How will the European Union launch a battery offensive to catch up with China

2,447 Published by BSLBATT Oct 17,2018

European Battery

EU Energy Commissioner Sevkovic said recently that the European Union plans to provide tens of billions of dollars in battery research and companies building large-scale battery factories in order to catch European battery production to compete with Chinese and American competitors.

“The European Union launched a battery offensive!” Germany’s “Economics” magazine reported on the 15th that EU energy commissioner Sevkovic said recently that the EU plans to provide tens of billions of subsidies for battery research and the construction of large battery factories in order to make European batteries Production catches up with competitors in China and the United States.

During the Paris Motor Show earlier this month, Sevkovic said to the outside world, “The future will be the era of electrification, Europe must keep up with the development of battery technology.” Sevkovic said that the future European battery market will It reached 250 billion euros. Some EU countries will build an EU battery plant similar to the Tesla Super Factory. The largest battery plant capacity will reach 20 gigawatts.

The British “Financial Times” said on the 15th, the data shows that the current global and planned battery capacity is about 80% in Asia, and China alone accounts for 69%. The United States accounts for 15%, and the EU only accounts for less than 4%. German auto giants such as BMW and Volkswagen have signed an agreement to buy batteries from Asian manufacturers in China during the Ningde era and South Korea’s LG and Samsung. The EU is worried that the EU’s dependence on Asian batteries in the automotive industry may make Europe fall behind in the competition for electric vehicles. Currently, the EU automotive industry employs 13 million people. German news TV pointed out that the EU funded battery project is to actively compete for the global battery research and development and production dominance, and stabilize Europe’s position in the electric vehicle industry chain, so as not to repeat the failure of the solar industry.

The European Union launched a battery project funding program a year ago and plans to provide 100% funding for battery research projects in member countries, provided the study involves cross-border projects. The EU’s “Horizon 2020” research funds will also allocate 200 million euros for battery projects, 800 million euros for demonstration facilities, and regions that promote the battery industry can also apply for 22 billion euros of special funds. In addition, the European Investment Bank and others will jointly contribute billions of euros to help build a super battery factory. It is reported that the EU is establishing a “European Battery Alliance” as a platform to attract relevant companies to participate. Currently, 260 companies in the European battery supply chain are involved, and four groups want to build a super factory.

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