What Makes BSLBATT’s Lithium batteries for golf carts Better

3,867 Published by BSLBATT Mar 29,2021

As lithium batteries have become more abundant in the marketplace, so too have the competitors that aspire to the distinguished benchmark set by BSLBATT. Lithium golf cart batteries have been taking the world by storm since 2018! Don’t believe us? EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha now all offer their carts straight from the factory with golf cart battery lithium. Yes. And while these manufacturers still offer carts with traditional deep-cycle Lead Acid batteries, we see that getting phased out in the coming years.

In this week’s blog, we’re taking a closer look at the features and benefits that place the BSLBATT golf cart battery lithium far ahead of the competition. We’ll take a deep dive into battery design, features, and what they mean to you in daily use. Launched in early 2018, our team set out with specific design criteria based on our analyses of where existing lithium batteries fell short and resolved not to bring a battery to market unless it satisfied every criterion. The result was a lithium battery with the design elements that truly set it apart from any other option on the market today: IP65 custom iron shell size, Air cooling + heating plate(Optional), Lithium battery BMS system, robust internal components, Remote monitoring function and industry certifications.


1. The Case Size

BSLBATT Lithium Ion Golf Cart battery is adaptable based on your needs, and if those needs change, you aren’t stuck with a bulky single unit. One of the other design features we insisted on with the iron-hull is its IP65 dust and water protection rating which has been certified by an independent laboratory.

2. The Heat Sink

Another unique feature of BSLBATT LiFePO4 batteries not found on any other battery available in the market today is its Air cooling + heating plate(Optional). The heatsink is an aluminum plate set in the cover that dissipates heat generated during operation, maximizing the life of internal components. The heat sink is a critical design feature because a singleli-ion golf cart battery is capable of 100-amp continuous discharge. This high output translates to more “zip” from the motor in light electric vehicle applications and greater torque in lifting applications when compared to lower grade lead-acid or lithium options. Most comparable lithium options are only capable of 50 amp continuous or don’t list a continuous rating at all.

Lithium golf cart batteries

3. Lithium battery BMS system

The battery cell adopts the products of domestic well-known lithium enterprises or central enterprises and establishes strategic cooperation with them, with strict incoming material test and the cells consistency detection and control; BMS can realize the visual management of battery data, remote control, remote optimization program, use real-time data to predict product failure, and judge the cause of failure through real-time data analysis, and can establish the required large database for customers based on the data analysis. Use the data to analysis and to estimate the attenuation degree of the battery, provide the basis of residual value evaluation.

Active equalization is adopted, which is carried out in the way of power transfer. The efficient charge transfer keeps the voltage of the cell in a balanced state when charging or discharging, and prolongs the service life. The products have covered a full range of low-speed vehicles in the scenic area, and the technical team has accumulated rich experience in the design of low-speed sightseeing vehicle battery pack. Using the FLoEFD software for thermal simulation, through the thermal simulation data, fluid dynamics and thermal conduction, the pack has been upgraded for several times to achieve the lithium battery pack can work normally at – 20 ℃ – 50 ℃; Adopt the modular standardized design, if the vehicle needs to be replaced, only the internal layout needs to be redesigned.

Lithium battery BMS system

4. robust internal components

Now that we’ve reviewed the internal design features of the BSLBATT lithium ion battery in-depth, we’ll move on to some product features that competing models may not offer. These design features make the BSLBATT 48V Series one of the most user-friendly batteries available. First, the BSLBATT LiFePO4 battery features a sophisticated controller area network bus (CANbus) that allows the batteries to communicate real-time operating statistics like the voltage, current, state of charge, and state of health. 

Remote monitoring function

Second, besides the normal operation mode, the BSLBATT 48V series also features a sleep and pulse recovery operation mode to conserve power. If your 48V series battery senses no charge or discharge current for more than a day or two it will go into sleep mode. Pulse recovery operation will turn the battery on for one minute every 10 minutes to check for current. An installable remote monitoring function will also be introduced in 2021.

● Remote monitoring of battery operation, real-time understanding of SOC, SOH and other information

● Remote fault diagnosis to improve the efficiency of after sales service

● Massive operation data accumulation and archiving analysis

● Fast transmission speed and long distance

● Support can and 485 communication

● The bus structure is simple, and the maximum number of contacts is 110

● It can be used in harsh environment with large electromagnetic radiation and vibration

Finally, the BSLBATT 48V series battery is backed by China-based technical support and a five-year free replacement warranty while competing products begin a proration schedule from the very first month in service

The BSLBATT 48V line of batteries power applications such as golf cars, personal transportation vehicles, utility vehicles, automated guide vehicles, and low-speed vehicles.

