Why Does Your Company Need an ESS System?

1,556 Published by BSLBATT Mar 22,2022

What is an ESS system?

An ESS or BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) is an energy solution that consists of a storage system that stores energy from various sources and stores it in batteries for use at certain times of need. These are composed of 4 systems: storage, battery management, energy conversion and energy management. They are generally used in departmental buildings, companies, large businesses and shopping malls.

ESS system

What is the solution?

These energy storage systems offer us a Plug & Play solution, with which we will be able to capture electricity from different energy sources and reserve it for when this surplus is needed. This will allow us to have more efficient and intelligent energy management.

What are the applications of battery energy storage systems?

ESS Systems are developed with 3 types of functions:

Grid Back-Up: These systems can be used as power backup systems in case of a power outage or grid failure. In this way, the most important equipment such as emergency lights, servers, cooling equipment, etc. can be kept on for several hours without any problem.

Voltage and Frequency Regulation: Energy Storage Systems allow to improve the quality of the energy received by loads of our home, company and corporation. This is possible because they control and improve the voltage and frequency of the energy that enters and leaves the electrical box.

Peak Shaving: Peak shaving in storage systems gives you the opportunity to have control over energy peaks, as a suppressor. This functionality is designed for times when there are variations in the energy load due to high power equipment, such as air conditioners, elevators or power tools. High loads are taken by the storage systems so that they do not add to the electricity bill.

Energy storage system

What are the benefits of the ESS system?

Energy storage systems offer you the availability of energy for the moment you need it, they are your best option to avoid operation and maintenance costs of other energy sources. They also work perfectly to provide energy 24 hours a day together with a Photovoltaic System.

Our systems are composed of state-of-the-art technology and with the highest reliability that can be offered, unifies the energy storage capacity with artificial intelligence, which automates and facilitates energy management for all your projects. These are the reasons these systems offer you:

Energy Savings:

One of the main benefits of ESS systems is the reduction of current peaks by different equipment with high energy power. This is achieved through a process of charging and discharging the batteries according to the variation of costs in the electrical grid.

Independent, thanks to your own power supply:

Regardless of usage, your own power reserve is available for self-consumption optimization or emergency power supply.

Reduction of the carbon footprint:

These systems also avoid high grid consumption at high power. In addition, they can work simultaneously with diesel generators if available, complementing or reducing their use. Therefore, they generate a great contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. The ESS makes it possible to store “green” electricity. It can be coupled with solar or wind power systems.

Improved power quality for electrical equipment:

Energy storage systems also contribute to maintaining the health of your equipment, providing efficient and controlled energy thanks to their integrated and configured monitoring systems and surge suppressors.

Backup up power when Power outage:

In the event of power outages, the battery storage system keeps appliances running. The ESS accesses the stored energy and maintains the power supply.

Why should your company use an ESS system?

An energy storage system is an expensive component; therefore, many factors must be carefully considered if you decide to use one.

For a company or commercial applications, the following situations are more suitable for the use of the ESS system:

  • If there is no local power grid that can provide stable electricity, or if the cost of electricity is too expensive;
  • When the utility grid significantly limits the energy output from your PV system and a large PV system is required to increase system reliability.
  • When the PV system supply consumes more than 50% of your electricity demand and the electric tariff is high.
  • When it is needed to reduce the operation of diesel generators or to avoid generators needed to run at low load mode.
  • To support the peak load to avoid extra expenses and stabilize the grid.
  • To serve as backup energy sources during a grid blackout.

Lithium storage battery supplier

At BSLBATT, we care about providing efficient and non-polluting energy for the environment. Always contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions that typically exist worldwide. Our ESS systems are suitable for fully scalable systems from home energy storage to utility-scale battery storage applications and island-mode microgrids. Frequency and voltage regulation, peak regulation, black start capability and power assurance, frequency markets.

If you are considering investing in an ESS battery system for your business or commercial and factory, choosing BSLBATT is a great investment and our battery energy storage systems save you from the moment they are operational to reduce your energy bill payments.

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