Lithium Phosphate Battery Pack for Telecommunication

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Customers today expect their telecom networks to be always on and deliver ever-faster data rates. Service interruptions are a major factor in customer churn, so the reliability of backup systems is vital.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries such as small volume, lightweight, high-temperature performance are good to wait for a characteristic, has gradually replaced the traditional lead-acid battery, become a communications industry widely used a new type of battery. Based on a large telecommunication operator, for example, aimed at the difficulty in the lead-acid battery is in use and maintenance, puts forward the lithium iron phosphate batteries in the construction of communication network for different scenarios, and analyzes its advantage in different application scenarios, provide help for the selection of backup battery for communication operators.

48 volt 50ah lithium battery

In the mobile communication equipment, the main power is cut off battery equipment continuous operation is the important component of battery performance will directly affect the communication network safe operation of the enterprise. At present, mobile battery back-up power supply is mostly used valve control type lead-acid batteries. Valve control type lead-acid storage battery with mature technology, stable quality, can be more series-parallel use only, no memory effect, abundant resources, low cost and the recovery rate of lead in battery highest, etc, and widely used.

But after nearly 20 years of application, lead-acid battery has gradually exposed some problems: a) discharge cycle life is short. B) the high-temperature performance is poor. In 40 ~ 50 ℃ under the environment of high-temperature continuous use, easy to drum shell, crack and leakage problems. C) is lower than the energy. Battery weight is heavy, large volume, to take up the space is large. D) charging time is long, can’t quick charge. In the case of frequent power outages, often will again discharge the battery has not been charged, lead to battery performance rapid attenuation.

At present, the telecommunication operators for valve control type lead-acid storage battery maintenance department has a lot of new methods of maintenance and received certain effect, but can’t fundamentally solve the battery in reliability, high-temperature resistance, specific energy, and charging issues. As a result, the industry has gradually to look to the vigorous development of the lithium iron phosphate battery in recent years.

Lithium Phosphate Battery Pack for Telecommunication

Telecom Battery Module

BSLBATT Lithium understands that stationary power applications require high-reliability power for long durations, and our proprietary lithium-ion battery for telecom towers solutions have been designed to do just that. Our products work with existing OEM power plants to provide safe, reliable power.

We have come up successfully with the intelligent Telecom Battery Modules, constructed from LFP cells. Each module of the Lithium-ion battery for telecom towers is equipped with an independent battery management system. These modules are compact in size & are ultra-light with enhanced life cycles as an advantage. Our Lithium-ion battery for telecom towers is designed with excellent safety features, a long lifespan, better energy density with flexible expandability in parallel to achieve higher storage capacity needs.

The solution offers significantly higher cycle and calendar life with superior abuse tolerance compared to traditional valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries — making them eco-friendly and exceptionally resilient to heat, while the lightweight, durable modular enclosure delivers far greater flexibility and protection than standard steel battery cabinets.

lithium-ion battery for telecom application

Salient Features of Lithium-Ion Battery For Telecom Towers

(1) Compared with VRLA battery with the same capacity, low load-bearing requirements save installation space

(2) The battery pack is equipped with a BMS management system, which is rich in functions and can realize convenient battery management by cooperating with the upper computer software

(3) The charging and discharging parameters need not be adjusted to match the original switching power supply system in the machine room

(4) Compatible with multiple communication modes of R232, RS485, and SNMP

(5) A variety of installation and use modes are designed, which can meet the requirements of diversified application scenarios, such as the standard cabinet, wall hanging, pole holding, landing, strap, lever box, etc

(6) Multiple sets of parallel connection can be used and can be equipped with parallel hub and supporting cables, which is easy to connect and can solve the discharge unbalance problem caused by multiple sets of parallel connection.

(7) Intelligent Module

(8) Easy Monitoring

(9) Excellent Safety & Light Span

Protection Features of Lithium-Ion Battery For Telecom Towers

● Over-temperature cutoff

● Over Voltage cutoff

● Short Circuit protection

● Overcharge/ discharge cutoff

● Overcurrent cutoff

Application scenario analysis and recommendations

According to the technical characteristics of the lithium iron phosphate battery, based on a large telecommunication operator of the backup battery using the environment, for example, is recommended in the following scenario application and popularization of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

1) grid quality is bad, frequent blackouts base station due to the lithium iron phosphate battery charge-discharge cycles, service life is longer, especially suitable for mains quality is poorer, charge and discharge frequently base station.

2) central room area more tension and low bearing performance of Acer station due to the lithium iron phosphate battery small volume, lightweight, the base station with the battery generally no longer bearing reinforcement, houses can meet the basic requirements, room area is relatively nervous Acer station to the city center, site selection can greatly reduce the difficulty.

3) the integration of the outdoor base station

Due to the mobile company is the newly built station rental room more and more difficult, a large number of base stations, the base station began to gradually adopt outdoor integration placed on the roof or clearing, solved the difficult problem of rental room. The high temperature of the lithium iron phosphate battery charge and discharge characteristics, general guarantee without air conditioning, meet ventilation conditions, and the life not because of the high temperature and wreck, very suitable for outdoor integration base station.

4) indoor power distribution of the base wall

Due to the lithium iron phosphate battery small volume, lightweight, can be used as a backup battery wall hanging switch power supply, improve the safety and reliability of the wall to hang the power.

5) communication board room of the distributed power supply

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