How to Use and Install a 36 Volt Lithium Battery

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Tired of getting your fish boat and golf cart ready for summer by pouring distilled water into a dirty, corroded 90-pound battery…just to start slowing your boat down 3 miles? Best to go home and recharge! Not to mention changing the battery every few years to ensure your boat is in good working order! We all feel that way when dealing with the old technology of SLA marine batteries and golf cart batteries. If you are on this page, you have made the right decision. Check out BSLBATT Battery’s advanced LiFePO4 lithium technology to revolutionize your fishing boat and golf cart. Let’s take a closer look at 36 Volt Lithium Batteries and learn why, how, and when they’re used.

What Is a 36 Volt Lithium Battery?

Simply stated, a 36 Volt Lithium Battery is a set of batteries that operates at 36 volts. The 36-volt setup connects to the loads just like any other battery, but you can only use it for applications designed to operate at 36 volt lithium golf cart batteries. Most of the time, you’ll find 36 Volt Lithium Battery for a boat trolling motor or a small electric vehicle like a golf cart.

→ New to volts? For more important definitions, check out our glossary of battery terms.

In any battery system, you’ll need a battery management system (BMS). A BMS protects your batteries from overcharging and over-discharging. Each of our BSLBATT 36 Volt Lithium Batteries has a BMS that also “calculates the remaining charge, monitors the battery’s temperature, monitors the battery’s health,” and keeps you safe by checking for loose connections or internal short-circuiting. The BMS also maximizes functionality by balancing the charge across all the cells in the battery.

36 Volt Lithium Battery are typically found in boats and golf carts

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golf carts and trolling motors

What Are 36 Volt Lithium Batteries Used For?

Like we stated above, the most common applications for 36V systems are golf carts and trolling motors. You might also see them on electric bikes.

Robotics is another less common application for 36 Volt Lithium Batteries. You might see examples of 36 Volt Lithium Batteries being used for power manufacturing, medical, and safety equipment.

Sometimes, larger engines might have three 12 Volt Lithium Batteries wired together in series. Depending on the application, you could replace the three batteries with one 36V battery.

How to Install a 36 Volt Lithium Batteries

There are two ways to install a 36 Volt Lithium Battery. You can use a single 36 Volt Lithium Batteries or three 12 Volt Lithium Batteries. Both methods work, and each has different installation requirements and advantages.

If you don’t feel comfortable wiring the batteries yourself, you should consider hiring a professional.

One 36 Volt Lithium Battery

Wiring a 36 Volt Lithium Battery is relatively simple, especially compared to wiring three 12 Volt Lithium Batteries in a series. It’s basically a plug-and-play scenario. For example,A complete set of 36 volt lithium golf cart batteries can be installed within a duration of 30 minutes.

First, connect the positive (red) terminal of the 36 Volt Lithium Battery to the positive (red) lead on the motor. Then attach the negative (black) terminal to the negative (black) lead on the engine. And that’s it. Your installation is complete.

With 12 Volt Lithium Batteries Wired in Series

Installing three 12 Volt Lithium Batteries in a series is a little more complicated than wiring one 36 Volt Lithium Batteries, but anyone with wiring experience should be able to accomplish it.

Be sure you know What’s the Difference Between Wiring Batteries in Series or Parallel?

lithium battery factory

Series Connection

First, you must line up your three batteries next to the motor. Then, using connector cables, connect the negative (black) terminal of the first battery to the positive (red) terminal of the second battery. Then do the same thing to connect the second and third batteries.

At this point, you’ll have the three 12 Volt Lithium Batteries together, but you still need to attach them to your negative and positive lead lines. You’ll need to connect them to the remaining positive and negative poles on opposite ends of your series.

Attach the positive (red) terminal of the first battery to the positive (red) lead on the motor. Then, connect the negative (black) terminal of the third battery to the negative (black) engine lead.

If you have successfully connected all three batteries, then your 36 Volt Lithium Batteries should be ready to go.

As a bonus, you could install a power switch on the positive lead line. That way, you can completely cut off power to the batteries when you’re not using them. It’s an added safety measure that also saves a lot of battery when you’re not using your motor, extending their life spans.

