Home Lithium Batteries Prove Their Usefulness in Extreme Conditions

138 Published by BSLBATT May 05,2022

More than 8 million people in the United States are in severe weather threat areas due to stormy weather and tornadoes. In the face of increasingly frequent extreme weather phenomena, energy security has become an issue that is not only discussed at scientific conferences. Even in the event of a severe outage, there are solutions to protect your home – home lithium batteries can provide energy security at the home scale by increasing independence from the grid. Bella Chen, product manager, and energy storage expert at BSLBATT talks about their role during power outages.

How is climate change threatening energy security?

Not only in the United States, but also in Europe, and regions such as Southeast Asia and China are beginning to be hit by previously rare, much more powerful atmospheric phenomena. Scientists agree that this trend will continue. According to the latest sixth IPCC report, the rise in the Earth’s average temperature will exacerbate extreme weather conditions in every country in the world. These new challenges include windstorms and heavy rains.

Large storms can cause medium- and low-voltage power lines to break, leaving up to a million people without power and making it difficult to restore power to the grid quickly while extreme weather conditions persist. This can’t happen again, so improving the security of the grid is a huge challenge. The distributed grid of the future will allow limiting the impact of such failures.

Are solutions to help solve these problems already being implemented?

home lithium battery

For example, this technology is already finding practical use in the homes of PV system owners. home lithium battery is becoming more and more popular and proving their usefulness in difficult conditions. Let me give you an example of a BSLBATT customer who lives in Florida, an area of the United States that is frequently affected by hurricanes, and even living in the most developed countries, there is no way to avoid the risks associated with natural disasters.

What allows you to keep the power on during a power outage for your customers?

An emergency power supply for homes and a well-designed photovoltaic solar power system. The former trips in less than 20 milliseconds and starts supplying power to so-called dedicated critical loads. These are the critical appliances in the home that receive power. They are chosen by the consumer himself. In the installation in question, the investor points out, among other things, the router, the lighting of part of the property or the entrance door.

The continuous operation of the latter proved to be particularly helpful, as it allowed the freedom to leave the house during a failure. The fireplace with a water jacket located on the property was also protected. Lack of electrical supply can lead to an increase in water pressure in the installation, which in severe cases leads to damage, which threatens the health and lives of the people in the house.

On the other hand, the gentle extinguishing of the energy-consuming heat pump was foreseen during the design phase. This was done by configuring the Victron Venus GX controller, which has a potential-free contact.

Was the lithium home battery up to the challenge and provided the PV system owner with power throughout the outage?

Home Lithium Batteries

Yes, despite the fact that it lasted almost 24 hours. Energy stored in batteries covered the demand of all loads. I will even say more, if the energy supply had not been restored, the investor would not have had to worry about it even for another several hour, because his lithium battery banks were still charged to 50%.

In addition, the separated part of 9kW from 14kW photovoltaic generator during the day directly supplied the loads and supplemented the energy in partially discharged lithium solar battery storage.

Is it profitable to increase PV self-consumption with home lithium batteries?

Purchasing home storage not only increases energy security for the professional consumer, but it is also a proven way to improve self-consumption in a new billing system that guarantees increased profitability of the PV installation investment.

Therefore, homeowners with their own home lithium batteries can not only prevent sudden power outages but also increase the profitability of their investment in PV installations. at bslbatt, we are ready to meet the growing interest in these devices and to produce design and manufacture more new home energy storage products.

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