Battery Manufacturers: Checklist of 19 Best Factories with Pro Store Tips

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Around the world, Battery manufacturing companies are providing power solutions and backup power systems to industries and also to power up consumer electronics. Batteries are used to power machines for production, laptops, automobiles, drones, mobile phones, and even the Mars rover and other various robots.

The global battery market is growing constantly and competition is expected to intensify because of the introduction of new and advanced technologies and higher investments in the global market. The need for energy efficient technology is on the rise and the Battery manufacturers are innovating and enhancing technology to stay and meet the demand in the market.

Read further to find out the types of battery manufacturers in the market and also check the list of 18 best battery manufacturing factories worldwide mainly from US, China, India, Japan, UK and Europe. Pro tips for storing batteries safely are also explained below, so without further ado:

Types of Battery Manufacturers:

Batteries are used in consumer electronics, transportation, transmission grid applications and also electric utility distribution. Battery factories produce batteries for different purposes. Types of batteries are basically divided into two and they are Lithium Ion and Non-Lithium Ion Batteries. Read further to find out the difference between the two types of batteries:

Battery Manufacturers

1. Lithium-Ion Batteries:

Lithium Ion batteries are also called Li-ion batteries and they are manufactured for consumer and industrial purposes. Its main ingredient is lithium cobalt oxide as it produces high energy density. It should be handled with the utmost care because it can be dangerous if damaged. Battery factories focus on innovating Li-ion batteries include energy density, maximizing safety, battery life extension, charging speed and reduction of cost.

In simple words, it is a rechargeable battery that is manufactured for use in hybrid and electric automobiles, mobile phones and in many other consumer and industrial equipment. Its manufacturers are primarily located in China and Japan, and most of these battery factories are partnered with automobile manufacturers to have a steady supply of Li-ion batteries for use in vehicles.

2. Non-Lithium Ion Batteries

Non-lithium Ion batteries are less dangerous as compared to Li-ion batteries. The weakness of Li-ion technology batteries is overcome by non-li-ion batteries and manufacturers are capitalizing on that. They are typically sodium sulfur, advanced lead-acid, zinc-based and flow batteries. Battery Factories of non-li-ion batteries are startups and also large established companies.

Battery Manufacturers in China:

1. BYD:

BYD produces lithium-ion batteries which includes lithium-ion cells, lithium-ion battery packs and also li-polymer batteries. It was established in 1995 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. BYD announced in 2018, its plan to quadruple its manufacturing capacity before 2020. The clients of BYD include top consumer electronics brands such as Samsung, LG, Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE, and TCL.

2. CATL:

CATL produces lithium-ion EV batteries for hybrid and electric automobiles. It was founded in 2011 in China. The company announced a plan to expand its manufacturing output in 2018. By 2020, they plan to increase their manufacturing output to 50 GWh.

3. Shenzhen BAK Technology

Shenzhen BAK Technology Co. Ltd is a well-known battery manufacturer in China, mostly known for its lithium-ion, Li-polymer, and lifepo4 batteries. They manufacture and export various types of rechargeable batteries. Around 75% of their products are exported globally while the rest of the 25% is sold within China.


As battery technology experts since 2003, we’re passionate about advanced energy storage, innovation and quality.

The only thing we’re more passionate about is serving our customers in the best possible way!

BSLBATT® develops and produces advanced Lithium Batteries for Marine, Automotive, Motorcycle, UPS, solar systems, RV, electric forklifts and sweeper,Recreation and Industrial applications. We know these applications well and we develop tailored battery solutions for each market.

Wisdom Power develops and produces advanced series “BSLBATT” (Best Solution Lithium Battery). Deep Cycle Lithium Battery offers state of the art technology Lithium Iron Phosphate-the safest and most robust lithium chemistry.
● The delicate process of assembling a lithium battery’s internal components takes precision, accuracy and efficient methods.

