How Do I Change My Club Car Golf Cart To A BSLBATT 48V Lithium Battery

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How to Install a Lithium Golf Cart Battery on a 36V or 48V Golf Cart

This product review focuses on the decision many golf cart owners face when their original lead-acid batteries start to fail—replace the exact same lead-acid battery or consider an alternative brand of lead-acid battery. Until recently, these were the only viable options. You can call the store where you bought the cart and have them order and replace the lead acid battery, you can find a supplier of lead acid batteries of a similar size and do it yourself, or you can buy a new golf cart. OK, maybe the last option is a bit extreme, but I know owners who do this.

A few years ago, some OEM golf cart manufacturers started selling their golf carts with the option of a single large lithium battery instead of the four (12 volts) or six (8 volts) lead found in traditional 48 volt powered golf carts acid battery.

Around the same time that OEM golf cart manufacturers began offering lithium batteries as an option, some battery manufacturers began producing lithium batteries to replace lead-acid batteries in existing golf carts. This opens up a new alternative to consider and brings us to this review.

One of my valued customers recently purchased our B-LFP48-104 Lithium Battery and Charger for a large installation day for the Club Car golf cart fleet, originally club car batteries came with six 8 volt lead acid batteries. Carts are used an average of 4 times a week on one of the client’s two golf courses, which have considerable elevation changes across the course. Three and a half years later, the original club car batteries AGM failed and barely made it through a round. Based on my client’s research, he decided to use a BSLBATT 48V electric golf trolley lithium battery, supplied by BSLBATT at factory price.

48V 104AH goft cart lithium battery

The focus of this review is the logic behind my decision, the replacement process and the outcome.

The logic behind my client’s decision

Here are ten reasons why he should switch his golf team to the superior technology of our BSLBATT lithium batteries.

● Lithium batteries are more efficient than lead-acid batteries

● Updated heatsink keeps battery from overheating

● BSLBATT lets you go further with every additional battery

● Fits Like a Glove

● Intelligent BMS and humanized technology

● State-of-the-Art Construction

● Lighter weight, No maintenance, Faster charge, Longevity

golf cart lithium battery 48v

How to switch off your lead acid battery and install a 48V lithium battery?

Before starting the removal and installation process, make sure you have the right tool for the job. Hardware, gloves, wire brushes for cleaning corrosion, and hand straps with hooks require a set of sockets so you can more easily remove heavy lead-acid batteries from the tray.

1. First, disconnect the main positive and negative connections

2. Then proceed to disconnect the interconnect cables from the battery pack. Discard these cables and enter new ones.
At that point, you can go ahead and start removing the mounting straps. Some carts actually run cables under the mounting brackets.

3. Remove the mounting bracket. Using the hand strap attached to the battery, gradually pull the heavy lead-acid battery out of the cart.

4. Use a brush to clean the tray they sit on and knock out as much debris as possible. Check the main cable to make sure there is no corrosion. Replace the cable if it is corroded, as corrosion creates resistance and more heat on the cable.

5. Insert some new 48V lithium golf batteries and they will fit perfectly in the slot.

6. Reverse the installation process of the mounting bracket and the strap to install the lithium battery.

7. With BSLBATT 48V lifepo4 golf cart battery, you will install the batteries in parallel. Make sure your cable goes from positive to positive. Lead acid batteries are in series, so you don’t want to duplicate it.

Please see the installation example diagram for details!

charging lithium golf trolley batteries

The first step was to remove the six 8-volt lead-acid batteries from my cart. To facilitate this, I removed the seat and switched the “Tow/Run” switch to tow to ensure that the cart motor and electronics were not inadvertently damaged by the removal and installation of the batteries.

Client cart had an auto-fill system attached to each of the lead-acid batteries (this system makes it easier to maintain the correct fill level when adding distilled water for required battery maintenance). After I removed the hose connections, the Client put duct tape across the fill hole in each battery to ensure no acid sloshed out when the Client removed the battery.

roypow lithium golf cart
lithium ion golf cart batteries price

Monitoring Your Batteries:

The strong discharge curve of a LiFePO4 battery keeps it at a higher voltage until the battery is almost depleted. Meters that are designed for lead-acid batteries will not give you an accurate reading. Over time you will get a sense of your run time on your specific cart, but for a more accurate solution, we recommend one of these Victron LiFePO4 compatible monitoring solutions: Victron Energy BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor with Bluetooth, or Victron Smart Shunt 500A/50mV Bluetooth Battery Monitor.

Caring For Your Battery:

To get the longest lifespan out of your battery, discharge your battery as much as you can before recharging them. Make sure the temperature is always above freezing when charging, and only use your Dakota Lithium charger. Remember your batteries are water resistant, but not waterproof. Make sure you treat them like an electronic device to get the most out of your battery.

Are you ready for a smoother, quicker, and more efficient ride from your golf cart? BSLBATT 48V lithium batteries have all the advantages that lithium batteries have over their lead-acid counterpart, but with added smart technology and designed specifically to be the best golf cart battery you can buy. If you have any questions, you can reach support at [email protected]

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