Ningde energy signed a 1.85GWh battery contract with PowinEnergy

2,175 Published by BSLBATT Mar 27,2019

Recently, Powin Energy of the United States announced that it has signed a battery supply contract with the Ningde era, and will purchase 1.85GWh batteries from the Ningde era, mainly lithium iron phosphate batteries. These cells will be integrated into PowinEnergy’s latest model of the battery energy storage system Stack225 to ensure a competitive price advantage for Powin Energy energy storage products while ensuring battery supply by 2022.

According to the data, Powin Energy was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in Oregon, USA. Its modular battery system StackTM has been deployed in many utility, industrial and micro-grid applications, including the largest battery energy storage systems in Canada and Mexico. .

StackTM features the battery operating system Powin bp-OS, which features industry-leading battery system monitoring, balancing and control features, flexibility in selecting battery specifications and suppliers to ensure Powin Energy offers the most on the market Competitive and most suitable battery energy storage system.

Danny Lu, senior vice president of Powin, said: “This partnership is exciting for Powin and our customers. CATL is included with BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover and Daimler. Known for the cooperation of first-class electric vehicle customers. As the storage industry matures, we believe that the shortage of high-quality lithium batteries will become a challenge. Powin is taking proactive measures by signing a strategic supply agreement to meet our growing project needs. reduce risk.”

In addition to the Ningde era, Powin Energy has also signed supply agreements with other suppliers to be deployed in other models of the battery energy storage system Stack140 to diversify the supply chain and product supply.

The other side of the transaction, since 2018, the layout of the Ningde era in the field of energy storage has begun to accelerate. In the Ningde era, there are three major applications in the future of energy storage. The first is the power generation side application, including photovoltaic, wind power, thermal power, and future nuclear power, which are used for energy storage. The second is used in the process of transmission and distribution. Frequency modulation and amplitude modulation; the third is the user side, which is used to cut peaks and fill valleys, smart grids, and future distributed photovoltaic power generation.

Huang Shilin, the chief strategy officer of the Ningde era, previously judged the energy storage market that with the reduction of the cost driven by the development of the vehicle power battery industry, the application of the energy storage field is about to enter the critical point of industrialization. The comprehensive storage cost of electricity in 2020 will be lower than that. 0.25 yuan.

In the Ningde era, the lithium iron phosphate energy storage battery with a cycle life of more than 10,000 times has been mass-produced in 2018, and mass production will be realized in 2019. If it is only used for peak clipping, two cycles a day, this system can run for 16 years. If you do three cycles a day, you can basically use it for ten years. According to the calculation of the Ningde era, by 2020, the comprehensive storage cost of lithium-ion electricity and electricity must be less than 0.25 yuan.

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