Top 15 Lithium Battery Manufacturers made in China

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BSLBATT Lithium battery manufacturer

1. Sanyo (high-energy lithium-ion battery + high-power lithium-ion battery) Sanyo (Japan’s Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.) is currently the world’s largest lithium battery manufacturer, the company currently mainly produces high-energy batteries, widely used in mobile phones, notebooks On consumer electronics such as computers, monthly shipments totaled approximately 6.5 million knots. In 2000, Sanyo invested USD 89 million (with a registered capital of USD 30 million) in Beijing to establish Sanyo Energy (Beijing) Co., Ltd., which mainly manufactures lithium-ion batteries and has monthly shipments of approximately 70 million knots. Sanyo plans to invest 125 billion yen (about 1.2 billion U.S. dollars) in 2009 to expand lithium battery production capacity to 90 million kilobytes/month.

2. Sony (high-energy lithium-ion battery + high-power lithium-ion battery) SONY (Japan’s Sony Corp.) is the leader in the lithium-ion battery industry, currently its lithium-ion battery capacity ranked second in the world, the company also produces high-energy batteries And high-power batteries, which high-energy battery monthly shipments of about 40 million. On September 7, 2000, Sony Corporation invested 23 million U.S. dollars (registered capital of approximately 10 million U.S. dollars) in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province to establish the “Sony Electronics (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.”, a manufacturer of polymer lithium ion rechargeable batteries, which is suitable for mobile production. Polymer lithium-ion rechargeable batteries used in mobile terminals such as telephones. Sony plans to start investing 40 billion yen (about 400 million U.S. dollars) from 2008 and continue investing to expand its lithium battery production capacity to 74 million knots/month after the end of the first period in 2010.

3. MBI (High Energy Lithium Ion Battery + High Power Lithium Ion Battery) MBI (Matsushita Battery Industrial Co., Ltd.) is a lithium battery manufacturer subordinate to Matsushita Corporation of Japan. It was founded in 1923 and began producing lithium ion batteries in 1994. , the world’s third largest Lithium battery manufacturer, the company’s current battery shipments are about 25 million / month, the company plans to start from the end of 2008 invested 123 billion yen (about 1.2 billion US dollars) in two phases to build two A new factory, while renovating the existing plant, will eventually increase production capacity to 75 million knots/month.

4. Maxell (high-energy battery) Maxell (Mexico Japan Co., Ltd.) was established in 1960, is the first company in Japan to research and develop the production of alkaline batteries, floppy disks and other products. Currently it is the fourth largest Lithium battery manufacturer in the world with shipments of approximately 17 million knots/month. The company established Wuxi Hitachi Maxell Co., Ltd. in China. The registered capital is 40 million US dollars and the total investment is 97.5 million US dollars. The first phase of investment in the development, production, sales of mercury-free alkaline manganese batteries, the second phase of investment in the development, production and sale of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

5. SGS (High Energy Battery) GS Yuasa (Japan GS Yuasa) is a joint venture between Japan Storage Battery Co., Ltd (Japan Battery Co., Ltd.) and Yuasa Corporation (Japan Yuasa Corporation). SGS has 81 subsidiaries and 41 joint ventures globally. The company mainly produces various types of batteries, power supply systems, lighting equipment. The company’s lithium battery monthly shipments of about 500,000.

6. NEC (High Energy Battery) Established in 1899, NEC (Japan Electric Co., Ltd.) is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and is one of the top 500 companies in the world. It is mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of communications network systems and equipment, computer software and hardware, services, integrated circuits, and electronic components, and has a product range of more than 15,000. NEC is also one of the earliest companies to develop and utilize lithium-ion batteries in the world. At present, the company’s lithium-ion battery shipments are approximately 480,000 knots/month.