The Benefits of Using One 36 Volt Lithium Battery vs. Three 12 Volt Lithium Batteries

There are some benefits to using a single 36 Volt Lithium Battery instead of three 12 Volt Lithium Batteries. These advantages include saving space, simplicity in setup, and having a plug-and-play option.

Space Saver

Using a single 36 Volt Lithium Battery is a great way to save space. Although a 36 Volt Lithium Battery is slightly larger than a single 12 Volt Lithium Battery, it takes significantly less space than three 12 Volt Lithium Batteries.

And because you’ll frequently see 36 Volt Lithium Battery in smaller motors where space is tight, having a compact setup is beneficial.

Simple Setup

Installing and wiring a 36 Volt Lithium Battery is easier because there’s only one set of connection points than wiring three 12 Volt Lithium Batteries batteries in series. Simply put: having fewer cables and connection points leaves less room for error when installing your system.

Plug and Go

A system with a single 36 Volt Lithium Battery makes it easier to simply plug in your battery and get started. And, it’s so easy because there’s only one battery with simple connections.

Our batteries are famous for their plug-and-go capabilities. Rather than working with complex wiring systems, anyone can install a new battery and be on the move shortly.

Advantages of Three 12V lithium Batteries in Series

A battery system using three 12V lithium Batteries can also have some advantages over a single 36V lithium Battery.


Using three 12V lithium Batteries can be more reliable than a single 36V battery system. If one 12V lithium Battery fails, the whole system won’t fail. You’ll only have to replace the battery that malfunctioned and not the entire system, which saves you time and money in the long run.

More Common Setup

Even though a 36V lithium Battery is simple to install, it can be easier to find three 12V lithium Batteries than a single compatible 36V option. Twelve-volt battery systems are more common, so any Walmart or auto parts store will probably have what you need, even if you’re in remote locations. If you don’t have time to special order, you’ll be glad for this in-series battery configuration.

Ability to Charge Each Battery Individually

A system that has three 12V lithium Batteries can also be beneficial because you can charge each battery separately. This lends itself to the reliability of the system and helps to save power if you’re charging from a generator or using solar.

Additionally, chargers for 12V lithium Batteries are more readily available than 36V lithium Battery chargers. If you need a quick charge for your 12V lithium Batteries and don’t have a charger on hand, you can walk into any auto parts store and count on them carrying the right size charger. You might not be so lucky with a 36V setup.

36 Volt Lithium Battery

Easier Installation/Mobility

Three 12 Volt Lithium Batteries can also be better because a 36 Volt Lithium Battery is bigger, which means it’s heavier. On the other hand, 12 Volt Lithium Batteries are smaller, lighter, more straightforward to install, and easier to move.

This is a bigger problem if you plan on using a lead-acid 36 Volt Lithium Battery, which can be highly cumbersome. Three 12V lithium-ion batteries will be significantly lighter and easier to maneuver.

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Using Lithium 12V lithium Batteries for 36V Systems

In the past, batteries were commonly made from a lead-acid base. But, we have made incredible technological advances, and recently, many batteries are now using lithium. In fact, lithium-ion batteries are becoming a standard recommendation in 36V systems thanks to their longer lifespan, lighter weight, safer components, and more stable power.

We offer an all-inclusive 36V trolling motor kit perfect for your smaller motor 36V applications. It includes three premium 12V lithium-ion batteries, three chargers, and three battery straps for easy installation. The total package weighs less than 35lbs. It’s a straightforward, plug-and-go option.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

SAVE $$$ – While LiFePO4 Lithium batteries cost more than traditional SLA batteries, BSLBATT Battery offers you the absolute MOST affordable conversion kit on the market today without sacrificing an ounce of performance. In addition, considering LiFePO4 batteries last up to 10X longer than regular golf cart batteries, this kit should last you just as long as 3-5 sets of old batteries!

Ultimately, a 36V lithium battery system can be perfect for your small motor needs. We recommend using our three 12V lithium-ion batteries wired in series for optimal performance, better reliability, and more consistent battery power.

For more information about our 36V lithium battery kit, please visit our website or contact us today!

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