150AH lithium iron phosphate battery won the type approval certificate of China Classification Society

1,102 Published by BSLBATT Dec 11,2020

Our partner, Star Energy, has passed the China Classification Society Type Approval Certificate, which is a leading quality standard in the global Marine industry

BSLBATT Battery announces that establishes strategic partnership to promote innovation and speed up growth Wisdom Industrial Power Co., Ltd, a global developer in lithium battery technologies, announces they have entered a strategic partnership with Jiangxi Star Energy Co., Ltd, a leader in focusing on R&D and production of the lithium power battery. It will speed up the alliance worldwide growth for the two companies and further position BSLBATT as the leader in lithium drop-in replacements for lead-acid batteries, and other proprietary projects.

Recently, Jiangxi Star Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Star Energy”) SLA45173184-150AH lithium iron phosphate battery won the China Classification Society type approval certificate! The acquisition of this certificate is a ticket for Star Energy to enter the electric ship industry and opening a new chapter for Star Energy to explore another field.

As another emerging market of lithium batteries, the electric ship industry has attracted the attention of many enterprises.

Because electric ships on the battery discharge rate and cycle performance have stringent requirements, security, and so on, and makes the Marine power lithium battery before use must obtain China classification society type approval certificate, and strictly control of raw materials and technology, each boat lithium-ion battery systems must also meet the China classification society on pure battery power vessel inspection guide (2019) of the relevant requirements.

It is reported, obtain the enterprise of the certificate of Chinese classification society approbate at present only more than 10, attested electric cell product more than 20.

To explore new fields and open a new world, Xingying Technology will continuously create excellent products with high standards, help green ships to sail away, and contribute to the practice of “clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains”!

China Classification Society (CCS)

Since 2003, BSLBATT Lithium has had a highly successful quality management system in place that complies with the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard. The requirements of the China Classification Society now go well beyond this. “Continuous adaptation and optimization in our production processes have always been integral to our approach to quality management, and these factors are crucial to our company’s ongoing success and growth in manufacturing and developing high-quality products for the electrification of the marine market,” Ronald BSLBATT Lithium says.

Only by continuing to emphasize error prevention and by continuously ensuring a high level of flexibility, efficiency, and quality in the supply chain can rising customer expectations be met in the long term. Particularly to the world’s leading lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturers, supplier certification under the China Classification Society is an important prerequisite to long-term cooperation. “As a manufacturer of the most important electrification component for our customers, we are all the more delighted to have met this contractually agreed quality promise according to plan,” BSLBATT Lithium points out.

China Classification Society

China Classification Society (CCS), as a public institution directly under the Ministry of Communications, is a national ship technical inspection institution. It is the only professional institution engaged in ship classification inspection in China, with more than 80 branches around the world.

The type approval certificate issued by the China Classification Society is a certification form for Marine equipment installed on ships.

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