● Our manufacturing excellence helps us deliver best-quality battery products and exceptional value while innovating ever-better products and the next generation of stored energy solutions for our customers.

● Lithium battery has an integrated BMS (Battery Management System) and are designed for starting, motive power or deep cycle applications and can be connected in series or in parallel. The BMS maximizes the performance of the battery by automatically balancing the cells and protecting them from being over charged or over discharged. Our lithium battery will provide you with 100% depth of discharge for over 2000 cycles. After 2000 cycles, the battery will still have at least 70% of its rated capacity.

● Our Quality Standard: Every battery we make undergoes extensive assurance checks to confirm every single component functions at peak performance. We’re proud to say our factory is ISO 9001:2015 certified, our lithium batteries are UN38.3 certified, and our passion for perfection ensures we complete every order above world class standards.

● The “BSLBATT” is perfect for Solar, Telecom, Wind, Electric Vehicle, Marine RV and any other deep cycle applications.

BSLBATT Battery Manufacturers

Features Overview:

● The cycle times is much longer than lead acid battery, it can be reached 2000 cycles for 100% DOD.

● This battery can be customized acccording to customer’s requirement.

● The capacity can be reached much more than lead acid battery based on same dimension.

● Their weight is only about 1/2 of lead acid battery.

● It can replace for lead acid battery with same size.

● 24/7 customer service

Battery Manufacturers in the US:

Here are some of the top battery factories based in the US:

1. Johnson Controls:

Johnson Controls was founded in 1885 with the aim to make the future more secure, more productive and sustainable through its efficient energy solutions, integrated infrastructure, and next-generation transportation system that work flawlessly in smart cities. They promise to deliver innovation to make people’s lives better and the world too. They are a multi-industrial leader in global diversified technology with a wide customer base in more than 150 countries.

2. Exide Technologies:

Exide Technologies is a battery manufacturing company based in the US. Its headquarter is located in Milton, Georgia. They manufacture lead-acid batteries, for automotive as well as industrial purposes. Exide focuses on recycling and environmentally sustainable products.

3. F.W. Webb Company:

F.W. Webb Company has been manufacturing Li-ion batteries and alkaline batteries since 1886. It is based in America and other than offering batteries, it also offers plumbing, HVAC, gas equipment, valve fitting, measurement, electrical, tools, hardware, water system, pump, and circulation products.

Battery Manufacturers in Japan:

The following battery manufacturing companies are the best in Japan:

1. Panasonic:

Panasonic is one of the top electronic vehicle battery supplier in the world. It was founded in Japan in the year 1918. It offers lithium-ion batteries and has partnered with Tesla to provide high-quality EV batteries.

2. AESC:

AESC was established as a joint venture between NEC Corporation, Nissan Motor Company, and NEC Tokin in 2007. Initially, it was established to manufacture forklift trucks and, electric and hybrid automobiles but in 2014, AESC emerged as the second largest EV battery supplier in the world.

3. Toshiba:

Toshiba has been constantly improving its lithium-ion battery technology by making a huge investment in its R&D department. The company is engaged in manufacturing and selling of lithium-ion batteries for automotive and telecommunication sectors. They also manufacture and sell electronic and electrical products worldwide. 

Battery Manufacturers in the UK:

Following are the top battery manufacturers in the UK:

1. SEC Industrial Battery Company:

SEC Industrial Battery Company is based in the United Kingdom and has been working for more than 40 years in the battery manufacturing industry. The Solar Energy Center was founded by Brian Harper with the aim to make batteries for the renewables sector. SEC is a leading battery manufacturer in the renewable energy, solar sector, telecom industry, marine, industrial standby and also UPS markets.

2. D.B.Wilson Jr. & Co Ltd.:

D.B. Wilson Jr. and Co. Ltd. was founded in 1946 by a family based in Scotland, UK. They are engaged in manufacturing heavy duty lead acid batteries for most starter applications. These include generator sets, marine, and automotive. They also produce batteries for use in renewable energy storage systems.

