【Wonderful】Xi’an travels, feel different Xi’an!

5,298 Published by BSLBATT Jan 18,2019

Writer Zhang Yuelan said: “The beauty of travel lies in its unknown nature. No matter how many strategies you have made, you have never really known it before you really set foot on your destination.”

Huimin Street

When we come to Xi’an, Huimin Street is the place we have to go. The Bell Tower Hotel is just across the street from the Bell Tower, which is located in the center of the city from the map. Settlement of luggage, out of the hotel is the beginning of the lights, the opposite bell tower is dressed up by neon lights. Crossing two streets, I came to the famous “Huimin Street” in Xi’an, where I wanted to eat a big meal. I was fooled by the street view: the whole pedestrian street was crowded with people and smoke. The barbecue taste is his natural taste. We have never eaten mutton steamed bun or biangbiang noodles. For the first time, we eat mutton steamed bun. The price tag says that the high quality mutton is 20 yuan a bowl, and the mutton is 15 yuan a bowl. We want to say two bowls. We have 10 people in a row. Otherwise, we won’t be able to eat the next one. That’s the same. Here comes a bowl of 20 yuan. It’s not easy to say that it’s delicious or ordinary. Then we went on to eat mutton kebabs, leek pork dumplings and so on. The original “Big Eat and Big Drink” has long run out of sight.

Tanghua Qing Palace

The first stop of the first day’s journey was the Tanghua Qing Palace, which was another palace for the feudal emperors of the Tang Dynasty. Huaqing Pool is backed by the rolling Lishan Mountains, green trees, red walls, green bricks and grey tiles, Shiqian Pool Pavilion, small bridge corridor, and Tang-style buildings with varied and magnificent momentum. Xiapi’s hot spring water rises like mist and smoke, leaks through the air, winding in the meantime, constituting a gorgeous fairyland on earth, impacting people’s visual perception, directly teaches people how to move their minds, such as drunkenness, thoughts, feathers are ready to fly. All kinds of people, such as crucian carp crossing the Yangtze River, enjoy their fame. Speaking of Huaqing Pool, everyone will think of concubine Yang, hot spring bath, Tang Xuanzong and song of everlasting hatred. Even the tour guide joked that I knew you would say it was a bathing place. A bathing place can become a tourist attraction, so many people rush to see it, mainly because of the blessings of the emperor. More importantly, the emperor was so dedicated to only one beautiful woman in the back palace, “Three thousand beautiful women in the back palace, three thousand spoiled in one.” Such infatuation, I am afraid that today’s average men are very difficult to do.

The Terracotta Army in Xi’an

In the afternoon, when we entered the exhibition hall of the No. 1 terracotta pit, we suddenly saw rows of quiet, powerful and serious terracotta warriors and horses, which were very magnificent. The guide explained that it was a pit 230 meters long and 62 meters wide, with five doors around it. There are corridors at both ends of the pit, and corridors on both sides of the pit. In the middle, there are nine East-West passages through the holes, which are separated by rammed earth walls. The pit is mainly composed of vehicles and infantry, which form a rectangular joint formation. The main body of the front is facing the east, and there are three rows of warriors in the south, north and West corridors facing the outside, serving as guards and guards, and three rows of warriors in the East are pioneers. Nine caves are lined up with chariots and infantry, each with four warriors, some wearing robes, some armoured, with chariots in the middle, one driver behind each chariot and two drivers.

Looking at these terracotta warriors and horses like real people, they have different looks and both shapes and spirits; even the warhorses around them are vividly shaped. The whole scene had a great lineup and military power, like being reviewed before the expedition.
The discovery of terracotta warriors and horses was made in the 1970s when a farmer surnamed Yang discovered that he took the excavated terracotta warriors to the provincial archaeological department. After some discussion, Mr. Yang received a reward of 300 yuan, which was later claimed by two other farmers in the same village. After further discussion, Mr. Yang’s 300 yuan was surrendered to three people with two work points, named the two witnesses. Now it’s a joke, but that’s how it was settled. But Mr. Yang’s discovery, he never dreamed that today’s terracotta warriors and horses are so large, so shocked! At this moment, Mr. Yang Lao and the peasants of this generation are enjoying the wealth brought by the terracotta warriors and horses, which can also be said to have made Shaanxi tourism a success.

