What Is Lithium Battery Low-Voltage Disconnect Mode?

892 Published by BSLBATT Nov 04,2021

BSLBATT lithium batteries are made with the safest lithium chemistry, lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4). LiFePO4 batteries are best recognized for their strong safety and security account, the result of exceptionally secure chemistry.

Nevertheless, to make certain the batteries stay within their safety and security requirements and guarantee they can not be harmed, they have an inner battery management system (BMS). A BMS makes certain each cell in the battery remains within secure limits. A well-designed battery administration system can help optimize lifetime, and also make certain safety procedures over a wide range of problems.

The BMS constantly keeps track of for:

● High Voltage (OVP – Over Voltage Defense).

● Low Voltage (UVP – Under Voltage Protection).

● Over Present and also Short Circuits.

● Heat.

As a result of the BMS, if any one of the worths obtains outside the secure spec of the battery, the battery will enter into the security setting and also close the battery off, therefore ensuring your security.


This might be new to lots of people considering that basic lead-acid batteries do not have built-in battery administration systems. For that reason, they can release up until they just become spoiled or they continue fuming until they are deformed and quit working. Despite having a damaged lead-acid battery, you will rarely have zero volts on the terminals, but BSLBATT lithium batteries will certainly shut down as well as enter into protection settings and have absolutely no volts on the terminals. That can be a shock to some, as well as many don’t know what to do to obtain the batteries to turn back on and obtain voltage back to the terminals. For the most part, once the condition that created the battery to enter into the defense setting is settled the battery will turn itself back on.

BSLBATT lithium batteries are really safe, and one attribute that assists protect individuals, as well as their batteries, is Low-Voltage Disconnect (LVD). This security function prevents you from completely depleting your lithium battery as well as destroying it. But if you do not recognize your lithium battery has LVD protection, you may assume your battery is dead. So, allow’s speak about Low-Voltage Disconnect and what you can do to “get up” your battery so you can venture out there and also stay out there longer.

Just How Low-Voltage Disconnect Shields You?

We obtained a request to talk about Low-Voltage Disconnect from among our brand name partners: an expert angler customer. His pals love running our 100Ah 12V batteries in their boats all the time on the water, but by the time they return on dry land, their batteries are drained and also enter into Low-Voltage Disconnect (LVD) setting.

Low-Voltage Disconnect is a function of our inner Battery Monitoring System (BMS), which comes inside all Fight Born batteries and has great deals of other security functions set right into it to secure your investment as well as protect the life of your battery. When completely diminishing a Battle Born battery, the BMS finds when the battery’s voltage falls listed below 10V, and also it will detach the battery. This avoids any cost from leaving the battery to shield it from damages. Lots of people will certainly assume their Fight Born battery is dead, but it’s just in LVD as well as not sending a fee.

When a battery gets in Low-Voltage Disconnect, it needs to be jumped with another 12V source to “wake up” the battery. It is very important to leap the battery within 5 days of the battery going into LVD mode to preserve its lifespan. Leaving the battery at a 0% cost for also long can damage the battery as well as void your guarantee.

Fully depleting any battery can wreck it. That is why our interior BMS is so necessary to protect your battery. Many individuals who buy lithium batteries that do not have an internal BMS generally purchase an outside one to monitor them. Lead-acid batteries commonly lack this defense and also are susceptible to complete ruination.

Temperature level Protection.

Let’s start with temperature protection, although it seldom happens that the battery obtains too warm. In this case, it would certainly need to cool back down prior to it returning on. Lithium batteries can fume for multiple factors. The most typical factors are too high existing either while discharging or billing for the ambient temperature problems or bad airflow around the batteries. Lithium battery overcharge security permits the battery to shut down and the existing vanishes. The battery will certainly cool but if it goes back right into protection mode after the battery turns back on you may need to minimize your lots, reduce the fee price, or boost the ventilation around the batteries.

lithium battery overheating

Present Defense.

Next is current protection. This occurs when there is too much load or a short circuit problem. Our batteries will secure themselves from a short circuit, in addition, to also big of a load that can harm the cells of the battery. In this instance, you will need to separate your loads and figure out if the tons need to be minimized or if there is a short circuit that will need to be fixed. Once the mistake condition is fixed, the battery ought to remain on without going back into defense mode.

Voltage Defense.

Finally is voltage defense – the battery is both secured from low and high voltage. High voltage is simple! Merely eliminate the source of cost and also the voltage will fall back right into requirements and also come back on. Low voltage, on the other hand, can be a little tricky sometimes. Low voltage defense or UVP (Under Voltage Defense) just requires the voltage brought back up by charging the battery. Easy right? With the advancement of clever battery chargers, reenergizing a lithium iron phosphate battery with no volts can be challenging. Although much safer, the majority of smart chargers today will not begin charging up until they sense a battery connected to them. When in UVP, our battery is turned off due to the fact that it remains in a protective setting.

Lithium Battery

Waking up Your Battery.

There are 3 choices to obtain your lithium battery out of low voltage protection setting:

Alternative 1: Remove all load from the battery and also await the battery voltage to recoup high enough to transform the battery back on. This usually isn’t a good solution since it can spend some time to take place.

Alternative 2: This choice is better than Choice 1 however means you require to have a charger that works as a power supply – will outcome voltage whether it senses a battery or not – and also hook that as much as charge the battery. Some new battery chargers designed for lithium batteries will have this function built-in, yet you will still need to choose the setting manually. This option is occasionally called “pressure setting.”.

Alternative 3: This alternative is what most people do, which is link your charger and then leap the battery that remains in UVP mode with any type of battery that matches the nominal voltage of the BSLBATT battery. The billed battery should be linked enough time that your charge detects a battery and after that ought to begin to charge, the battery used to jump-start the battery charger can after that be disconnected.

Due to the fact that UVP mode is so tough to recover from, we do recommend that you start billing prior to UVP mode is gotten to or have your lots switch off prior to it is reached within the settings of the tools connected to the battery or with an automated low voltage battery detach the device.

BSLBATT Lithium Battery

Low-Voltage Disconnect is vital protection for your BSLBATT lithium batteries, as well as understanding it can save you a little head-scratching and a lot of money. If your batteries are going into LVD frequently, it might be an indicator you ought to broaden your battery system. If you have any inquiries regarding the worths that cause the battery to go into defense setting or recover from protection setting, please inspect the datasheet for your battery design or call our team.

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