BSLBATT wins 300+ customers at Nigeria Energy 2022

1,192 Published by BSLBATT Oct 10,2022

JFO Solutions & BSLBATT Battery join forces

From 20 to 22 September 2022 everything at West Africa’s leading energy exhibition and conference in Dallas revolved around the topic of How to promote the development of renewable energy in Africa – and BSLBATT Battery was there! The Nigeria Energy 2022 Conference will bring together key stakeholders from Nigeria’s energy sector, from government ministries and regulators to gas companies supplying fuel to grid-connected plants to independent power producers, distribution companies, and the bodies mandated to facilitate the development of renewable energy and off-grid solutions.

Nigeria Energy

In keeping with the motto “Create a more stable, durable and efficient Best Solution Lithium Battery for customers“, BSLBATT demonstrated how an increase in flexibility, efficiency, room for manoeuver and availability can be achieved with application- and sector-specific solutions!

In the indoor area of the Nigeria Energy 2022 show, BSLBATT showcased #lithium products | For example, Lithium | B-LFP48-100E | B-LFP48-160E | B-LFP48-100PW and B-LFP48-200PW | Serving more than 300+ customers. The BSLBATT booth was eye-catching with live demonstrations of actual batteries connected to VICTRON & DEYE inverters! Namely an 8.8Kwh blue rack mount battery – one might also call it a chubby pier – provides the ultimate clean and reliable energy source for the Nigerian market. And an important factor in all of this success is the support of JFO Solutions, the best partner in Nigeria! It is wise to invest in solar energy; BSLBATT lithium batteries provide safe, clean, and high-power energy solutions for all types of renewable energy systems. Are you interested in becoming a BSLBATT ambassador? Please contact [email protected]!


BSLBATT Battery is a safe and high-quality predecessor. All 48-volt LiFePo4 batteries designed by BSLBATT meet and exceed all safety requirements for energy storage systems. At the battery level, our systems have successfully passed explosion, crush, puncture, drop, and shock tests. Advanced lithium iron phosphate (LFP) technology operates over a wider temperature range to provide the most reliable performance. LFP has proven to be one of the safest lithium technologies in the industry and is manufactured to the highest standards.

BSLBATT Battery drew a successful conclusion to the show’s appearance | Service. Behind this are more than 10 service experts, working around the clock to provide first-class, highly available services for the benefit of customers. These services come from a single source, directly from the manufacturer. International in this context means globally available, locally present. Our service portfolio covers the entire lifecycle of our customers’ energy systems: 360° lifecycle services.

Nigeria Energy 2022

This year, some 100 energy solution providers from over 21 countries and the prestigious Nigerian Energy Conference showcase their latest products. The Nigerian Energy Show 2022 is international in character, bringing together energy equipment manufacturers, distributors, procurement professionals, dealers, and regulators to discuss accelerating sustainable energy supply in West Africa. BSLBATT is very pleased with the results of Nigeria Energy 2022! See you at the show next year! thanks

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