7. SDI (high-energy lithium-ion battery + high-power lithium-ion battery) SDI (Samsung SDI, South Korea’s Samsung SDI company) is one of the subsidiaries of South Korea’s Samsung Group, mainly engaged in the production of displays and lithium-ion batteries, the current lithium-ion battery month Shipments are about 5.3 million knots. SDI has six companies in the country, among which Dongguan Samsung Vision Co., Ltd. (Samsung SDI Dongguan) was established in December 1997 and specializes in the production of multiple models of liquid crystal display (LCD) and lithium-ion batteries.

8. LGC (High Energy Lithium Ion Battery + High Power Lithium Ion Battery) LGC is a subsidiary company of Korean LG Group. Korea LG Group was founded in 1947 and is mainly engaged in the production of electronic, chemical and communication products. There are more than 130 in the world. Subsidiaries. At present, the company’s lithium-ion battery shipments are about 3 million knots/month.

9. LGC (High Energy Lithium Ion Battery + High Power Lithium Ion Battery) LGC is a subsidiary company of Korean LG Group. Korea LG Group was founded in 1947 and is mainly engaged in the production of electronic, chemical and communication products. There are more than 130 in the world. Subsidiaries. At present, the company’s lithium-ion battery shipments are about 3 million knots/month.

10. Lishen (high-energy battery) Lishen Tianjin Lishen Battery Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production, and operation of lithium-ion battery technology with core technologies with independent intellectual property rights. The company is located in Huayuan Industrial Zone, Tianjin New Technology Industrial Park, covering an area of ​​85,000 square meters. It was established on December 25, 1997, with a registered capital of RMB 850 million and total assets of RMB 2.8 billion. At present, the company has an annual production capacity of 250 million batteries.

11. ATL (High Energy Battery) ATL Amperex Technology Limited develops and produces batteries for high-energy lithium-ion batteries suitable for OEM customers. In 2005, TDK Corporation, a well-known Japanese electronics company, spent about 100 million yuan. The dollar completed its acquisition of ATL. ATL currently has two wholly-owned companies in Dongguan: Dongguan New Energy Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and Dongguan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

12. BAK (High Energy Battery) BAK Shenzhen BAK Battery Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise established in 2001. The US listed company has a registered capital of USD 82.6 million and is mainly engaged in the production of high-energy lithium-ion batteries. In the near future, BAK will become one of the largest Lithium battery manufacturers in the world, with BAK Co., Ltd. producing 1 million Li-ion battery cells per day (it is said that this number is not reliable).

13. E-one (high-power lithium-ion battery) E-one Moli (Taiwan Energy Technology Co., Ltd.), Moli Energy was founded in 1977 is the world’s first lithium battery production plant, located in In the suburbs of Vancouver, Canada, the R&D team is strong. It holds many key patents in the field of battery technology and has obtained registered trademarks in 33 countries around the world. In 1990, Moli joined the NEC Group in Japan, and in 1994 it began to mass-produce lithium-ion batteries for sale in the following year. It has four round lithium-ion battery production lines and more than 300 employees, with a monthly production capacity of 1.8 million. The main production and supply of high-energy lithium-ion batteries and high-power lithium-ion batteries.

14. A123 (High Power Li-Ion Battery) A123 Systems was founded in 2001 by MIT, Motorola, General Electric and other investors. It is a high-tech company that researches, manufactures, and markets next-generation lithium-ion batteries. Its headquarters and R&D center is located in Water Town, Massachusetts, USA. It has manufacturing facilities in the United States, China (including Taiwan), and South Korea. The current annual output has exceeded 5 million lithium-ion batteries for power tools and remote communications. Customers include Black&Deker, Motorola, Google, GE and others. The company is building Changzhou Energy Battery Assembly Plant in Changzhou to produce lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. Current customers include GM, BMW, Volvo and others. American A123 Systems has established two subsidiaries in Changzhou. Changzhou Gaobo Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Changzhou Gaobo Energy Materials Co., Ltd. have established Zhenjiang Gaobo Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in Zhenjiang.

15. BSLBATT® is one of the lithium companies in China,as professional Lithium battery manufacturer, including R&D And OEM service over 15 years, our products are qualified with ISO/CE/UL/UN38.3/ROHS standard.

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