fishing journey, designed with high corrosion resistance and longer run times. Having reliable deep cycle power is crucial to meet your power needs while on the water. Lithium trolling motor batteries are the ideal energy storage solution.


Buying lithium batteries for trolling motor?

BSLBATT has been in the lithium battery manufacturing business for years. We have developed the most reliable lithium trolling motor batteries available. Depending on your trolling motor requirements, our batteries are offered in 12V, 24V 36V, and 48V. BSLBATT LifePO4 batteries are also exported worldwide for marine applications. Let’s get in touch and our battery experts will help you find the best lithium battery solution for your aquatic journey.

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