3. AGM Batteries:  

AGM Batteries manufactures lithium battery cells, rechargeable, and non-rechargeable.  It is based in Scotland, UK and was established in 1997. Since then, it is a recognized brand producing high-quality lithium-ion batteries. 

Battery Manufacturers in EU (Like Italy, German)

Below are some battery factories based in Europe:


VARTA is a battery manufacturing company based in Germany. They produce batteries automotive, industrial and consumer markets globally. VARTA AG’s strategic goal is to become a leading global battery manufacturer and supplier in the renewable energy sources market segment that is booming in the 21st century.

2. Saft Groupe S.A.

SAFT has been producing batteries for baggage carts that were used by railways and for the lightning of the locomotives since 1913. Saft’s longer-lasting batteries and systems have provided crucial safety applications, back-up power, and propulsion for its customers. Their innovative, safe and reliable technology delivers high performance in the area, at sea, within the air, and toward land.

3. Faam

FAAM has been addressing the challenges of the market with a spirit of initiative and dedication for over forty years. Bringing on initiative, ability and strategic vision, FAAM focuses on the planning and experimentation of ever-new technologies. Firmly convinced that energy potency is the key to making worth for the coming days.

Battery Manufacturers in India:

Following are the best battery manufacturers in India:

1. Exide Industries Ltd

Exide’s journey as electric battery big dates back to the Eighteen Eighties when the car battery was in its infancy. For quite six decades, Exide has been one in all India’s most reliable brands, enjoying incomparable name and recall. Exide is quite a whole to countless folks in India. It is a promise for a stronger and brighter life, for associate aspiring society.

2. Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Luminous Power Technologies is based in India and is a leading power and residential electrical specialist. In Asia, they have a huge portfolio which includes power copy solutions like UPS, Batteries and star applications to electrical products such as fans, switches, wires and light-emitting diode lighting.

3. True Power International Ltd.

True Power has a history of innovation in its merchandise with artistic movement insights and user-friendliness. True Power is functioning with attention on analysis and development into solar electricity at the side of the existing offered power choices. Being travel by 3 technocrats & management specialists named Ravi Mundra.

Tips to Store Batteries Safely:

The battery will be of no use if not stored safely as they contain flammable chemicals. Mishandling of batteries can cause sparks, fire and sometimes, in extreme cases, even explosions. Therefore, it is necessary to take precautions when storing batteries. Storing batteries properly can extend the lifespan of batteries and reduce safety hazards. We have explained a few tips below for safely storing batteries:

Battery Manufacturers

1. Store them at room temperature or below:

To avoid overheating of batteries, it is recommended to store them at room temperature in a dry environment. For most batteries, 15° Celsius is ideal. Avoid storing them in a place of direct sunlight. This will maintain the lifespan of the batteries and avoid the risk of battery damage.

2. Control the Humidity:

Humidity can cause corrosion, leakage, and condensation, which can cause irreparable damage to batteries. So, make sure to store your batteries in a dry or low humidity environment. Vapor-proof containers can also be used for storing batteries to avoid humidity.

3. Keep in a hard case during transport:

High impact can cause the battery to break and flammable chemicals can leak. Therefore, Batteries should be kept in a hard case or a box to prevent short-circuits and impact damage during transport.

4. Avoid storing batteries near metal objects:

Batteries should never be kept near a metal object because if they come in contact, the battery can short-circuit. The container of the batteries should be made of glass, wood or plastic to avoid contact with metal.

5. Store batteries in their original packaging:

Batteries come in a special packaging that protects them from humidity which ruins batteries. The original packaging also ensures that the battery’s terminals do not come into contact with other metals. So make sure to keep them in their original packaging for safe storing of batteries and maintenance of battery life span.


The above-mentioned battery manufacturers are among the top in the world. These companies are innovating and transforming the battery industry through their research and development projects. They have emerged as an important fragment in the technology industry and played their part in advancing technology.

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