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Golf Cart Lithium Battery Upgrade Guide

Published by BSLBATTMar 12,2024

Golf Cart Lithium Battery Upgrade Guide

1. Golf Cart Lithium Battery Upgrade Make sure the new battery and the golf cart have the same voltage and capacity.You must use a battery that matches the voltage requirements of your golf cart. Lithium batteries are available in 36V and 48V. We offer models from 60 to 200Ah. A battery pack with a larger capacity (Ah) will give you a longer range.Disconnect the old battery.Remove the old battery and remove all mounting straps.Make sure the battery tray is thoroughly clean.Corrosion on the main cable should be checked. Replace if necessary.Place the new battery in the tray. We offer drop-in lithium batteries. Therefore, they fit into the existing battery compartment of your golf cart. No adjustments are required.Secure the battery with mounting straps/brackets.Install the lithi...

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Published by BSLBATTMar 13,2024

A Guide to Choosing the Best 48V Lithium Golf Cart Battery

Would it be worth investing in a 48V lithium golf cart batteries? Discover everything you need to know about our 48V batteries for golf carts. Imagine driving your golf cart around the neighborhood, golf course, or campground with a longer driving range, improved performance, and lighter weight. Doesn’t that sound amazing? A 48V lithium golf cart battery makes this dream a reality!The purpose of this post is to explore the incredible benefits of a 48V lithium golf cart batteries, and why they are so revolutionary!  ADVANCED TAKEAWAYS  With 48V lithium golf cart batterie...

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Published by BSLBATTMay 13,2022

10 Exciting Ways To Use Your 12V Lithium Batteries

Back in 2016 when BSLBATT first began designing what would become the first drop-in replacement 12V Lithium Batteries, creating a whole series of group 31 standard-sized advanced lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) solutions was always on the product road map. Designed from the ground up, BSLBATT 12V Lithium Batteries are built smarter and to the highest quality standards. By bringing a safe, next-level power source to different applications and industries, BSLBATT has improved equipment and vehicle performance and the overall user experience. The BSLBATT of LiFePO4 batteries power RVs and cabin cruisers, Solar, Sweepers and Stair lifts, and fishing boats plus many more applications that are continuously being discovered. Lithium batteries have revolutionized the outdoor adventure industry. But camping is just one of the many uses of 12v lithium batteries. They’re more versatile than you might think. Read on to discover 10 fantastic uses of lithium batteries that can make your life...

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Published by BSLBATTMay 11,2022

BSLBATT Battery Company Receives Bulk Orders from North American Customers

BSLBATT®,  a China Forklift battery manufacturer specializing in the material handling industry, An order of $60W has been received from Linde forklift dealers in North America, and purchase order of nearly $100W from a Fortune 500 lead-acid industrial battery manufacturer in Central South America. The customer, who remains undisclosed due to the terms of the agreement, is a major player in the forklift rental industry and orders for Walmart’s large warehouse. Since 2012, BSLBATT Battery Company has excelled in the quality standards of lithium batteries and always strives to create new and innovative products. Our Lithium Forklift Batteries are IP67 rated and feature sophisticated components including internal heat sinks that prevent overheating and extend battery life and improve quality. In addition, BSLBATT® lithium-ion batteries are currently applying for UL-2580 safety certification! The latest announcement will be released on another day, so stay tuned! The Signific...

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Published by BSLBATTMay 06,2022

Fun Find Friday: BSLBATT Battery is coming to another great LogiMAT 2022

MEET US! VETTER’S EXHIBITION YEAR 2022! LogiMAT in Stuttgart: SMART – SUSTAINABLE – SAFE Our team is again on the road a lot this year and is presenting the latest products from our Third generation forklift lithium battery at the LogiMAT 2022. Visit our booth in #LogiMAT from May 31st to June 2nd and find out everything about our range and our services. BSLBATT, a China Forklift battery manufacturer specializing in the material handling industry, will be exhibiting at LogiMAT 2022, from May 31 – to June 2 at the Stuttgart trade fair center in Germany. Our booth will showcase the all-new third-generation BSLBATT battery and let guests see a scaled-down version of one of our battery packs! The battery pack is equipped with the modular technology of the BSLBATT Battery, equipped with the latest cloud-based fleet management software, GPRS, GPS, and charge and discharge indicators. Also, BSLBATT LiFePO4 batteries are available in modular block batteries that can be conne...

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Published by BSLBATTApr 19,2022

Looking for new Distributors and Dealers for BSL Lithium Batteries

BSLBATT battery is a fast-paced, high-growth (200% YoY ) hi-tech company that is leading the adoption of lithium-ion technology solutions. We design, manufacture, and sell advanced lithium-ion battery packs that are disrupting the 100+-year-old market for lead-acid batteries. Is looking for Global Partners for expansion. Currently, we are working with over 36 battery dealer in the global market. BSLBATT is a “change ambassador” for the international implementation of the new technology. The company continuously invests in technological development. It has been exploring new chemical compositions that could further reduce the cost of the product while improving performance in order to continue replacing traditional lead-acid batteries. BSLBATT lithium-ion battery systems are built with LFP cells, which have become the benchmark for reliability, longevity, and safety. Our battery packs are used to power industrial and commercial equipment like forklifts and Renewable Energy, as wel...

