Lithium ion battery for RV motorhome house system

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A whole series of lithium batteries for the replacement of service batteries. Adopt lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) in your vehicle and improve drastically the performance and there fore the lifetime of your service battery!

Wisdom Power® website offers lithium batteries product with :
High level of safety.
Can replace lead acid battery with same size and 1/2 weight.
High life time.
A lithium ion battery for every Camper Van or Motorhome.

Lithium ion Batteries Rving manufacturer

Are you designing a wonderful trip to several destinations on your motorhome? select the battery that matches your wants. check our LiFePO4 Batteries for Camper Vans!

Understand the meaning of lithium ion Batteries for Camper Vans and motorhomes
For direct replacement of lead batteries :
LiFePO4 battery is especially appropriate for camper vans and motorhomes. With a light-weight of roughly 15kg for the Wisdom Power® 12V 100Ah battery, the weight-to-power and weight-to-capacity ratio reach a peak.
With this battery, weight gain is 28kg compared to a lead battery with equivalent capability.
You will not solely gain in weight level however conjointly in volume, power and keep energy! So, Wisdom Power® 12V lithium ion batteries is recharged in but two hours after full discharge. It accepts a high charge current. With the alternator of your vehicle, charging the LiFePO4 battery can perform better and quicker.

Lithium ion Batteries manufacturer

For a long service life !

Our LiFePO4 batteries are designed to at least more than 10 years. This estimate according to the number of charge and discharge cycles (2000 to 5000), as lead-acid accumulator service life is around  two to three years (500 to 600 cycles).
Our lithium ion batteries deliver outstanding performance! It means, more than 95%! As for the lead battery, the yield is merely 70%.
Better to understand this figure, we try to recall that the efficiency is the ratio between the energy that the battery delivers in discharge and the energy it takes when charge. This improved yield provides a one year increase in autonomy for the  lithium ion  battery. In fact, the upper the efficiency, the lower the energy loss!
Very easy installation! The lithium ion battery is  installed insteading a lead-acid accumulator. No other changes or adpatations are to be created to install lithium ion Batteries for Camper Vans.
Because we are caring about your safety, the LiFePO4 batteries we provide are designed with materials that are neither dangerous nor toxic! Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are environmentally friendly! There's no gas release during charging or discharging. In contrast to polluting lead-acid batteries that cause serious health issues, LiFePO4  batteries are harmless.

Did you realize ?

A waste lead acid battery pollutes 1m³ of earth for more than hundreds years. The flow of acid batteries results in pollution of soil and water…
You can check more World Health Organization articles on lead poisoning.

Lithium ion Batteries factory

Do you know how to avoid the danger of explosion and fire?

Our Wisdom Power® lithium ion batteries are absolutely secure because of their integrated electronic management system (BMS – Battery Management System). They're not flammable! The BMS permits you to monitor the status of the varied elements of the battery, such as :
Cell voltage.
Cell temperature.
Real-time cell balancing for optimized service life.
Overcurrent  when charge or discharge.
More data about BMS systems.
Rest assured! All LiFePO4 Batteries for Camper Vans or motorhomes are equipped with the integrated BMS system. they're much more reliable, safe, and supply a longer lifespan!

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