Do I need to charge a new deep cycle lithium battery?

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If you have just purchased a deep cycle lithium battery, you should know a few simple practices that can help you extend the life of your deep cycle lithium battery.

Deep cycle lithium batteries are a unique power source for marine, golf cart, RV, forklifts and AGV applications. If you buy a new golf cart or just a set of deep cycle lithium batteries, you should fully charge them, which should be 20 to 50 times, until they reach their maximum capacity. If you use a new cart until the batteries are low, you will shorten the life of your new batteries.

How do I safely charge a deep cycle lithium battery?

Charging your deep cycle lithium battery is as simple as plugging the charger into an outlet while plugged into your golf cart. After two to five seconds, you’ll notice it has turned on. Best of all, your charger will automatically turn off when the deep cycle lithium battery is fully charged, there is no need to turn it off. Simply unplug the charger from the cart when it is turned off. It is important to fully charge the batteries on your electric golf cart before using it, especially if it is brand new.

Deep cycle batteries need to be cycled at various times before they reach their maximum capacity, this could be 50 to 125 cycles depending on the type of battery. Over time, the capacity of the battery will be limited. The charger wires and connectors should be checked before charging. Do not use frayed wires to charge deep cycle lithium batteries; irregular currents can affect the charge duration.

BSLBATT’S 36V lithium golf cart battery

Is it better to charge deep cycle lithium batteries slowly or quickly?

For deep cycle lithium batteries, slow charging is better; otherwise, it will show a full charge state even before reaching the actual parameters. It also prevents heat buildup and ensures that the charge is indeed full.

To charge a deep cycle battery, you need the best charger available. Whether you are charging a BSLATT deep cycle lithium battery or another brand, you should choose a charger designed for your type of lithium battery. A good deep cycle lithium battery should be charged with a dedicated charger for the best charging results.

Note: The charger for a deep cycle lithium battery should be suitable for that particular system. These chargers usually have these outputs, for example, 5/10/15amps.

It may be possible to choose a combination of battery and charger and the type of combination. But this will involve some risk as the charger may reach different voltage limits. A deep cycle lithium battery may not reach that voltage limit. It may also damage your lithium battery. You may see an error code indicating that the lithium battery is not charging.

The right charger can help you get a fast charge and your deep cycle lithium battery will charge faster. For example, if you connect your golf cart lithium battery to the correct charger for this type of battery, the golf cart lithium battery will draw more current and charge faster.

customing lithium solution

To choose the correct charger, you should read the description of the deep cycle lithium battery. For example, if you are using a BSLBATT lithium battery as a solution, then we recommend that you use a BSLBATT charger to charge your BSLBATT lithium battery, but you can also choose a Delta-Q, Fronius, SPE charger, all of which are already compatible with BSLBATT deep cycle lithium batteries.

In addition, there are two types of Li-ion battery chargers on the market, both battery pack and individual, that you can use. The chargers designed for special marine deep cycle lithium batteries are called smart chargers. This type of charger provides a constant voltage and stops charging once the maximum voltage level is reached. Similarly, you can use special chargers for AGM or deep cycle lead-acid batteries. But ultimately, a slow charging process is best for all types of deep cycle batteries.

The best way to extend the life of a battery is to charge it slowly. When using a fast charger for only a few hours, an overnight slow charge may be a more friendly option for the internal components of the battery. Fast charging can raise the internal temperature of a deep cycle battery.

How long will a deep cycle lithium battery hold a charge when not in use?

If a deep cycle battery holds a charge even when not in use, the maximum rated time for a lead acid battery is 20 hours. BSLBATT’s deep cycle battery with LiFePO4 technology has a very low self-discharge, losing less than 3% of its charge per month, so you can go months without worrying about it even when it is not in use, or you can charge it once every six months.

At what amperage should I charge my deep cycle lithium battery?

Once you have an idea of the correct type of charger you need, you need to choose the charger with the correct voltage and amperage. For example, 12V chargers are fully compatible with 12V Li-Ion batteries. You can choose a different charging current or amperage.

To choose the correct amperage to charge your deep cycle Li-Ion battery, you must check the first amperage that each battery has. You cannot use a charger with a high amperage rating, it may eventually damage the lithium battery. 10 amps or less is known as slow charging and for deep cycle lithium batteries you can choose this process and it will increase the life of the battery. You should charge the battery after each use, but never run the battery when the indicator shows a low charge.

You should follow a regular battery maintenance routine that will help extend the life of your expensive deep cycle lithium battery. It also saves you a lot of money in the long run. Proper chargers designed for deep cycle batteries or specific types of batteries must be used, and even brand new deep cycle batteries need to be initially charged and properly checked before they are even put into service. With proper and safe care, BSLBATT deep cycle lithium batteries can provide up to 15 years of reliable service.

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Want to learn more about lithium battery applications and lithium batteries?

We know that replacing your lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries can be overwhelming, so we are here to help you. We offer unique deep cycle lithium batteries for marine, golf cart, RV, forklifts and AGV applications. In addition, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or Youtube to get our success stories or information on how lithium batteries can change your life.

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