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Published by BSLBATTMar 21,2022

BSLBATT to Participate at MODEX 2022 on March 28-31 in Atlanta, GA

BSLBATT is one of the largest developers, manufacturers, and integrators of lithium-ion batteries for lift trucks in China. BSLBATT supports and guides our distributors to be NO. 1 in the Replacement of Lead Acid Batteries with LiFePO4 Forklift Batteries in the local market. The company sells large quantities of industrial batteries for various equipment. It successfully collaborates with several OEM market leaders, is participating in MODEX 2022 to exhibit its Lithium-ion ceramic technology and battery solutions for the material handling industry. The trade show is occurring from March 28-31, 2022 at Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. BSLBATT Full focus on material handling equipment. Lithium-ion batteries for Class I, II, and III industrial forklifts and lifts: heavy-duty cleaning equipment; automated guided vehicles (AGVs); airport ground support equipment and stationery and transportable energy storage systems. BSLBATT battery supplies all 6 types of forklift batt...

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Published by BSLBATTMar 12,2022

What makes the BSLBATT the Superior Lithium Battery for your Motive Power needs?

Electric forklift and Floor Cleaning Machines owners who seek the ultimate performance will find it in the newest release from industry leader BSLBATT Battery Company(best battery company): the BSLBATT® 48V Lithium-Ion Forklift Battery. As the most reliable forklift lithium battery, the BSLBATT 48V Lithium Battery cycle life to 15% farther than its competitors. It’s ultra-durable, charges fast, powers relentlessly forklift, and is maintenance-free, giving the make your forklift fleet even better. BSLBATT(best battery company) specialized in manufacturing Li-ion batteries for every forklift. BSLBATT lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are one of the most durable and reliable energy sources with higher productivity, longer life span, and extended warranty. Various shapes, amp-hour sizes, and voltages. Making such major investments shows the confidence management has, that once you try it, you’ll buy it! The BSLBATT 48V lithium-ion forklift battery its debut earlier th...

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Published by BSLBATTMar 08,2022

BSLBATT Battery Joins Delta-Q Technologies’ Battery Compatibility Program

China Huizhou – May 24, 2021 – BSLBATT Battery  today announced that it has joined Delta-Q Technologies (Delta-Q)’s a new partner program, “Charged by Delta-Q.” The program provides BSLBATT Battery with the tools to pursue new opportunities with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). As part of Charged By Delta-Q, BSLBATT Battery can showcase its integrations with Delta-Q is a curated network of tested and compatible battery and charging solutions. “We are delighted to have been invited to join the Charged by Delta-Q program,” said BSLBATT Battery Senior Marketing Manager of Sales Haley Ning. “We stand alongside with reliable and reputable companies, whom we admire, and hope that our association with Charged by Delta-Q takes our relationships with OEMs to the next level and helps more people improve their efficiency, bringing more definite benefit for our daily life. Through the program, OEMs can view BSLBATT’s tested algorithms with Delta-Q.” Affiliation with the program will ...

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Published by BSLBATTApr 15,2021

BSLBATT’s 48V Lithium Batteries Are Now Compatible With Victron Inverters

Big News! If you are Victron fans, this will be a good News for you. In order to better match the green energy systems used by our customers worldwide, BSLBATT batteries have passed the testing with Victron Inverter, complies with Victron’s BMS-Can specification, and really thanks for our solar lithium batteries Exclusive Distributor in South Africa, GET OFF GRID‘s supporting with Victron’s BMS-Can specification, and is supported by Three companies. In order to make our battery products available to customers worldwide without any burden, BSLATT Lithium is always looking for the right partner to optimize the system and installation configuration. The excellent strength of victron energy and the positive results of product compatibility testing facilitate a closer strategic partnership and a win-win situation in the market for both parties worldwide. Victron Energy has a strong, unparalleled reputation for technical innovation, reliability and manufacturing quality. I...

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Published by BSLBATTDec 01,2020

Solar Street Lamp Lithium Battery | Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Manufacturer

THE BEST LITHIUM BATTERY FOR SOLAR STREET LIGHTS BSLBATT Lithium is China’s Lithium battery manufacturer to offer lithium batteries for the solar street light market. We manufacture the best type of lithium cells, known as Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP or LiFePO4), the ideal solution for renewable energy storage. There are many advantages to LiFePO4 cells. These LFP batteries are also much safer compared to sealed lead-acid batteries due to the battery management system installed. Lithium batteries offer a much better lifetime cost per kWh cycle due to their excellent cycle life, even when fully discharged to a 100% DOD. Read more below to learn why a lithium battery for solar street lights is a great choice!  Why do we recommend lithium batteries? To start with, I will summarize the most important benefits of lithium batteries compared to lead batteries. Lead batteries in this context refer to all the different chemistries of lead batteries and even the most modern types of lead ...

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Published by BSLBATTDec 02,2020

One 36V Battery Or Three 12V Batteries? The Pros And Cons | BSLBATT

Years ago, when an application required 36 volts, the best option was to connect three 12V batteries in a series. But now that 36V batteries have shown up on the market, you might be wondering if using just one battery might “float your boat” better. (Literally, for those who need them to power their trolling motors!) This article will be of particular interest to anyone looking into buying or that owns an electric outboard motor. Electric motors come in many different sizes, the smaller ones are generally 12 volts while the bigger ones with more thrust are usually 24 volts, and then there are the really big ones which are usually 36 volts. Series Circuit Now some of you may be thinking that you have never seen a 36-volt battery, and you would be quite right. If you require 36 volts, you will need to link three 12 volt batteries up in a series circuit to obtain the higher voltage. So in a series circuit, we can increase the voltage by the number of batteries. 3 x 12 volt equals ...

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