Since ancient times, there has been the saying “the most dangerous mountain in the world”

Since ancient times, there has been the saying of “the most dangerous mountain in the world” that “I sit on the ropeway of Huashan Mountain, look down and look up. No matter how you look at it, you will be shocked by the high-rise mountain body, and from time to time there are clusters of green dotted on the cliff, which makes people admire their tenacious vitality. Along the way, we climbed over huge rocks, carefully sidetracked the sheep’s intestine path near the cliff, looked at the deep canyon nearby, my legs were a little soft, and it was difficult to break through a series of difficulties. When we reached Canglong Mountains, Huashan was very powerful, and we could not help but be frightened by its danger! Canglong Mountains was formed by glacial movement, at the junction of the two mountains, wide. It can accommodate two or three people, and only one person can pass on one side in the narrow area. In addition, the slope of Canglongling is nearly 80 degrees, and the distance is quite long, which adds a challenge to us. I used both hands and feet, and began to “climb” the mountain. In a short time, I was gasping and sweating. However, as soon as we stop to rest, the mountain wind like a blade will make people tremble. Occasionally, when we look back, the visitors are endless, and the towering Canglong Ridge is like the back of the dragon flying straight upward. After more than an hour’s struggle, we finally escaped from the Canglong Ridge and began to walk in the woods. It’s not pleasant! The mottled sunlight, reflected on the road, the beautiful birds stand on the branches, silently watching the weaving pedestrians, warm wind belt. A lovely fragrance.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, we began to attack the highest peak, Nanfeng. Standing at the top of the crowded Nanfeng, we could see the Huashan Mountains stretching, mountains, layers of mountains, sometimes steep, sometimes gentle, with varied scenery and beautiful scenery. The steep cliff rises like a giant pillar to support the heaven and the earth; the deep canyon below is unfathomable and frightening; the Nine-Curve Yellow River in the distance roars at the foot of the mountains, and the waves are turbulent and torrential. I stand on the top of Huashan Mountain, looking at all the small mountains, feeling extremely comfortable and happy, because I once again conquered the famous mountains and rivers of the motherland…

Shanxi History Museum

Finally, we arrived at the famous Shaanxi Museum of History, “Give me a day and give you back ten thousand years” is the best summary of this national museum. There are more than 370,000 cultural relics in the museum. From the early stage of ancient mankind, simple stone tools were used, and from 1840 to 1840, various objects in social life lasted for more than one million years. Among them, the bronze wares of Shang and Zhou Dynasties are exquisite, the pottery figurines of past dynasties are various, the gold and silver wares of Han and Tang Dynasties are unique in the whole country, and the murals of Tang tombs are unparalleled in the world. Museum concentrates the essence of the Chinese nation’s history and is an artistic palace to display ancient Chinese civilization and Shaanxi’s history and culture.

Big wild goose pagoda scenic spot

Walk eastward along the entrance street to Dacien Temple, the scenic spot of Dayan Pagoda. Tickets are purchased into the tower, and tickets are also needed to climb the tower. What we visited here is to feel the prosperity of Buddhist culture. The experience of Xuanzang, a monk of Tang Dynasty, traveling westward to collect sutras is also very inspiring for us in modern times. It is the power of belief that we can be recognized by foreigners through difficulties and obstacles along the way and translate so many texts after learning.
Leaving Dacien Temple and heading north, we arrived at the music fountain square of Dayan Pagoda, which is known as the first in Asia in Xi’an. Watching the scene at 8:30 p.m., at night, the square around the bright lights, you can see the ancient pagoda in the light, simple and dignified. The fountain dances to the music and shines with neon lights. The whole fountain lasts for half an hour. It’s a magnificent artificial landscape. It’s worth seeing, but there are many visitors. It’s better to go to the South first and enjoy the panoramic view. The end of the day’s tour is really called tired and happy. A traveler once said, “The essence of traveling is to abandon the original mode of thinking and habits of life, put into a new environment, accept it, and let it affect you.” Whether today’s journey has affected me or not, I think it should have, but I didn’t realize it. As long as you feel it with your heart, the beauty of travel will be integrated into your future life.

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