BSLBATT Battery partner of GPK, specialist in Industrial Electric Utility Vehicles

1,082 Published by BSLBATT Jul 14,2021

Wisdom Industrial Power Co., Ltd. and GPK Utility vehicles, LLC announced today that they have entered into a strategic alliance. GPK, a leading manufacturer of golf and utility vehicles, has chosen BSLBATT Battery as its primary supplier of lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) to operate a fleet of all-electric GPK Utility vehicles.

“BSLBATT battery is thrilled to be selected as a supplier to GPK Utility for their lithium battery needs. Unexpected downtime and recurring maintenance can be costly, therefore a reliable power source is extremely important for service vehicles. Our extensive line of LiFePO4 batteries provide a high level of performance and we look forward to supporting GPK’s customer requirements with our advanced battery technology,” said Haley Ning, COO of BSLBATT Battery.

BSLBATT Lithium GPK Utility vehicles.

The GPK Utility vehicle is built like a compact utility truck from the ground up, with no compromises on features. The GPK Utility combines reliability, ergonomics and zero emission with comfort, functionality and thoughtful design. BSLBATT’s LiFePO4 batteries are a perfect complement – engineered to maximize electric vehicle reliability and offer the benefits of no maintenance, more efficient charging and reduced weight, resulting in overall lower cost of ownership.

BSLBATT Battery contributes to this success by integrating several 48V lithium batteries into the system. They are more ecological, more compact, and totally secure. The presence of an integrated BMS ensures optimum safety and prevents any risk of explosion and self-ignition thanks to their Lithium Iron Phosphate technology, LiFePO4.

On an Industrial Electric Utility Vehicles, energy is precious.

BSLBATT Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries for considerable benefits

Small weight

Lithium iron phosphate batteries provide a better power-to-weight ratio than lead batteries. They are on average 2 to 3 times lighter than traditional lead-acid batteries.

Small footprint

Thanks to the compactness of Lithium Iron Phosphate technology, it can be accommodated in a considerable number of locations. In addition, it can be positioned in any direction. But above all, it increases the storage capacity (Ah) for the same volume.

Very high lifespan

Lithium iron phosphate 48V batteries have a large number of charging cycles (up to 5000). This allows them to last more than 10 years.

High safety

Equipped with a management system called Battery Management System (BMS), the cells of the lithium ion battery are automatically balanced during charging. The BMS stops the battery operation in case of:

o Overcurrent

o Over-voltage (during loading)

o Undervoltage (during discharge)

o Overheating

BSLBATT Battery was selected based on the company’s ability to deliver high quality batteries that match the GPK Utility’s needs. “We are very impressed with BSLBATT’s ability to quickly adapt to our needs and requirements, and deliver a durable solution within a tight timeframe.” Says Mr Li, CEO, GPK. “BSLBATT’s dedication to customer support is superior.”

BSLBATT Battery utility truck

The electric vehicle market is driving the industry to manufacture batteries that provide higher capacity and longer life, while reducing maintenance costs. In addition, various issues continue to impact the utility service industry from reduced budgets to environmental regulation changes. This makes battery selection critical to ensuring the reliable operation of delivery vehicles. BSLBATT’s batteries undergo rigorous testing to ensure a consistent product that is guaranteed to maximize reliability, reduce downtime and extend battery life. “We are pleased to partner with a global leader like GPK and look forward to a long partnership bringing LiFePO4 batteries to the electric vehicle market,” said Bella Chen, Vice President of Sales of BSLBATT Battery.

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