How To Tell If Lithium-Ion Technology Is Compatible With Your Product

1,395 Published by BSLBATT Nov 23,2021

The world needs more power, preferably in a form that’s clean and renewable. Our energy-storage strategies are currently shaped by lithium-ion batteries – at the cutting edge of Lithium-Ion Technology – but what can we look forward to in years to come?

BSLBATT Lithium Battery

If you have researched lithium-ion technology as an alternative battery solution for your product, you may already be aware of lithium’s benefits: Lithium-Ion Technology lasts ten times longer than most lead-acid batteries, offers more efficiency, and requires less maintenance.

However, you may be unsure whether a lithium battery is right for your engineered application. You need to get the facts first. After all, making a battery switch is no small decision.

Engineers sometimes assume that lithium batteries don’t match their needs for the following reasons:

● Lithium-ion batteries are an investment.

● It’s a common myth that lithium’s chemistry is unsafe.

● The product needs a battery with odd dimensions or unique voltage requirements.

While it’s true that lithium batteries are an investment, durability and a long life span give lithium long-term value. Customers must replace a lead-acid battery every two to three years. This causes frustration and negatively impacts your brand reputation. Lithium batteries, on the other hand, often last as many as ten years, with an eight-year warranty offered by some battery providers.

Lithium-Ion Technology also includes built-in safety features, such as temperature sensors that prevent your battery from overheating. The key is to find a trustworthy provider that ensures these safety measures are in place before they ever sell you a battery.

Finally, your battery provider is able to create a custom lithium battery to meet your exact charge and shape specifications. If you can’t find an off-the-shelf solution for your product, rely on an expert to help you design the perfect fit.

Lithium Vs. Lead Acid

We offer turn-key solutions for custom-made battery packs

BSLBATT Battery has been successfully deploying its custom made lithium battery packs and proprietary Battery Management System (BMS) solutions in a wide variety of markets. Applications include robotics, medical equipment, solar energy storage, consumer electronics, and electric vehicles such as Material handling industry, AGV (automated guided vehicles), military grade robotic vehicles, golf carts, and more. The custom Smart Battery solutions also come with UL certifications when required.

BSLBATT Battery now seeks to expand its successful business model of custom made Smart Battery solutions to serve more industries within the OEM/ODM business world by offering the proprietary BMS solution alone in addition to custom made lithium battery packs. Along with the continued decrease of unit price per kWh of lithium batteries, this expansion will allow lithium battery technology to target two new market segments: lead acid replacement and solar energy storage.

Marketplace Opportunity

Lithium battery technology has a well-established reputation for its superiority over lead acid battery technology. For example:

● Lithium batteries typically offer six times the energy density of lead acid

● Lithium batteries offer greater resilience for temperature ranges and fluctuations, also high current charge/discharge

● Lithium batteries generally provide 5 to 10 times the cycle life

● The unit price per watt-hour of lithium batteries is approaching lead acid batteries

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

Choose Between Custom And In-Stock Lithium Batteries

There are many factors involved in designing a custom lithium battery for your application. In your consultation with your battery provider, you’re asked a series of questions about how your product operates.

Next, your expert helps you properly “size” your battery, or determine its required energy charge. The following measurements are used to size your lithium battery:

● Voltage

● Amp-hours

● Depth of discharge

● Recharge rate

Your required daily capacity and cycle life are also taken into consideration. A provider helps you avoid common mistakes such as designing a battery without enough capacity to power your system.

If you prefer not to design a custom battery, you’re likely to find suitable lithium-ion batteries in stock with a large provider. Look for a battery manufacturer with industry experience in multiple vertical applications.

Unique Technological Breakthroughs

● Fully compatible with the original lead acid battery charging system

● Fully compatible with existing lead acid applications

● Direct drop in plug and play

● UL 2271, UL 2054 and UL 2580 certified safety standards

● Multi-level protection parameters

● Remote monitoring/management and user configurable battery settings

● Intelligent BMS with communication ability (CANBus, SMBUs, Bluetooth, RS232/485, etc.) – deliver or save information including SOC, SOH, number of charge cycles, depth of discharge, operating temperatures, cell and BMS board temperatures, cell voltages, discharge currents, peak discharge current and duration, and more


Live better with clean technology.

Our cross-domain knowledge of Smart Batteries can bring value to OEM customers in both battery design and innovative new features. OEM customers can leverage everything we have accomplished in lithium technology to improve their product lines.

You need superior customer service from a team of experts willing to help you find the right solution for your power needs. An advisor should be available to answer all of your questions about lithium battery benefits, care and recycling. In the hands of an expert, you’re certain to find a battery compatible with your application.

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