Four seat golf cart application case-51.2V100Ah

Name technical parameter Remark
Rated capacity 100Ah  
Nominal voltage 51.2V Display voltage:52.8V
Operating voltage range 40V~57.6V Single cell:2.5V~3.65V
Operating temperature range charge 0℃~55℃ Pole temperature
discharge -20℃~+55℃
Storage temperature -10℃~+35℃  
Maximum continuous 

charging current

50A 10℃~45℃,5%<SOC<80% 
Maximum continuous 

discharge current 

100A 5℃~50℃, SOC>20% 
Maximum instantaneous 

charging current(10S)

100A 10℃~45℃,5%<SOC<80% 
Maximum instantaneous 

discharge current(10S) 

150A 5℃~50℃, SOC>20% 
cycle >3000 times
Battery system weight 45kg  
Equalizing current ≤100mA Passive equilibrium
Protection function Over current protection, over charge protection, 

over discharge protection,

 high and low temperature protection, 

abnormal alarm function

Lithium Ion Golf Cart battery

5. Industry Certifications

BSLBATT Lithium values safety and environmental sustainability, which is why we spend the extra time and expense to certify our BSLBATT 36V, 48V and 72V line to CE, IMDS, ROHS, IEC 62133, IP65, and UN38.3.

Summing it All Up

We are big believers in new technology making golf carts better each and every year. We constantly keep our eyes on the trade-show circuit, the OEM manufacturers, and the overall market to see where things are heading. And all signs point to a big Lithium battery revolution in the golf cart space (and with good reason):

Battery specification 80V/575AH (lead-acid battery) 80V/575AH (lithium-ion battery)
New battery purchase price Lead-acid battery:US$3125/piece*2=US$6250 Lithium-ion battery: US$12,500
Battery ratio 2 pcs per golf cart 1 pc per golf cart
Full charge time 8-10 hours 1-2 hours
Battery maintenance cost US$156.25/year/piece*2*8 years=US$2500 Its core advantage is not only to reduce manual maintenance, but also to avoid improper battery damage,US$78.13/year/piece*8 years=US$645
Management cost Need special person to manage and replace lead-acid battery No need to replace battery
Energy consumption cost The cost of lead-acid battery fully charged is about US$10.94 per golf cart* 2pcs batteries, every day need to be fulled charged. Charge cost of lead acid battery for 8 years: US$10.94 * 2 * 26 days * 12 months * 8 years = US$54,600 The cost of lead-acid battery fully charged is about US$5.63 per golf cart* 1 pc battery, every day need to be fulled charged in two times. Charge cost of Lithium battery for 8 years: US$5.63 * 2 * 26 days * 12 months * 8 years = US$28,080
Number of battery replacement during 8 years Cost of battery replacement of 2 pcs batteries/golf cart:US$3125*2*4=US%25,000 NONE: cycle 4000 times and the capacity still can be above 75%, the serve time can reach more than 10 yeas.
Harmful emissions Acid mist is released in the process of charging and discharging, which pollutes the environment. Hydrogen is discharged in the process of using, which has potential safety hazards  Zero emission, no harmful gas.
Scrap disposal fee The lead-acid battery belongs to hazardous waste, and the scrapping treatment needs to be handled by the manufacturer with recycling qualification.   The lithium battery does not belong to hazardous waste, and the scrapping treatment does not need additional cost.
Temperature range The discharge efficiency at -20 ℃ is only 50%. When the temperature is as low as -40 ℃, the lead-acid battery can hardly discharge. The discharge efficiency is over 80% at -20 ℃, and it is still over 60% even at -40 ℃.
Maintenance cost of charging room Lead-acid batteries need to be charged in a professional charging room, and when it is charging, it needs keep ventilation and anti-corrosion, which requires high maintenance cost every year NONE
Total cost US$88,350 US$41,205
Remark: if use lithium-ion battery, during the 8 years, each piece battery can save US$4,7145 for enterprise,means save US$5893.13 every year.
Take lindleE30s as an example, it can save US$47,212.5 for the enterprise every year

We put 20+ years of battery experience into the design and engineering of the BSLBATT 48V Series. We didn’t take an off-the-shelf product and make it work for certain applications. We spent the time and the research to bring to market a lithium battery that is truly changing the game. With BSLBATT 48V Series batteries replacing traditional lithium batteries just as lithium did lead-acid, our team is already working on more models within the lineup.

Be sure to give us a call if you have any questions at all about Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries, or about converting your golf cart to lithium. We are always here to help. Just call +86 2819-469 and E-mail [email protected].

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