How to Choose a Small Portable Generator for Your Camping Adventures

17 Published by admin May 07,2019

portable 12v power supply

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How to Choose a Small Portable Generator for Your Camping Adventures
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Camping Generator / BSLBATT®Camping is a great way to go out and enjoy nature, whether you’re in the woods or mountains. Camping satisfies the need to be outdoor that everyone has and being one with the world can be an unreal experience.
You’re still able to enjoy modern comforts when you go camping, and it doesn’t take away from your camping experience. The only thing that you need to do is figure out how you’re going to get electricity out where you’re camping.

If you’re going to be staying on a camping trip for a few days, then you will eventually need to recharge your phone, laptop, and camera at some point during the trip. Lights can also be required if you want to stay up during the night, specifically if you want to play games or read.

In this article, we’re going to give you some tips on how to have a Portable Power Supply source for your camping and recreational needs.

Generator (Gas)
One of the first thoughts that you have, when you hear the think about Portable Power Supply sources, are gas generators. While they are an extremely convenient way to supply electricity, they are also very loud. Plus, they release fumes while they’re running, which can get in the way of enjoying the fresh outdoor air.

Another thing to note is that most campsites don’t allow gas generators. Therefore, we recommend that you go with an alternative source of electricity when you’re going camping unless you’re able to go camping when nobody else is around you and gas generators are allowed.

Gasoline generators can be a costly option because you have to buy the machine and then purchase gas to go into it. This can become incredibly expensive when you consider how much gas you’ll need to run the generator.

Thermoelectric Generator
Thermoelectric generators turn temperature differences into electricity, but they are more expensive and less efficient than gas generators. However, they are superior in other ways.

The best thing about a thermoelectric generator is that you can use it outdoors by building a fire and using the coals as a heat source.

Using a thermo electric generator for camping works in a very specific way: the generator collects energy that is created from a temperature difference, for instance, the change of temperature from a fire, and uses that to produce electricity.

The downside to this type of power is that thermoelectric generators are expensive, more so than gas generators.

There are some models of thermoelectric generators that can create about 15 watts of power and some that can store electricity for later use with a detachable battery. Finally, there is another version of this generator that is designed to look and work like a stove that you can use to cook meals along with producing electricity.

portable battery packportable power pack

Car Battery (portable 12v power supply)
There is an option to access electricity on a camping trip by plugging a power inverter into the cigarette lighter plug-in and use the car’s battery to charge devices. This works for charging phones and maybe a couple of small appliances. However, you can’t use this type of electricity for very long, or you risk not being able to start your car later.

You do have an option of using a 12-volt battery, similar to what your car uses, for electricity needs where you purchase a power source that is similar to a portable 12-volt battery. These come with outlets and converters, and they have panels to reflect how much charge is let. Some of these battery packs can be utilized to jump start your car’s battery in an emergency situation.

portable 12v power supply batteries cost a couple of hundred dollars and are heavy (about 30 pounds). So, it’s not ideal if you’re going to be on the go.

portable 12v power supply

portable 12v power supply Batteries
This is similar to using the battery in your car, but they are much more portable and can often fit into a small bag. Portable Power Supply batteries are perfect for charging only a couple of small electronics, but they can keep tablets, phones, and cameras working for a couple of days.

Both the more powerful compact and the basic model Portable Power Supply batteries include standard 120-volt outlets and USB ports. The power output of portable batteries is measured by amp hours, and about 27 amp hours can give you enough electricity to keep small electronics charged for several days.

You can find Portable Power Supply battery packs that offer a high voltage; you just need to look for them. However, these are a cheap way to gain portable energy for your camping trip.

portable 12v power supply batteries
portable 12v power supply battery is able to provide an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) for all types of electrical equipment.

These auxiliary batteries can be used on constructio

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