A Deep Dive Into The BSLBATT 12V Lithium RV And Marine Battery

753 Published by BSLBATT May 06,2022

If you are looking for a battery with the lowest total cost of ownership that provides boat and RV owners with the ability to power multiple devices for longer periods of time off the grid, then the BSLBATT 12V lithium battery is the answer. No matter the season, this GC2-sized deep cycle battery performs. The BSLBATT 12V lithium battery features our Low-Temperature technology, which makes it applicable in any environment. This is the third battery in the growing BSLBATT of solutions, joining the BSLBATT 48V battery for golf cars and the BSLBATT 24V battery for floor care and material handling applications in the line. From its design, one-of-a-kind Battery Management System (BMS), and intuitive software, BSLBATT 12V lithium batteries offer benefits not available in competitor products.

BSLBATT’S 48V lithium golf cart battery

We Power Your Passion

Meet the 100 Ah 12 V LiFePO4 Deep Cycle battery, the pinnacle of deep cycle lithium-ion battery technology! Whether you’re on the road or off-the-grid, powering appliances is essential to your comfort. This 12V 100AH lithium battery is capable of 1280 watts continuous (for two minutes) from a single battery and offers higher peak discharge, meaning you can run multiple appliances at the same time with just one battery and still have plenty of power left over. Knowing the maximum continuous discharge current is very important as you determine the needs of your specific application so you remain under the rating to prevent damage to your battery or loss of power. Our 100 amp-hour, the 12-volt battery weighs only 31 pounds and is capable of providing you power and relief from battery anxiety. Our batteries run in various systems, including marine, RV, van, and off-grid! It’s time to upgrade your heavy lead-acid batteries to LiFePO4 batteries and upgrade your lifestyle and ability to adventure!

Featuring our Low-Temperature Series (LT) technology, the BSLBATT 12V lithium battery can safely charge at temperatures down to -20°C (-4°F). The battery is self-sufficient, featuring technology that draws power from the charger itself. This reduces the hassle and enhances convenience by requiring no additional components. The entire process of heating and charging is completely seamless. Lastly, for those who are still using lead-acid batteries in low-temperature environments, this can create a solution.


Next-Level Components

BSLBATT has excelled in quality standards for lithium batteries since 2003 and always strives to create new and innovative products. Our BSLBATT 12V lithium batteries are IP67 rated and feature sophisticated components including an internal heat sink that prevents overheating and extends the life and quality of the battery. Additionally, our 12V lithium batteries offer an elite Battery Management System. BSLBATT’s BMS hardware is entirely solid-state, there are no moving components. This makes the battery more durable and keeps the operations of the battery much smoother. Sometimes under abrupt conditions, traditional lithium batteries with electromechanical components will have little hiccups. BSLBATT’s hardware eliminates those, as does the software. The BMS not only can calculate the state of charge and health but additionally, provide precision balancing within the battery and between batteries in a parallel system without the need for charging batteries individually.

Easy Set-Up and Installation

Like the rest of our BSLBATT 12V lithium batteries, we did not want anyone to have to change anything about their application other than their batteries. The most difficult part of the installation is removing your heavy lead-acid batteries. However, this isn’t an issue for the lightweight 12V. Double your runtime with twice the usable power of traditional batteries. Move faster with 60% less weight. The 12V is a standard GC2 size and weighs only 34.4 lbs., making it a convenient drop-in replacement for lead-acid with easy installation to get the capacity needed. This allows for uncomplicated connections and no heavy lifting. They’re also scalable, making it easier to provide increased power and energy. To get 200Ah to connect two 12V lithium batteries if you want 300Ah to connect three, and so on. And play harder with BSLBATT through lithium iron phosphate engineering that is built for cold temperatures and extreme environments. Guaranteed by BSLBATT Lithium’s legendary 10-year warranty.

cold-weather-12V lithium-batteries

We build high-performance partnerships

With innovative features like Low-Temperature technology, the ability to power multiple appliances at once, an intelligent Battery Management System, higher peak discharge, and standard size, the BSLBATT 12V lithium battery is unlike any other battery on the market. From powering the essentials to the non-essentials, the BSLBATT 12V lithium battery allows you to disconnect further from the grid, powering electronics longer and connecting to shore powerless. This innovative solution gives you a convenient, long-term, and worry-free power source.

We partner with industries across the globe to build customized energy solutions. With 100% China-based factory and dealer support, a dedicated prototype & 3d production assembly line, and a team of battle-hardened engineers, we are here to power your vision. Meet BSLBATT battery. Meet your power broker. If you have any questions about how to upgrade your setup to our BSLBATT 12V lithium battery, contact a BSLBATT team member for more information.

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